REPORT FGRORGH                                        University of Manitoba                                    RUN DATE: 07/06/2020
CHART: M                                           Organization Hierarchy Report                                    TIME: 01:31 PM
                                                         AS OF 07-JUL-2020                                          PAGE: 1
                                                                       DATA            CNTL            ********* DATES *********
ORGANIZATION                 DESCRIPTION                               ENTRY  STATUS   ORGN  CMB    EFF          TERM    NEXT CHANGE
1                    General University                                  N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
  10                   General University                                N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
    10A                  General University                              N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
      100                  General University                            N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        100A                 General University                          N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          1000                 University Revenues & Transfers           N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            10000                University Revenues & Transfers         N       A               16-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              100000               University Revenues & Transfers       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            10001                Centrally Managed Revenue & Tsfrs       N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              100001               University Overhead                   Y       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              100002               Int'l College of Manitoba (ICM)       Y       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              100003               MET Access                            Y       A               06-JUN-2018             31-DEC-2099
              100004               Cold Beverage                         Y       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              100099               Staff Benefits Contra                 Y       A               16-JUN-2020             31-DEC-2099
            10002                UM Properties                           N       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
              100022               UM Properties GP Inc                  Y       A               11-DEC-2017             31-DEC-2099
              100023               UM Properties Trust                   Y       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
              100024               UM Properties Holdings Inc            Y       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
              100025               UM Properties Ltd Partnership         Y       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
          1010                 University Tuition Orgs                   N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            10100                University Tuition Orgs                 N       A               16-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              G10001               GT Arts                               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10002               GT Science                            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10003               GT Engineering                        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10004               GT Human Ecology                      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10005               GT Medicine                           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10006               GT Management                         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10007               GT Agriculture                        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10008               GT Education                          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10009               GT Architecture                       Y       A               08-FEB-2008             31-DEC-2099
              G10010               GT Law                                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10011               GT Pharmacy                           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10012               GT Social Work                        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10013               GT Nursing                            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10014               GT Natural Resources Institute        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10015               GT School of Art                      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10016               GT Graduate Studies                   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10017               GT Dentistry                          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10018               GT Unallocated Tuition - CBY          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10019               GT Medical Rehabilitation             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10020               GT Dental Hygiene                     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10021               GT Music                              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10022               GT Kineseology & Recreation Mgmt      Y       A               12-JUL-2007             31-DEC-2099
              G10023               GT Interior Design                    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10024               GT Agriculture Diploma                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10025               GT Unallocated Tuition - OBY          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10026               GT Continuing Education               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10027               GT University 1                       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10028               GT Environment Earth & Res.           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10029               GT Health Sciences                    Y       A               19-NOV-2015             31-DEC-2099
              G10030               GT Dorset College-Unallocated         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10031               GT Sedaya College-Unallocated         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10032               GT Mozambique-Unallocated             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10033               GT General University                 Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10034               GT City Planning/Interior Designs     Y       A               08-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              G10035               GT Landscape Architecture             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10036               GT Science Students                   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10037               GT Occupational Therapy               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10038               GT Dental Hygiene Degree              Y       A               15-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              G10039               GT SRO                                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10040               GT St. Andrew's College               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10041               GT St. Boniface College               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10042               GT PTE                                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10043               GT WCBC                               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10044               GT University of Winnipeg             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10045               GT CMBC                               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10046               GT Brandon Univ                       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10047               GT Disability Studies                 Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              G10048               St Paul's College                     Y       A               05-JAN-2010             31-DEC-2099
              G10096               GT English Language Centre            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
          1015                 Central Administration Orgs               N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            10200                Central Operating Reserve               N       A               16-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              B10200               Central Operating Reserve             Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              C10200               COR Offset                            Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
            10300                Carryover                               N       A               16-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              B10300               Carryover                             Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
            10400                Emergency Funds                         N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              B10400               Emergency Academic                    Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10401               Emergency Admin                       Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10402               Emergency Insurance                   Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10403               Emergency Research                    Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10404               Emergency External                    Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10405               Emergency President                   Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
            10500                Reserves                                N       A               16-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              B10500               Capital Project                       Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10501               Decanal Positions                     Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10502               Employment Equity                     Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10503               International Student Support         Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10504               Overhead Reserve                      Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10505               Research Startup                      Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10506               Spousal Recruitment                   Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10507               Int'l Student Support-Unit Projects   Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10508               Canada Research Chair Support         Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10509               International College of Manitoba     Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10510               Travel & Conference Sponsorship       Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10511               Aboriginal Achievement                Y       A               01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
              B10512               Academic Enhancement                  Y       A               01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
              B10513               Student Experience                    Y       A               01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
              B10514               Employer of Choice                    Y       A               01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
              B10515               External Decanal Bridge Funding       Y       A               01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
              B10516               Spousal Appointment Funding           Y       A               01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
              B10517               Faculty Bridge Funding                Y       A               01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
              B10518               Interntl Academic Program Dvlpmt      Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              B10519               Externally Funded Research Chairs     Y       A               22-AUG-2011             31-DEC-2099
              B10520               Collaborative Clusters                Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10521               Institutional Infrastructure          Y       A               01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
              B10522               Drive Discov & Insight thru Excel     Y       A               01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              B10523               Create Path to Indigenous Achievemt   Y       A               01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              B10524               Build Community for O/s L&W Envir     Y       A               01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              B10525               Inspire Minds thru INNOV & Teaching   Y       A               01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              B10526               Libraries Exchange & Inflation        Y       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
