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Should you have questions please contact us by EMAIL ONLY.    


STEP 1:  Do You Qualify

STEP 2:  Determine Your Program

STEP 3:  Identify a Research Topic

STEP 4:  Contact a Professor in ECE

STEP 5:  Admissions Application / Deadlines

STEP 6:  Official Documents Required

This section of the ECE Admissions Instructions/Information includes:



  • CONTACTING PROFESSORS:  Please contact Academic Advisors (professors) by EMAIL ONLY -- submitted required documents (as per your application status mentioned in HOW TO APPLY)
    • Contact Professor from the Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering by EMAIL ONLY   
    • Contact only professors in your area of interest
    • Send your chosen professor(s) the following
      • CV
      • Statement of Research Intennt
      • Photocopy of your transcripts including grade sheets
  • THIRD PARTY SOLICITATION We DO NOT offer tentative acceptance to Third Party Solicitors including companies, friends, relatives, (i.e. anyone who is NOT the prospective student).  Students must email Academic Advisors (professors) directly -- please treat this contact professionally and be prepared to answer questions.
  • INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS:   It is up to the student to ensure that he / she holds the current and correct documents required by the IRCC to be an enrolled student in Canada
    • WHAT DOES "TENTATIVE ACCEPTANCE" MEAN?:  After a Professor in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering reviews the information you've emailed him / her.  He / She will offer you acceptance into the professor's research group.  The Offer of acceptance is tentative or defendant on the
      • Approval of the Department
      • Approval of the Faculty of Graduate Studies
      • Receipt of all required "Official Documents" After reviewing your transcripts (grades, courses, etc.), CV (publication, experience, background, interests, etc.), and your ~1-page Research Intent Statement the professor will ask you to formally "apply" or "not to apply".
    • WHAT WILL THE PROFESSOR REVIEW TO GIVE ME TENTATIVE ACCEPTANCE?: The Professor will review or make his / her tentative decision on the information you've sent him / her in your email.
      • Photocopies of all your post-secondary transcripts (grades, courses, etc.)
      • Your CV (publication, experience, background, awards, interests, etc.)
      • Your ~1-page Research Intent Statement
    • NO RESPONSE FROM A PROFESSOR: If a professor does not respond to your email within ~2-months please assume that this professor is not interested in your application at this time.
    • HOW MANY PROFESSORS MAY I CONTACT: You may contact as many professors as you wish in your research area.  Please tailor your request to join the Professor's research group to the Professor's research.
    • I SUBMITTED AN APPLICATION BEFORE OBTAINING A TENTATIVE ACCEPTANCE:   If you submit an application without first obtaining tentative acceptance from an Academic Advisor (professor) in our Department there is no guarantee that anyone will read your application and you are applying at your own risk.
      • WARNINGA tentative approval is REQUIRED prior to the submission of an admissions applications.  Applicants may submit an admissions application without obtaining tentative approval, but do so at their own risk. There is no guarantee that anyone will review the application.
  • REQUIRED:    ACADEMIC ADVISOR ---  REGARDLESS of the degree program you applying to, you MUST first find an Academic Advisor (professor), in our Department (the Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering) at the University of Manitoba, who agrees to tentatively accept you into his/her program BEFORE submitting an application to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.  If you do not obtain an Academic Advisor chances are slim that anyone will review your admissions application.
    • WARNINGA tentative approval is REQUIRED prior to the submission of an admissions applications.  Applicants may submit an admissions application without obtaining tentative approval, but do so at their own risk. There is no guarantee that anyone will review the application.
    • Minimum GPA:  3.5 (using 4.5 grading system)
      • We do NOT calculate GPAs in advance of tentative acceptance
      • A professor in the Department of ECE must request a GPA calculations
    • To calculate GPA the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering uses the following tables offered by the University of Manitoba's Faculty of Graduate Studies.  The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering recognizes the calculation of the University of Manitoba's Faculty of Graduate Studies as the final GPA calculation
    • We do not accept WES (Word Education Services) evaluations
    • Minimum grades are required especially, in Engineering Courses or Engineering Related Courses (Engineering, Math, and Statistics courses, etc.) and, most importantly, in those courses related to the student's research/study area. In these courses, students must show a minimum grade/score of 3.0 to 3.5 depending on the course, student's research/study area, and research group environment.  Decisions regarding the evaluation of engineering courses is determined by the intaking professor (Academic Advisor)
    • DISCLAIMER:  The UofM GPA calculation system is similar to those used throughout Canada and accommodates for varying calculation systems used at other universities and countries.  As a matter of  fairness, we cannot calculate GPAs for admissions to the University of Manitoba using anything other than the system listed on the Faculty of Graduate's website or those listed in "OFFICIAL" Transcripts.  An Academic Advisor is required to review and evaluate transcripts especially those courses or experiences needed or required for a student's "course of study" and/or "research area".    
  • ND, HND, Post-Graduate Diploma, 3 Year Bachelor's Degree:
    • A Bachelor's Degree is required. In order to apply to the Graduate Program at the University of Manitoba you must usually have earned Bachelor's degree from a four year Bachelor's program at a recognised university.
    • 3 Year Bachelor's Degree:  An additional year in an M.Sc. program is ALSO required for admissions to the University of Manitoba M.Sc. program -- unless the student has taken and passed "A" Level Examinations
      • Extra Year of Study:  Students graduating from 3 year Bachelor's program are required to obtain transcripts indicating that they have, as well, completed an additional year in an honour's or master's program (in other words one additinal year in an honour's or master's program beyond a bachelor's degree).   Please check the international equivalency charts at to insure you qualify for our program BEFORE you apply.
    • Post- Graduate Diplomas:  A B.Sc. diplomas is required, unless the student has taken and passed "A" Level Examinations
    • ND (National Diploma):  The National Diploma will generally exempt a student from the first two years of a four year program.  This definition may vary if the N.Dip. was earned in the Republic of Ireland (please contact the Facutly of Graduate Studies directly)
    • HND (Higher National Diploma): The attainment level is one above that of a Higher National Certificate (HNC) and one below that of a Bachelor's degree.  It is usual for HNDs to cover roughly the same area as the first two levels of a bachelor's degree.
  • M.SC. OR M.ENG.: What's the difference?
    • M.Eng. (Master of Engineering):  This is a professional degree. In Canada and the U.S., an M.Eng. degree is a terminal degree (a "terminal degree" means that this is the highest academic level the degree holder may achieve with this degree). This means that the degree holder of a Canadian M.Eng. may not automatically matriculate to a Ph.D. program. The M.Eng. program requires successful completion of coursework, some research, and a final project are required for graduation from this program as well as the Department's requirements for graduation in this degree program. Units or professors (Academic Advisors) may add additional requirements such as participation in a conference or publication

