College of Dentistry: Research

Bringing Research to Life

One of the top research-producing dental schools in Canada, the University of Manitoba’s College of Dentistry makes a significant contribution to understanding health and disease, and ultimately to best practices worldwide. Dental research at the University of Manitoba benefits the public and revitalizes both students and College by providing direct participation in the profession’s advancement. This thriving research environment is due to the contribution of basic scientists, the research conducted within the specialty graduate programs, and other College members’ clinical and non-clinical investigations.

Research Activities

Research in the College of Dentistry is carried out on a broad spectrum in basic science and clinically-orientated projects, and joint basic/clinical approaches are encouraged where possible. The College has defined three major areas of research for specific development, based on existing expertise, potential funding opportunities and predicted national interest/emphasis. These are oral health in the Aboriginal population, oral microbial biofilms, and tobacco use and oral health.

Additional research includes studies on cell signaling mechanisms, with particular reference to the regulation of blood platelet clotting; properties of saliva and salivary flow; the pathology of oral neoplasms; wound healing in gingival tissues and the characterization and functions of lung surfactant in respiration.

Departmental Research Profiles
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