            10600                Strategic Initiative Process            N       A               16-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              B10600               Strategic Initiative Process          Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10601               SIP Res Allocation                    Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10602               External Deans                        Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10603               Retiree Bridge                        Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              C10600               SIP Offset                            Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
            10700                Tuition Reserves                        N       A               16-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              B10700               Tuition Fee Sharing-Standard RS UG    Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10701               Tuition Fee Sharing-Standard SS UG    Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10702               Tuition Fee Sharing-Special RS UG     Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10703               Tuition Fee Sharing-Special SS UG     Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10704               Tuition Fee Sharing-Special RS Grad   Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10705               Spec Arrngmnts-Prior Budget Yr        Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10706               Other Related Tuition                 Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10707               Tuition Fee Sharing-Standard RS Grd   Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              B10708               Tuition Fee Sharing-Standard SS Grd   Y       A               04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
          1100                 General University Expenses               N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            11000                General University President            N       A               16-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              110000               GU President's Office                 Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            11010                Gen Univ Summer Career Placement Pr     N       A               20-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              110100               GU Summer Career Placement Program    Y       A               11-AUG-2008             31-DEC-2099
            11030                General University IST                  N       A               20-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              110300               GU IST                                Y       A               18-JUN-2008             31-DEC-2099
            11040                General University Staff BenFund        N       A               20-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              110400               GU Staff Benefits Fund                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            11045                GU Support Staff Endowment              N       A               04-MAR-2008             31-DEC-2099
              110450               GU Support Staff Endowment            N       A               04-MAR-2008             31-DEC-2099
            11060                General University Human Resources      N       A               20-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              110600               GU Human Resources                    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            11071                Gen Univ Campus Beautification          N       A               20-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              110710               GU Campus Beautification              Y       A               18-JUN-2008             31-DEC-2099
            11072                Gen University Outreach Main            N       A               20-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              110702               GU Outreach Main                      Y       A               04-MAR-2008             31-DEC-2099
            11074                General University United Way           N       A               20-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              110704               GU United Way                         Y       A               18-JUN-2008             31-DEC-2099
            11075                General University Shuttle Bus          N       A               20-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
            11077                General University Cancopy              N       A               20-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              110707               GU Access Copyright                   Y       A               06-AUG-2010             31-DEC-2099
            11078                Gen Univ  Student Alcohol Program       N       A               20-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              110708               GU Student Alcohol Program            Y       A               18-JUN-2008             31-DEC-2099
            11079                Gen Univ UMSU Special Projects          N       A               20-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              110709               Gen Univ UMSU Special Projects        Y       A               10-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
            11084                Gen University Domino Jazz Concert      N       A               20-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              110840               Gen University Domino Jazz Concert    Y       A               11-JUN-2008             31-DEC-2099
            11085                G U Canada Wide Science Fair            N       A               20-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              110850               G U Canada Wide Science Fair          Y       A               11-JUN-2008             31-DEC-2099
            11086                GU MB Schools Science Symposium         N       A               20-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              110860               GU MB Schools Science Symposium       Y       A               01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
            11095                Gen Univ Debt Servicing                 N       A               18-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              110950               GU Debt Servicing                     Y       A               15-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
            11096                Gen University Targeted Tuition Exp     N       A               18-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              110960               GU Targeted Tuition Exp               Y       A               18-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
            11100                General University Capital Fund         N       A               20-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              111000               GU Capital Fund                       Y       A               11-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
            11130                General University University Club      N       A               20-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              111300               GU University Club Support            Y       A               01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
          1101                 General University Financial Serv         N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            11020                General University Financial Serv       N       A               15-MAR-2012             31-DEC-2099
              110200               GU Financial Services                 Y       A               02-MAR-2009             31-DEC-2099
              110204               GU Payroll Clearing                   Y       A               02-MAR-2009             31-DEC-2099
              110717               GU User Access Fees                   Y       A               25-JAN-2012             31-DEC-2099
              199999               GU Interface Errors                   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
          1102                 Gen Univ Exchange & Bank Charges          N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            11021                Gen Univ Exchange & Bank Charges        N       A               15-MAR-2012             31-DEC-2099
              110201               GU Exchange & Bank Charges            Y       A               03-JUN-2008             31-DEC-2099
          1103                 Gen University FS Only Accruals           N       A               16-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
            11022                Gen University FS Only Accruals         N       A               16-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
              110202               GU Vacation Pay Accrual               Y       A               10-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              110205               GU - Actuarial Pension                Y       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
              110206               GU - Accrued Sick Leave               Y       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
              110207               GU - EE Future Benefits               Y       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
          1104                 Gen University Bad Debt                   N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            11023                Gen University Bad Debt                 N       A               15-MAR-2012             31-DEC-2099
              110203               GU Bad Debt                           Y       A               18-JUN-2008             31-DEC-2099
          1105                 General University Trust & End Fund       N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            11050                General University Trust & End Fund     N       A               15-MAR-2012             31-DEC-2099
              110500               GU Trust & Endowment                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
          1106                 General University Administration         N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            11070                General University Administration       N       A            N  15-MAR-2012             31-DEC-2099
              110700               GU Administration                     Y       A               25-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              110705               GU Wpg Transit-Bannatyne Express      Y       A               19-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              110711               GU Misc Rentals                       Y       A               14-JUN-2013             31-DEC-2099
              110718               Campus Art Conservation/Acquisition   Y       A               17-AUG-2012             31-DEC-2099
            11140                Pension Plan                            N       A            N  01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
              110716               Pension Plan Funding                  Y       A               28-OCT-2014             31-DEC-2099
          1107                 General University Searches               N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            11073                General University Searches             N       A               15-MAR-2012             31-DEC-2099
              110703               GU Executive Searches                 Y       A               18-JUN-2008             31-DEC-2099
              110715               GU Decanal Searches                   Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
          1108                 GU Institutional Fees & Memberships       N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            11076                GU Institutional Fees & Memberships     N       A               11-APR-2012             31-DEC-2099
              110706               GU Institutional Fees & Memberships   Y       A               11-APR-2012             31-DEC-2099
          1109                 General Univ Employee Benefits            N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            11080                General Univ Employee Benefits          N       A               15-MAR-2012             31-DEC-2099
              110712               GU Workers Compensation               Y       A               28-OCT-2014             31-DEC-2099
              110800               GU Employee Benefits                  Y       A               15-MAY-2006             31-DEC-2099
          1110                 Gen U Employee Assistance Program         N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            11081                Gen U Employee Assistance Program       N       A               15-MAR-2012             31-DEC-2099
              110801               GU Employee Assistance Program        Y       A               06-AUG-2010             31-DEC-2099
          1111                 General University Insurance              N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            11082                General University Insurance            N       A               15-MAR-2012             31-DEC-2099
              110713               GU Insurance                          Y       A               18-JUN-2008             31-DEC-2099
          1112                 General University Property Tax           N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            11083                General University Property Tax         N       A               15-MAR-2012             31-DEC-2099
