CSME 2012 Student Design Competition and CSME 2012 Student Paper Competition

1. CSME 2012 Student Design Competition:

     The CSME Student Design Competition for 2012 will be held during the CSME International Congress from June 4 to June 6, 2012, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The purpose of the congress is to facilitate networking, disseminate research results and new technologies among universities, industry, government agencies, and R&D laboratories.

     The CSME Student Design Competition is open only to undergraduate students of Mechanical Engineering departments at Canadian universities, and is intended to be a venue for them to showcase the best they can offer. Competitors must have been registered full time for at least one term in the 2011/2012 academic year. A design project entry must have been carried out in its entirety as part of the participant's course of study. Typically, capstone design projects or undergraduate design theses are good candidates for such a competition. Only one entry is permitted from a given department, and must be sponsored by that department. A team can only submit and present one entry. Judgment will be based both on a submitted design report and an oral presentation in front of a competition judging panel. The top three entries will be awarded cash prizes.

     Student participants in the design competition can observe some conference sessions at no charge if they so wish. Banquet charge (to be determined by the Conference Organizing Committee) apply if they wish to attend the banquet. Standard congress student fees apply for non-CSME student members who wish to compete. Awards are announced during the banquet, however, attending the banquet is not required to receive an award.

Important Dates:

     • Declare interest in participating: 17 February 2012
     • Submit design project report: 30 April 2012
     • Submit design project report: 30 April 2012
     • The time of the oral presentations and the announcements of the awards
       will be decided in consultation with the Conference Organizing Committee.

For enquiries and registration please contact

     Dr. Amor Jnifene
     Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
     Kingston, Ontario K7K 7B4
     Phone: (613) 541-6000 x6455
     Fax: (613) 542-8612
     Email: Amor.jnifene@rmc.ca

2. CSME 2012 Student Paper Competition:

     The CSME 2012 conferences will include a Student Paper Competition. The purpose of the Paper Competition is to provide students with a unique opportunity to practice their oral and written communication skills. The awards will recognise and reward excellence in student research. The top three students will be awarded. The prizes will consist of certificates and cash awards ($500.00, $300.00 and $200.00, respectively, for the first, second and third best students). Prize winners will be presented with their prizes and certificates during the Conference Banquet. These awards will be a prestigious addition to students CV.

     The prize winners will be selected from a group of 10 Finalists who have prepared and submitted outstanding research papers to CSME 2012 conference. The Finalists will be identified by the Chairs of the various Tracks, Symposia and Special Sessions based on the recommendations of the Reviewers of all papers submitted to CSME. The appropriate field must be filled during paper submission to indicate the paper should be considered for the Student Paper Competition. Papers selection will be based on the overall quality and originality of research, appropriateness of methodology, background literature and strength of conclusions.

     A panel of judges will be responsible for a critical evaluation of the final paper as well as judging the oral presentations. Following the oral presentation, the judges will convene to determine the three winners of the Student Paper Competition. The overall ranking of the finalists will be based on the quality of both the oral presentations and the papers.

Details on Selection of Finalists

     Only one entry into the Paper Competition is permitted per student
     Student is first author of the paper
     Work is of high quality and most of the work should have been performed by the student
     Student must attend and present his/her work

Guidelines for Paper Evaluation

1. Written Paper
     Scientific value and originality of research
     Organization of research
     Appropriateness of research methodology
     Background literature
     Strength of conclusions

2. Oral Presentation
     Originality - to what extent does the work presented add to the existing body of knowledge?
     Purpose - is the objective clearly stated and is its importance discussed?
     Methods - are the methods appropriate?
     Conclusions - do the conclusions follow from the results presented?
     Presentation - did the presenter speak clearly and effectively? Were the multimedia aids of high quality?
     Answering Questions - how well did the presenter answer questions from the audience?