      At the University of Manitoba, Dept. of ECE, we usually require that a prospective M.Eng. student be currently employed, in an engineering position, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and referred to us by the prospective student's firm. The student's final project is then, usually, a project suggested by or needed by the firm, and approved, guided by, and supervisored by the student's Academic Advisor. Prior to the start of the project, a Project Proposal must be submitted by the student and approved by the Academic Advisor and Department. The final project may take up to approximately one year to complete.  

      M.Eng. Students are NOT eligible for research funding.

      We usually DO NOT accept international students into an M.Eng. program.

      Please see additional information regarding our program at  

    • M.Sc. (Master of Science):  This is a postgraduate academic master's degree.

      At the University of Manioba, Dept. of ECE, the M.Sc. program consists of both coursework and research.  Satisfactory work in both coursework and research, as well as a final thesis and thesis presentation is required for graduation. Unit or professors (Academic Advisors) may also require students to participate in conference(s) or publish. Students in this program may apply for research funding awards as long as they meet the eligibility requirements of the particular award.

      Please see additional information regarding our program at     

    If your academic background is outside of Electrical & Computer Engineering it is the responsibility of the professor offering tentative acceptance as to whether or not your background is sufficient for an advance degree in ECE at this time.
    Please discuss scholarships and funding direclty with the professor offering you tentative acceptance.  Only students who are offered Admissions to the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering by the Facutly of Graduate Studies may apply to Departmental or University scholarships and awards.  Prospective students must accept the Offer of Admissions from the Faculty of Graduate Studies by an award's deadline to be considered for a prticular awards.
  • GRE:  NO GRE (Graduate Record Exam) is required 
  • CONDITIONAL ADMISSIONS:  We DO NOT offer "Conditional Admissions" for
    • low grades
    • lack of English Language Exam marks
    • low English Language Exam marks
    1. MUST first be approved by the Professor tentatively accepting you into his/her program and approved by the Department
    2. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS  are not allowed Part-Time Status
    3. MUST meet criteria for part-time status
      1. Offered or have full-time employment
      2. Medical, family or other circumstances that make it impossible for me to devote myself full-time to my graduate program
    4. MUST provide documentation confirming criteria for part-time status   
      Part-time Applications AND a Employer or Physician's Letter MUST be submitted upon REGISTRATION to the Graduate Program. It is the student's responsibility to submit the Part-time Graduate Student Application Form
  • M.Eng. PROGRAM--
    • Unfortunately, at this time, we can only accommodate Canadian Citizens or Residents already employed as engineers in Winnipeg
    • This program choice MUST be APPROVED by your Academic Advisor BEFORE applying to this program
    • Tentative Acceptance by a professor in the ECE Department is required before applying to the Graduate Program
    • M.Eng. Students do NOT receive research funding
  • PRE-MASTER PROGRAM  (our definition of ) -- This program is not meant for those students whose GPAs are below the Department's minimum GPA requirements (e.g. you may not use this program to improve your GPA). This program is designed for those students now wishing to obtain a Master's Degree in a subject area outside of Electrical & Computer Engineering
    • Students who have obtained a Bachelor's Degree in another discipline e.g. physics, engineering, mathematics, computer science, applied science or as determined by the Academic Advisor
    • Students who hold a 3-Year Bachelor's Degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering and who have not successfully completed an Extra Year (Honor's Program) or Master's Program
    • Pre-Master Students do NOT qualify for funding
      • A minimum overall GPA required by the Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering for Graduate Admissions (3.5)
      • A minimum grade of "B" or equivalent in engineering, math, physics, and computer science courses
      • Tentative Acceptance by a professor in the ECE graduate program
      • Bachelor's Degree from a recognized university