              110714               GU Property Tax                       Y       A               18-JUN-2008             31-DEC-2099
          1113                 Gen Univ Payroll Employee Benefits        N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            11090                Gen Univ Payroll Employee Benefits      N       A               15-MAR-2012             31-DEC-2099
              110900               GU Pay Employee Benefits Premium      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              110901               GU Pay Empl'ee Ben Applied (Grants)   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              110902               GU Pay Empl'ee Ben Applied(Budgets)   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
          1114                 OARS                                      N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            11110                OARS                                    N       A               15-MAR-2012             31-DEC-2099
              111100               OARS Project                          Y       A               11-SEP-2009             31-DEC-2099
          1115                 ROSE                                      N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            11120                ROSE                                    N       A               15-MAR-2012             31-DEC-2099
              111200               ROSE Project                          Y       A               11-SEP-2009             31-DEC-2099
          1116                 Year End F/S  Adjustments                 N       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
            11160                Year End F/S  Adjustments               N       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              111600               Year End F/S Operating Adjustments    Y       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              111601               Year End F/S Research Adjustments     Y       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              111602               Year End F/S Special Adjustments      Y       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              111603               Year End F/S Capital Adjustments      Y       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              111604               Year End F/S Trust Capital Adj.       Y       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              111605               Year End F/S Trust Adjustments        Y       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              111606               Year End F/S Trust Consol. - TRIUMF   Y       A               29-NOV-2019             31-DEC-2099
              111607               Year End F/S Trust Consol. - PHDA     Y       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
          1130                 Physical Plant Projects                   N       A               01-JUN-2017             31-DEC-2099
            11300                Physical Plant Projects                 N       A               01-JUN-2017             31-DEC-2099
              113001               Phys Plant FG General Projects        Y       A               07-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
              113002               Phys Plant FG ESCO Projects           Y       A               07-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
              113003               Phys Plant BC ESCO Projects           Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              113004               Phys Plant Special Project            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              113006               Phys Plant Capital Fund               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              113007               Phys Plant SJC Res Flooding           Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              113008               Phys Plant Arthur Mauro Water Dmge    Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              113009               Phys Plant Domino Project Cap Fund    Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              113010               Phys Plant Music Annex Water Damage   Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              113011               Phys Plant BMSB Water Leak            Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              113012               Phys Plant Duff Roblin Fire Damage    Y       A               09-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
              113013               Phys Plant BC General Projects        Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              113014               Phys Plant Duff Roblin Trailer Park   Y       A               01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
              113015               Phys Plant KIP Cap Proj Bio Sci Bld   Y       A               03-JUL-2009             31-DEC-2099
              113016               Phys Plant KIP Cap Proj Buller Bldg   Y       A               03-JUL-2009             31-DEC-2099
              113017               MPI Claim Phys Plant Vehicle Fire     Y       A               01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
              113018               Phys Plant Wallace Water Damage       Y       A               01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
              113019               Phys Plant St. Paul's Water Damage    Y       A               09-MAR-2011             31-DEC-2099
              113020               BMSB Level 100 Anatomy Water Damage   Y       A               09-MAR-2011             31-DEC-2099
              113021               Wallace Water Damage-Physical Plant   Y       A               25-MAR-2011             31-DEC-2099
              113022               Wallace Water Damage 3 - Phys Plant   Y       A               02-JUN-2011             31-DEC-2099
              113023               Delta Marsh Disaster Management       Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              113024               Ellis Building Water Damage           Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              113025               Physical Plant Southwood Projects     Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              113026               Phys Plant Drake Ctr Flood Damage     Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              113027               Phys Plant Parker Flood Damage        Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              113028               Phys Plant ALC Flood Damage           Y       A               01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              113029               Phys Plant Powerhouse Fire            Y       A            N  01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              113030               Agriculture Lab Flood                 Y       A            N  01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              113031               JBRC Electrical Outage                Y       A            N  01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
          1700                 General University Projects               N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
            17000                General University Projects             N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              170001               Budget Model Redesign Project         Y       A               12-MAY-2016             31-DEC-2099
          1800                 General University ROSE Projects          N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            18000                ROSE Program Management                 N       A               20-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              180001               ROSE Program - General                Y       A               17-DEC-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180003               ROSE Program - IST Support            Y       A               20-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              180800               ROSE Program - Change Support         Y       A               20-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
            18010                Finance & Supply Chain Mgmt Stream      N       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180100               Finance General                       Y       A               17-DEC-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180101               eProcurement                          Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180102               FAST AR                               Y       A               04-JUL-2011             31-DEC-2099
              180103               Integrated Travel                     Y       A               04-JUL-2011             31-DEC-2099
              180104               Strategic Sourcing                    Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180105               Target Operating Model - Purchasing   Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180106               Research Accounting                   Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180107               Monthly Reporting                     Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180108               Budget Process Forecasting            Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180109               Monthly Reporting 2                   Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
            18020                Human Resources Stream                  N       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180200               Human Resources General               Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180201               Employee Self-Service                 Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180202               Online Recruiting                     Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
            18030                Information Technology Stream           N       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180300               Print Management                      Y       A               14-FEB-2011             31-DEC-2099
              180301               Shared Services                       Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180302               Desktop Environment                   Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180303               IT Strategy                           Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180304               Role Based Security Scanning          Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180305               IT Procurement - COE                  Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180306               Videoconferencing                     Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180307               IT PCCD                               Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
            18040                Physical Plant Stream                   N       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180400               Physical Plant General                Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180401               Work Order Management Improvements    Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180402               Project Management Improvement        Y       A               17-DEC-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180403               IWMS Selection & Implementation       Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
            18050                Research Services Stream                N       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180500               Research Services General             Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180501               Research Contracting                  Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180502               Workflow Tool for Researchers Pilot   Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
            18060                Students Stream                         N       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180600               Future Student Website                Y       A               22-DEC-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180601               Financial Aid & Awards                Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180602               Admissions - UG                       Y       A               21-MAR-2012             31-DEC-2099
              180603               CRM - UG                              Y       A               21-MAR-2012             31-DEC-2099
              180604               Classroom Scheduling                  Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
            18070                Communications/Marketing Stream         N       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180700               Communications Office (MCO)           Y       A               15-SEP-2011             31-DEC-2099
              180701               Philanthropy                          Y       A               15-SEP-2011             31-DEC-2099
              180702               Communication Plan                    Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180703               Capability Plan                       Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
            18090                Graduate Studies Stream                 N       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              180900               GS Enrolment Management               Y       A               21-MAR-2012             31-DEC-2099
            18100                Legal Stream                            N       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              181000               Policy Development & Management       Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
