Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language

For individuals seeking training in teaching English as a second language to adults or to children, Extended Education and the Faculty of Education offer a Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (CTESL). The CTESL program is fully accredited by TESL Canada.

The certificate program meets local, national, as well as international needs of teacher development. The program provides a focused preparation for the teaching of English as a Second Language or English as a Foreign Language to adult and adolescent learners.

Upon successful completion of the program, CTESL participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the theoretical basis of second language instruction;
  • Plan effective second language instruction;
  • Employ a variety of effective ESL teaching techniques and methods; and
  • Explain, in pedagogically relevant ways, the linguistic structure and use of the English language.

The CTESL program consists of a total of five 40-hour courses: four required courses and one approved elective course.

Students will receive instruction from qualified, experienced teachers with Masters or Doctoral degrees, and upon graduation, will be awarded a certificate from the University of Manitoba, a recognized institution of higher learning.

Employment search information will be provided as part of the program. 


Required courses:

CTSL 0100/ EDUB 1620 Principles and Procedures of Second Language Teaching (40 hrs)
Examination of principles and demonstration of procedures for developing basic second language knowledge and skill in various contexts, e.g., English as a Second Language (ESL), English as a Foreign Language (EFL), Aboriginal Language (AL), Heritage Language (HL), or International Language (IL).

CTSL 0102/ EDUB 1640 Teaching ESL Vocabulary and Pronunciation (40 hrs)
Systematic and principled procedures for teaching English vocabulary, and for teaching comprehensible and acceptable English pronunciation (vowels, diphthongs, semi-vowels, consonants, stress, rhythm, and intonation).

CTSL 0104/ EDUB 1650 Teaching ESL Grammar (40 hrs)
Examination of English sentence and discourse grammar, and demonstration of procedures of teaching grammar in communicative and academic contexts.

CTSL 0120/ EDUB 1860 Practicum in Second Language Teaching (40 hrs)
Practical second language teaching experiences, including: observing recorded and live teaching, planning lessons and units, micro and live teaching, and reflective practice. This course is graded pass/fail. Pre- or corequisites: CTSL 0100 Principles and Procedures of Second Language Teaching, CTSL 0102 Teaching ESL Vocabulary and Pronunciation, CTSL 0104 Teaching ESL Grammar.

Important Information for International Students:
International students must obtain a work permit to take part in CTSL 0120 Practicum in Second Language Instruction. Please visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website: Application to Apply for a Work Permit - Student Guide. The work experience is a required component of the program, and therefore falls under the Co-op Work Program. There is no fee to apply for the work permit. Please allow 30 to 60 days for the application process.

Elective courses:

CTSL 0108/ EDUB 1820 Content-based second language instruction (40 hrs)
Principles and procedures of teaching ESL/bilingual students in subject-area classrooms, using content-based language instruction and language sensitive content instruction.

CTSL 0106/ EDUB 1606 Teaching ESL Foundational Literacy, Academics and Language (LAL) Students (40 hrs)
This course focus on the theoretical and practical aspects of teaching foundational English literacy, numeracy, academics, oral language and schooling routines to English language learners. Definitions, assessment, and instructional strategies will be exmined with a view to meeting diverse needs of EAL/bilingual literacy learners.

CTSL 0110/ EDUB 1612 Adult ESL and the Canadian language benchmarks (40 hrs) 
This course will examine the Canadian Language Benchmarks and its use in Adult EAL programs. Attention will be paid to the following areas: format, features, and key principles of the CLB, communicative competence, language tasks and task-based instruction, thematic module planning, language assessment and evaluation. 

CTSL 0114/ EDUB 1608 Assessment and testing of ESL learners (40 hrs) 
This course will examine various methods in assessment and testing of Enlglish language learners, including formative, summative and alternative assessment strategies. Attention will be paid to the following areas: initial and ongoing needs assessment, evaluating without tests, evaluating with tests, and questioning the educative value of assessment and testing.

Total required hours: (200 hrs)