Alumni Profile - Jackie Schollie

Jackie Schollie [B.Env.St.(Maj.) Co-op, 2011] is an Exploration Permit Specialist for Hudbay.

She prepares and submits permit applications and necessary licences to gain permission from the government to conduct surface exploration in Manitoba/Saskatchewan. Jackie also is responsible for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community engagement, information sharing sessions, and environmental reclamation of drill sites, roads and access trails.

She became interested in this field through her previous employment as an exploration technician in the mining industry.  Jackie also grew up with her family working for the mine in Flin Flon and gained a lot of knowledge just by being around it. Jackie was an older student when she attended the U of M and so already had a lot of work experience and skills. Even so she feels that her experience at the U of M showed her how to manage  and prioritize the coursework while fitting in with her social life and interests in sports. Jackie notes that her degree opened the door to a wide array of career opportunities and that even in her own career demands are constantly changing. Jackie knew from the beginning that the job was a new position for the company and that she was able to create her own department from the ground up, working with all different types of people on a daily basis (exploration staff, drill crew, Aboriginal communities, government and general public).

To quote Jackie "I enjoy the challenges faced and continuously learning how to manage them, and the constant change that happens on an almost daily basis.  My job consists of working out in the field 30% and office 70%.  This always fluctuates".

Jackie Schollie
B.Env.St.(Maj.) Co-op, 2011