          1900                 General University Capital Projects       N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            19000                General University Capital Projects     N       A               20-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              190001               GU Capital Agriculture and Food Sci   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190002               GU Capital Architecture               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190003               GU Capital Arts                       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190004               GU Capital Art (School of)            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190005               GU Capital Asper School of Business   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190006               GU Capital Dentistry                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190007               GU Capital Environment                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190008               GU Capital Education                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190009               GU Capital Engineering                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190010               GU Capital Extended Education         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190011               GU Capital Graduate Studies           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190012               GU Capital Human Ecology              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190013               GU Capital Law                        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190014               GU Capital Medicine                   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190015               GU Capital Music                      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190016               GU Capital Nursing                    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190017               GU Capital Pharmacy                   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190018               GU Capital Kinesiology & Rec Mgmt     Y       A               24-JUN-2008             31-DEC-2099
              190019               GU Capital Science                    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190020               GU Capital Social Work                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190021               GU Capital University 1               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190022               GU Capital President's Office         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190023               GU Capital VP Admin's Office          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190024               GU Capital VP Research's Office       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190025               GU Capital VP Academic's Office       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190026               GU Capital VP External's Office       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190027               GU Capital Financial Services         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190028               GU Capital Human Resources            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190029               GU Capital Ancillary Services         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190030               GU Capital IST                        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190031               GU Capital Libraries                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190032               GU Capital Student Affairs            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190033               GU Capital Colleges                   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              190034               GU Capital Risk Mgmt & Security       Y       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              190035               GU Capital Rehabilitation Sciences    Y       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
              190036               GU Capital Health Sciences            Y       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
              190037               GU Capital Physical Plant             Y       A               14-FEB-2018             31-DEC-2099
  20                   President's Office                                N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
    20A                  President's Office                              N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
      200                  President's Office                            N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        200A                 President's Office                          N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          2000                 President's Office                        N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            20000                President's Office                      N       A               20-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              200000               Presidents Office                     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            20020                Ombudsman                               N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              200200               Ombudsman                             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
          2001                 University Secretariat                    N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            20010                University Secretariat                  N       A               21-JAN-2014             31-DEC-2099
              200100               University Secretariat                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
      220                  President - General                           N       A            N  01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
        220A                 President - General                         N       A            N  01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
          2200                 President - General                       N       A            N  01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            22000                President - General                     N       A            N  01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              220000               President - General                   Y       A            N  01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
    30A                  VP (Academic) & Provost                         N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
      300                  VP (Academic) & Provost                       N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        300A                 VP (Academic) & Provost                     N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          3000                 VP (Academic) & Provost                   N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            30000                VP (Academic) & Provost                 N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              300000               VP (Academic) & Provost               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              300001               CVIS Project                          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            30030                University Accessibility                N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              300300               University Accessibility              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
          3002                 Institutional Analysis                    N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            30020                Institutional Analysis                  N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              300200               Institutional Analysis                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
          3004                 Indigenous Achievement                    N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            30040                Indigenous Achievement                  N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              300400               Indigenous Achievement                Y       A               20-OCT-2011             31-DEC-2099
              300401               Indigenous Community Engagement       Y       A               08-NOV-2018             31-DEC-2099
              300402               Indigenous Programs and Education     Y       A               08-NOV-2018             31-DEC-2099
              300403               Indigenous Celebrating Success        Y       A               08-NOV-2018             31-DEC-2099
              300404               Indigenous Blueprint                  Y       A               08-NOV-2018             31-DEC-2099
            30711                Indigenous Student Centre               N       A               16-OCT-2017             31-DEC-2099
              307121               Indigenous Student Centre             Y       A               16-OCT-2017             31-DEC-2099
              307122               Graduation Powwow                     Y       A               16-OCT-2017             31-DEC-2099
              307123               Elder's Gathering                     Y       A               16-OCT-2017             31-DEC-2099
              307124               Metis Inclusion                       Y       A            N  01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              307125               Indigenous Circle of Empowerment      Y       A            N  01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
          3010                 St John's College                         N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            30100                St. Johns College                       N       A               21-JAN-2014             31-DEC-2099
              301000               Wardens Office-St.Johns               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
          3011                 St. Paul's College                        N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            30110                St. Pauls College                       N       A               30-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              301100               Rectors Office-St.Pauls               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              301101               St Paul's Jesuit Centre               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              301102               A V Mauro Centre                      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              301103               St Paul's University 1                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
          3012                 University College                        N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            30120                University College                      N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              301200               Prov.Office-Univ.College              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
          3020                 External Partner Institutions             N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            30200                College St. Boniface                    N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              302000               College St. Boniface                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            30210                Prairie Theatre Exchange                N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              302100               Prairie Theatre Exchange              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            30220                University of Winnipeg                  N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              302200               University of Winnipeg                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
      303                  VP (Academic) & Provost - General             N       A            N  01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
        303A                 VP (Academic) & Provost - General           N       A            N  01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
          3030                 VP (Academic) & Provost - General         N       A            N  01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            30300                VP (Academic) & Provost - General       N       A            N  01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              303000               VP (Academic) & Provost - General     Y       A            N  08-JUL-2015             31-DEC-2099
      304                  Vice Provost (Teaching & Learning)            N       A            N  01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
        304A                 Vice Provost (Teaching & Learning)          N       A            N  01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
          3040                 Vice Provost (Teaching & Learning)        N       A            N  01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
            30400                Vice Provost (Teaching & Learning)      N       A            N  01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              304000               Vice Provost (Teaching & Learning)    Y       A            N  01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
