Dr. Deborah McPhail's Publications Listing

Selected Publications:
Peer Reviewed Books

  1. Beagan, B., Chapman, G., Johnson, J., McPhail, D., Power, E.M., and Valliantos, H. (Forthcoming). Acquired Tastes: Why Families Eat the Way they Do. Vancouver: UBC Press.
  2. Ellison, J., McPhail, D. and Mitchinson, W (eds.). (Forthcoming). Obesity in Canada: Critical Perspectives. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.
  3. McPhail, D. (Forthcoming). Canada weighs in: Gender and Race and the making of “obesity,” 1945-1970. UT Press.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

  1. McPhail, D. and Bomback, A. (Forthcoming). Fat, queer, and sick? A critical analysis of “lesbian obesity” in public health discourse. Critical Public Health. DOI: 10.1080/09581596.2014.992391
  2. Cairns, K., McPhail, D., Chevrier, C., and Bucklaschuk, J. (Forthcoming). The family behind the farm: Race and the affective geographies of Manitoba pork production. Antipode. DOI: 10.1111/anti.12147
  3. McPhail, D. (2013). “Resisting biopedagogies of obesity in a problem population: Understandings of healthy eating and healthy weight in a Newfoundland and Labrador community.” Critical Public Health, forthcoming.
  4. McPhail, D., Chapman, G., & Beagan, B. (2013). “The rural and the rotund? A critical interpretation of food deserts and rural adolescent obesity in the Canadian context.” Health and Place, forthcoming.
  5. McPhail, D., Beagan, B., & Chapman, G.E. (2012). “I don’t really want to be ?sexist but-”: Denying and reinscribing gender through food. Food, Culture and Society 15 (3), 473-89.
  6. McPhail, D., Chapman, G. E., & Beagan, B. (2011). “Too much of that stuff ?can’t be good”: Canadian teens, morality, and fast food consumption. Social Science & Medicine 73(2), 301-7.
  7. McPhail, D. (2010). “This is the face of obesity”: Gender and the production of ?emotional obesity in 1950s and 1960s Canada. Radical Psychology,
  8. McPhail, D. (2009). What to do with “The Tubby Hubby”? “Obesity,” the crisis ?of masculinity, and the reification of the nuclear family in early Cold War Canada. Antipode 41(5), 1021-1050.
  9. Sykes, H. & McPhail, D. (2008). Unbearable lessons: Contesting fat phobia in physical education. Sociology of Sport Journal 25, 66-96.

Research Grants and Projects

  1. 2014 - 2017. McPhail, D (Nominated PI), Gingras, J (PI), Jette, S (PI), Rail, G (PI), Harbin (Co-I), and Ward, P (Co-I). “Reproducing Stigma? Obesity and Women’s Experiences of Reproductive Care.” Funded by: CIHR.
  2. 2013 - 2014. Schiff, R (Nominated PI), McPhail, D (PI), Jameson, K (Collaborator) and Wall, D (Collaborator). “Community Food Security and Health in NunatuKavut: Supporting Community Capacity for Food Security Research and Evidence-Based Intervention through Community-Led Food Assessments with Aboriginal Communities.” Funded by: The Medical Research Fund, Memorial University
  3. 2012-2014. McPhail, D (Nominated PI), Allison, J (PI) and Ward, P (PI). “Reproducing Stigma? Obesity and Women’s Experiences of Reproductive Healthcare.” Funded by: URGP, University of Manitoba.
  4. 2012 - Ongoing. McPhail, D (PI) and Erikson, J (collaborator). “Assessing Midwifery Education in Manitoba” (in collaboration with the College of Midwives of Manitoba). Funded by: The University of Manitoba.
  5. 2012 - Ongoing. McPhail, Deborah (PI). “Assessing the Quality of Reproductive Care for Lesbians in Winnipeg” (in collaboration with the Rainbow Resource Centre, Winnipeg). Funded by: The University of Manitoba.
  6. 2012 - Ongoing. Anderson DeCoteau, M (PI), McPhail, D (Co-I), and Bryans, M (collaborator). “An Evaluation of the Mothering Project” (in collaboration with The Mothering Project, Mount Carmel Clinic) (funded by Mount Carmel Clinic). Funded by: Mount Carmel Clinic.
  7. 2012 - Ongoing. McPhail, Deborah (PI) and Rountree-James, M (BScMed student). “Assessing Quality of Care for Transpeople in Winnipeg.” Funded by: University of Manitoba and College of Medicine, University of Manitoba.

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