      • Approval by the Academic Advisor, Department, and Faculty of Graduate Studies
    • PROGRAM:
      • 24-credit hours of Advisor AND Graduate Chairperson's approved courses. Students may NOT select the course of study.
        Students must be able to function at a graduate level student electrical or computer engineering within the the 24-credit hours allowed. Students who require more time or courses may not qualify for this program
      • Pre-Master's program must be completed within 1-Academic Year
      • The Student must receive no grade lower than a "B" in any course
    • DISCLAIMER:  Completion of the Pre-Master is not a guarrantee of admissions to the ECE Graduate Program
    Intake periods are finalized by the professor reviewing your paperwork.  Please speak to your intended professor to inquire when he/she might be able to accept you into the program.  The intake date you put on your application may NOT NECESSARILY  be the date we are able to accept you into the graduate program (see our Department's Admissions deadlines on the right nav bar).  Admissions dates are dependent on the accepting professor, Department, and Faculty.  
  • ENGLISH LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT -- Countries Exempt from the English Language Exam 
    • A minimum passing English language exam score is REQUIRED prior to formal acceptance to the graduate program.  A passing English language test score must be recieved by the Facutly of Graduate Studies at least one(1) month prior to the Faculty of Graduate Studies Deadline Date .
    • Applications submitted without passing or qualify English Language Exam score are not processed or reviewed until passing/qualifying scores are received.
    • Test scores are considered valid for a maximum of 2-years after which a new English Language test score is required.
    • OFFICIAL Test scores must be sent directly to the Facutly of Graduate Studies from the testing organization.  
    • IELTS -- If you sat for the IELTS Exam please send the TRF DIRECTLY to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
  • WAIVING THE ADMISSIONS APPLICATION PROCESS FEE:   The Department DOES NOT offer the waiver of admissions application fee processing fees required by the Faculty of Graduate Studies
  • APPLICATIONS -- How Long Are Applications Kept

    • APPLICATIONS marked as COMPLETE (in your UMGradConnect Account) may be kept for approximately one-year -- you must have received the Tentative Approval of a Professor.
    • APPLICATION marked as IN-COMPLETE or COMPLETE which have not received Tentative Approval of a Professor may be kepts for up to SIX-MONTHS before they are destroyed
    • MISSING QUALIFYING ENGLISH LANGUAGE SCORES -- Applications received without qualifying English Language Test scores or if the English Language Test scores have EXPIRED will not be processed until scores are received.  If the scores arrive too late the student is required to re-apply and pay additional processing fees.





    • Please do not send us unsolicited Transcript, Language Scores, or other OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS
      • Unsolicited documents will be destroyed
      • We cannot return any paperwork/documents



    • In the ECE Graduate Program course enrollment is determined by your area of research, your academic experience thus far, your Academic Advisor (Professor), and at times your Advisory Committee.  Usually, M.Sc. and Ph.D. Students are required to enroll-in a minimum of 12-credit hours of Graduate-Level courses.  However, if a student's background requires additional courses the professor and possibly the Advisory Committee will ask you take additional courses to make sure you are able to successfully complete your research and thesis.  In most cases these courses do not incur additional charges.
    • After reading your Statement of Research Intent you will meet your Academic Advisor (Professor) to determine courses required for your research and graduation
    • ALL graduate courses in which you enroll-in and wish counted towards your Degree must be approved by your Academic Advisor (Professor)



Tentative Approval for admissions by an academic advisor within ECE or the submission of an application and payment of processing fees is not a guarrantee admissions to the Graduate Program. All applications are reviewed by the Department and the Faculty of Graduate Studies.  Final approval rests with the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

All students are responsible for the content of their Admissions Application and making sure instructions and procedures are followed for the proper submission of an Admissions Application which includes obtaining Tentative Acceptance in advance of the submission of an official admissions application.