      305                  Vice Provost (Acad Planning Prgms)            N       A               24-NOV-2011             31-DEC-2099
        305A                 Vice Provost (Acad Planning Prgms)          N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          3050                 Vice Provost (Acad Planning Prgms)        N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            30500                Vice Provost (Acad Planning Prgms)      N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              305000               Vice Provost (Acad Planning Prgms)    Y       A               24-NOV-2011             31-DEC-2099
            30510                CHERD                                   N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              305100               CHERD Directors Office                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              305101               CHERD Research Programs               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              305102               CHERD Management Programs             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              305103               CHERD Instructional Dev Plan          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            30550                Vice Provost Int'l College of MB        N       A            N  26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              305500               Vice Provost Int'l College of MB      Y       A            N  09-OCT-2008             31-DEC-2099
      306                  Vice Provost (Academic Affairs)               N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        306A                 Vice Provost (Academic Affairs)             N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          3053                 University of Manitoba Press              N       A               28-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            30530                University of Manitoba Press            N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              305300               University of Manitoba Press          Y       A               15-MAY-2006             31-DEC-2099
          3060                 Vice Provost (Academic Affairs)           N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            30600                Vice Provost                            N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              306000               Vice Provost                          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            30615                Learning Technology Centre              N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              306150               Learning Technology Centre            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            30620                Academic Staff Development              N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              306200               Academic Staff Development            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
          3061                 Centre Advancement of Teach & Learn       N       A               28-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            30610                Centre Advancement of Teach & Learn     N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              306100               CATL                                  Y       A               07-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              306101               UTS Technology Faculty Development    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
      307                  Vice Provost (Students)                       N       A               24-NOV-2011             31-DEC-2099
        307A                 Vice Provost (Students)                     N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          3070                 Vice Provost (Students)                   N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            30700                Vice Provost (Students)                 N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              307000               Vice Provost (Students)               Y       A               24-NOV-2011             31-DEC-2099
              307004               Student Affairs Sedaya Marketing      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
          3071                 Student Support                           N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            30710                Student Support                         N       A               08-JUL-2016             31-DEC-2099
              307100               Student Support General               Y       A               08-JUL-2016             31-DEC-2099
              307101               Cdn Univ Survey Consort'm Rsrch       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              307102               VP Academic (Prov) Learning Commons   Y       A            N  01-JUL-2007             31-DEC-2099
              307162               Multi-Faith Services                  Y       A            N  08-JUL-2016             31-DEC-2099
            30713                Student Advocacy & Accessibility        N       A            N  26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              307161               Student Advocacy                      Y       A            N  05-JUN-2012             31-DEC-2099
              307163               Student Accessibility Services        Y       A            N  05-JUN-2012             31-DEC-2099
              307164               Sign Language                         Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              307165               Student Advocacy                      Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              307166               Playcare Centre                       Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            30714                Student Counselling                     N       A            N  26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              307181               Student Counselling Centre            Y       A            N  18-NOV-2013             31-DEC-2099
            30715                University Health Services              N       A            N  26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              307191               University Health Services            Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            30717                Services for Students at Bannatyne      N       A            N  08-JUL-2016             31-DEC-2099
              307170               Services for Students at Bannatyne    Y       A            N  08-JUL-2016             31-DEC-2099
          3072                 Enrolment Services                        N       A            N  06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            30720                Enrolment Services                      N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              307200               Enrolment General                     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            30721                Admissions                              N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              307201               Admissions                            Y       A               07-MAY-2007             31-DEC-2099
            30722                Student Recruitment                     N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              307001               Student Affairs Int'l Stdnt Recrtmt   Y       A               18-MAY-2007             31-DEC-2099
              307003               Student Affairs Agents Fees           Y       A               18-MAY-2007             31-DEC-2099
              307202               Student Recruitment                   Y       A               07-MAY-2007             31-DEC-2099
              307203               Indigenous Student Recruitment        Y       A               21-FEB-2019             31-DEC-2099
            30723                Financial Aid and Awards                N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              307204               Financial Aid and Awards              Y       A               07-MAY-2007             31-DEC-2099
              307205               Scholarships                          Y       A               07-MAY-2007             31-DEC-2099
            30725                English Language Centre                 N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              307207               English Language Centre               Y       A            N  07-MAY-2007             31-DEC-2099
              307208               English Language Cte Agent's Fees     Y       A            N  07-MAY-2007             31-DEC-2099
              307209               English Language Centre Awards        Y       A            N  07-MAY-2007             31-DEC-2099
              307210               English Lang Ctr Student Activities   Y       A            N  29-NOV-2013             31-DEC-2099
              307211               English Language Centre Lab           Y       A            N  07-MAY-2007             31-DEC-2099
          3073                 Registrar's Office                        N       A            N  06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            30730                Registrar's Office                      N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              307300               Registrar's Office General            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            30731                RO Student Support                      N       A               08-JUL-2016             31-DEC-2099
              307310               Student Support Office                Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
            30732                RO Systems and Schedules                N       A               08-JUL-2016             31-DEC-2099
              307301               Systems and Schedules - Exams         Y       A               19-NOV-2007             31-DEC-2099
              307320               Systems and Schedules Office          Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
            30733                RO Academic Info & Protocols            N       A               08-JUL-2016             31-DEC-2099
              307302               Calendars                             Y       A               19-NOV-2007             31-DEC-2099
              307303               Convocation                           Y       A            N  19-NOV-2007             31-DEC-2099
              307330               Academic Info & Protocols Office      Y       A            N  01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
          3074                 Housing and Student Life                  N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            30740                Housing and Student Life                N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              307400               Housing & Student Life General        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              307401               Housing & Student Life Orientation    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              307403               Student Life Programming              Y       A               20-MAR-2008             31-DEC-2099
          3077                 Transit Service                           N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            30770                Transit Service                         N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              307700               Transit Service                       Y       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          3560                 Student Engagement & Success              N       A               05-JUL-2019             31-DEC-2099
            30716                Academic Learning Centre                N       A            N  26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              356006               Academic Learning Centre              Y       A               26-JUN-2014             31-DEC-2099
              356007               Supplemental Instruction              Y       A               30-MAY-2012             31-DEC-2099
            30718                Career Services                         N       A            N  08-JUL-2016             31-DEC-2099
              307206               Career Services                       Y       A            N  06-JUL-2019             31-DEC-2099
            30750                Student Life                            N       A               08-JUL-2016             31-DEC-2099
              307005               Student Life                          Y       A               08-JUL-2011             31-DEC-2099
              307006               Community Service-Learning            Y       A               19-DEC-2017             31-DEC-2099
              307007               Student Leadership                    Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              307008               El Salvador Alternative Read Week     Y       A               20-AUG-2013             31-DEC-2099
              307009               Ecuador Service Learning              Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              307010               Bangladesh Service Learning           Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              307402               Head Start                            Y       A               30-MAR-2012             31-DEC-2099
              356002               Student Orientation                   Y       A               25-JUN-2012             31-DEC-2099
            35600                University 1                            N       A               18-MAR-2013             31-DEC-2099
              356000               University 1                          Y       A               07-DEC-2010             31-DEC-2099
