Immigration, Refugees, & Citizenship Canada (IRCC)     


Should you have questions please contact us by EMAIL ONLY.

We do NOT calculate GPAs in advance of tentative acceptance by a professor in the Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering. 


STEP 1:  Do You Qualify

STEP 2:  Determine Your Program

STEP 3:  Identify a Research Topic

STEP 4:  Contact a Professor in ECE

STEP 5:  Admissions Application / Deadlines

STEP 6:  Official Documents Required

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS:   It is up to the student to ensure that he / she holds the current and correct documents required by the IRCC to be an enrolled student in Canada

Please refer ALL questions regarding visas, immigration, etc. directly to your VAC Office (Visa Application Centre). Your VAC Office welcomes your questions and is the best and most reliable source of information for queries concerning visas, immigration, and processing times.




 Should you have questions please contact us by EMAIL ONLY.


NOTE: All students are responsible for the content of their Admissions Application and in ensuring that they follow the procedures for properly submitting an Admissions Application which includes obtaining tentative acceptance, regardless of the degree program, in advance of the submission of an official admissions application.  Please carefully read our admissions instructions & information, and program information BEFORE submitting an application -- the applicant is reponsibile for the content of his/her application as well as following proceedures set forth for correctly applying.

International Students are responsible for the obtaining the correct documents required for living and maintaining their status in Canada.