              356001               University 1 Advertising              Y       A               07-DEC-2010             31-DEC-2099
              356003               University 1 Transition               Y       A               07-DEC-2010             31-DEC-2099
              356004               University 1 Intro to University      Y       A               07-DEC-2010             31-DEC-2099
              356005               University 1 Start at University 1    Y       A               07-DEC-2010             31-DEC-2099
            35610                Student Engagement & Success            N       A               08-JUL-2016             31-DEC-2099
              356100               Student Engagement & Success          Y       A               08-JUL-2016             31-DEC-2099
      308                  Students - General                            N       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
        308A                 Students - General                          N       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          3080                 Students - General                        N       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
            30800                Students - General                      N       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              308000               Students - General                    Y       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
      310                  Libraries                                     N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        310A                 Libraries                                   N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          3100                 Libraries                                 N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            31000                Directors Office - Libraries            N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              310000               Directors Office-Libraries            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310001               Libraries Support Staff Develpmt      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310002               Libraries Information Literacy        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310003               Libraries Remote Storage              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310004               Libraries Marketing                   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310005               Libraries Technology                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310006               Libraries Travel & Business Expense   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310007               Libraries Accessibility               Y       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
            31005                Acquisition Administration              N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              310050               Acquisition Administration            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310051               Libraries Electronic Resources        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31010                Archives                                N       A               26-JAN-2018             31-DEC-2099
              310100               Archives                              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31015                Libraries-Technical Services            N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              310150               Libraries-Technical Services          Y       A               19-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              310151               Strategic Support Services            Y       A               01-AUG-2019             31-DEC-2099
              310152               Libraries Systems                     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310153               Resrch Support & Digital Strategies   Y       A               03-AUG-2018             31-DEC-2099
            31020                Dafoe Document Delivery                 N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              310200               Libraries Access Services             Y       A               02-AUG-2016             31-DEC-2099
            31025                FIPPA Office                            N       A               05-MAY-2015             31-DEC-2099
              310250               FIPPA Office                          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31030                Libraries Collections Management        N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              310300               Libraries Collections Management      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31035                Libraries Electronic Tech & Serv        N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              310350               Libraries Electronic Tech & Serv      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310351               Libraries Copier Services             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310352               Libraries Technology Renewal          Y       A            N  01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
            31040                Arch.  Fine Arts & Music Library        N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              310400               Architecture & Fine Arts Library      Y       A               26-AUG-2009             31-DEC-2099
              310401               Music Library                         Y       A               26-AUG-2009             31-DEC-2099
            31045                Dafoe Library                           N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              310450               Dafoe Circulation                     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310451               Dafoe Reference Services              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310452               Icelandic & Slavic                    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310453               Dafoe Off Campus                      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310454               Education Library                     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31050                Law Library                             N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              310500               Law Library                           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310501               Law Library Document Delivery         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31055                Management Library                      N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              310550               Management Library                    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31060                Neil John Maclean Health Sci Libr       N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              310600               NJMHS Library                         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310601               NJMHS Library Projects                Y       A               13-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
              310602               Burntwood Library                     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310603               Concordia Hospital Library            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310604               Grace Hospital Library                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310605               St. Boniface Library                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310606               Seven Oaks Hospital Library           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310607               Victoria Hospital Library             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310608               WRHA Library                          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310609               Deer Lodge Riverview & PCH Libr.      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310610               Misericordia Library                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310611               WRHA Community Funded Agencies        Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              310612               HSC/Psych Health (WRHA)               Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              310613               MHIKNET                               Y       A               26-MAR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              310614               Manitoba Health                       Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
            31065                St. John's Library                      N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              310650               St. John's Library                    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31070                St. Paul's Library                      N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              310700               St. Paul's Library                    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31075                Sciences & Technology Library           N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              310750               Agriculture Library                   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310751               Engineering Library                   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310752               Sciences & Technology Library         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
          3109                 Libraries Acquisitions                    N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            31080                Library Acquisitions Gift & Endowme     N       A               24-FEB-2015             31-DEC-2099
              310800               Acquisitions General                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310801               Acquisitions off the Top              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310802               Netdoc & Fines                        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310803               Retro Binding                         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310804               Thesis                                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310805               Lehman Freight                        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310806               General Library Materials             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310807               Archives Library  Materials           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310808               Dafoe Library Materials               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310809               Asper School Library Materials        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310810               Agriculture Library Materials         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310811               Arch & Fine Arts Library Materials    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310812               Concordia Hosp Library Materials      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310813               Dentistry Library Materials           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310814               Education Library Materials           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310815               Engineering Library Materials         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310816               Grace Hospital Library Materials      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310817               Law Library Materials                 Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310818               Music Library Materials               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310819               N J Maclean HSC Library Materials     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310820               St. John's Library Materials          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310821               St. Paul's Library Materials          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310822               St. Boniface Library Materials        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310823               Seven Oaks Hosp Library Materials     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310824               Sciences & Tech Library Materials     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310825               Victoria Hospital Library Materials   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310826               Deer Lodge Library Materials          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310827               Misericordia Hosp. Library Mat'ls     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              310828               Library Acquisitions Contigency       Y       A               01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
            31090                Acquisitions Serials, Serv & Other      N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              310900               Acquisitions Other Expense Summary    Y       A               21-MAY-2014             31-DEC-2099
              310901               Acquisitions Other Serv & Binding     Y       A               21-MAY-2014             31-DEC-2099
              310902               Acquisitions Serials Summary          Y       A               21-MAY-2014             31-DEC-2099
              310903               Acquisition Serials-Special Summary   Y       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
            31092                Acquisitions Monograph Purchace Sum     N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              310920               Dafoe Monograph Purchase Summary      Y       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              310921               Health Science Monograph Purchase     Y       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              310922               Other Libraries Monograph Purchase    Y       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
      311                  Libraries - General                           N       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
        311A                 Libraries - General                         N       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          3110                 Libraries - General                       N       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
            31100                Libraries - General                     N       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              311000               Libraries - General                   Y       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
      312                  Faculties  & Schools                          N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        312A                 Agricultural & Food Sciences                N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          3120                 Agricultural & Food Sciences              N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            31200                General Faculty Ag                      N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              312000               Deans Office Ag                       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312001               General Faculty Ag                    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312002               Agriculture Faculty Fees              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312003               Agriculture Course 65.150             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312004               Agriculture Course 65.250             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312005               Agriculture Marketing & Promotion     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312006               Agriculture Faculty Recruitment       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312007               Agriculture Computer Lab              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312008               Agriculture Coop Programs             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312009               Agriculture Student Placement         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312010               Functional Foods & Nutraceutical      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312011               Farm Food Discovery Centre            Y       A               26-OCT-2011             31-DEC-2099
            31210                Agribusiness/Agricult. Economics        N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              312100               Agribusiness/Agricult. Economics      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312101               Agric Econ Student Exchange           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312102               Agric Econ Student Recruitment        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312105               Agribusiness Default Rsrch Salaries   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31220                Animal Science                          N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              312200               Animal Science                        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312201               Farm Management                       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312202               Farm Mgmt Dairy Unit                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312203               Farm Mgmt Swine Unit                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312204               Farm Mgmt Poultry Unit                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312205               Animal Sci Default Rsrch Salaries     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31230                Biosystems Engineering                  N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              312300               Biosystems Engineering                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312301               Biosystems Eng Work Term & Coop       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312305               Biosystems Default Rsrch Salaries     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              336100               Textile Sciences                      Y       A               24-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
            31240                Entomology                              N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              312400               Entomology                            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312405               Entomology Default Rsrch Salaries     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31260                Plant Science                           N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              312600               Plant Science                         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312601               Plant Science Carman Operation        Y       A               28-AUG-2006             31-DEC-2099
              312602               Plant Science Arnoretum               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312605               Plant Sci Default Rsrch Salaries      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31270                School of Agriculture                   N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              312700               School of Agriculture                 Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312701               School of Agriculture Aborist         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312702               School of Agriculture Field Studies   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312703               School of Agriculture Marketing       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312704               School of Agric Finance Option        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312705               Sch of Agric Default Rsrch Salaries   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31280                Soil Science                            N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              312800               Soil Science                          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              312805               Soil Science Default Rsrch Salaries   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            33630                Human Nutritional Sciences              N       A               17-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
              312500               Food Science                          Y       A               10-JUL-2017             31-DEC-2099
              312501               Food Science Dairy                    Y       A               10-JUL-2017             31-DEC-2099
              312502               Food Science Agriculture Seminars     Y       A               10-JUL-2017             31-DEC-2099
              312505               Food Science Default Rsrch Salaries   Y       A               10-JUL-2017             31-DEC-2099
              336300               Human Nutritional Sciences            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              336301               George Weston Lab                     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            40030                Richardson Centre Functional Foods      N       A               15-JUL-2016             31-DEC-2099
              400300               Richardson Centre Functional Foods    Y       A            N  27-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
        314A                 Architecture                                N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
          3140                 Architecture                              N       A               27-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
            31400                General Faculty Arch                    N       A               27-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
              314000               Deans Office Arch                     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              314001               General Faculty Arch                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              314002               Cdn Inst for Barrier Free Design      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              314003               Partners Program                      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              314004               Aboriginal Program                    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              314005               Architecture Research Initiatives     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              314006               Woodshop                              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              314007               Centre for Digital Form               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              314008               Technology Fee                        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              314009               Cadlab                                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              314010               Cadlab Service Network                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              314011               Cadlab Faculty Computer               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              314012               Warehouse Journals                    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              314013               Experimental Media Centre             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31410                Architecture                            N       A               17-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
              314100               Architecture                          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              314101               Architecture Field Trip Studio        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              314102               Architecture Field Trip New Bldg      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              314103               Architecture Field Trip Bldg Sci 2    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              314104               Architecture Grad Students            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31420                City Planning                           N       A               17-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
              314200               City Planning                         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              314201               Planning Design Field Trip            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              314202               City Planning Grad Students           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31430                Environmental Design                    N       A               17-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
              314300               Environmental Design                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              314301               Env Design Sketch Camps               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              314302               Env Design Chicago Trip               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              314303               Env Design New York Trip              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31440                Interior Design                         N       A               17-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
              314400               Interior Design                       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31450                Landscape Architecture                  N       A               17-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
              314500               Landscape Architecture                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              314501               Landscape Arch Grad Students          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31460                Faculty of Architecture PhD Program     N       A               17-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
              314600               Faculty of Architecture PhD Program   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        316A                 Arts                                        N       A               31-JUL-2018             31-DEC-2099
          3160                 Arts                                      N       A               31-JUL-2018             31-DEC-2099
            31600                General Faculty Arts                    N       A               31-JUL-2018             31-DEC-2099
              316000               Deans Office Arts                     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316001               General Faculty-Arts                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316002               Institute for Humanities              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316003               Centre for Ukr Cdn Studies            Y       A               28-MAY-2008             31-DEC-2099
              316004               Women's Studies Program               Y       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              316005               Top up Women's Studies                Y       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              316006               Morelia Program                       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316007               Global Political Economy              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316008               Probationary Incentives Arts          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316009               Arts UMFA & Grad Student Support      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316010               Sessional Instructor Pool             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316011               Computer Equipment Arts               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316012               Language Centre                       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316013               Centre for Prof & Applied Ethics      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316014               Ctr for Globalization Cult. Studies   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316015               Polish Language                       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316016               Distance Education - Arts             Y       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
              316017               Summer Session - Arts                 Y       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
              316018               Arts Student Services                 Y       A            N  01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
              316401               Labour Studies                        Y       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
            31610                Asian Studies                           N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              316100               Asian Studies                         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316101               Top Up-Asian Studies                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31620                Anthropology                            N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              316200               Anthropology                          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316201               Anthropology Research Lab             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316202               Top up Anthropology                   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31630                Classics                                N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              316300               Classics                              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316301               Centre for Hellenic Studies           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316302               Top Up-Classics                       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31640                Economics                               N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              316400               Economics                             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316402               Top up Economics                      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316403               Global Political Economy              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31650                English                                 N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              316500               English                               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316501               Theatre                               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316502               Top up English                        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316503               Film                                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316504               English Multimedia                    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31660                French Spanish and Italian              N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              316600               French Spanish and Italian            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316601               Top up French Spanish & Italian       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31670                German & Slavic Studies                 N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              316700               German & Slavic Studies               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316701               Top up German & Slavic                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31680                History                                 N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              316800               History                               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316801               Jackson Lecture Fund                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316802               Top up History                        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31690                Icelandic Language & Literature         N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              316900               Icelandic Language & Literature       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              316901               Top up Icelandic Literature & Lang    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31700                Linguistics                             N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              317000               Linguistics                           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              317001               Algonquian Papers                     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              317002               Top up Linguistics                    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              317003               ASL English Interpreters              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31710                Native Studies                          N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              317100               Native Studies                        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              317101               Native Studies Graduate Students      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              317102               Top up Native Studies                 Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              317103               Native Studies Summer Program         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31720                Near Eastern & Judaic Studies           N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              317200               Near Eastern & Judaic Studies         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31730                Philosophy                              N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              317300               Philosophy                            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              317301               Top up Philosophy                     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31740                Political Studies                       N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              317400               Political Studies                     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              317401               Political and Social Research         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              317402               Top up Political Studies              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31750                Psychology                              N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              317500               Psychology                            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              317501               Psychological Service Centre          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              317502               Avian Research Facility               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              317503               Teaching Innovation - Intro Psych     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              317504               Psychology Computer Lab               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              317505               Top up Psychology                     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              317506               School Psychology Program             Y       A               19-JUN-2006             31-DEC-2099
            31760                Religion                                N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              317600               Religion                              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              317601               Top up Religion                       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            31770                Sociology                               N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              317700               Sociology                             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              317701               Top up Sociology                      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        320A                 Art (School of)                             N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          3200                 Art (School of)                           N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            32000                Directors Office-Art                    N       A               29-JAN-2015             31-DEC-2099
              320000               School of Art General Office          Y       A               23-MAR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              320001               School of Art Special Projects        Y       A               23-MAR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              320002               School of Art Directors Office Fund   Y       A               31-OCT-2019             31-DEC-2099
              320005               Ceramics                              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              320006               Painting                              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              320007               Photography                           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              320008               Printmaking                           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              320009               Sculpture                             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              320010               Gallery One One One                   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              320011               Field Trips                           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              320012               Faculty PDA and Travel                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              320013               Workstudy                             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              320014               Digital Media                         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              320015               Drawing                               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              320020               Start Up                              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              320021               Art History                           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              320022               Foundations                           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              320023               Graphic Design                        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              320029               Video                                 Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              320030               Endowment                             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              320031               International Student Projects        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              320032               Master of Fine Art                    Y       A               01-DEC-2009             31-DEC-2099
        322A                 Asper School of Business                    N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          3220                 Asper School of Business                  N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            32200                General Faculty Asper School            N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              322000               Deans Office IHA                      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              322001               General Faculty IHA                   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              322002               Undergraduate Program Office          Y       A               24-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
              322004               Travel & Expense                      Y       A               18-AUG-2011             31-DEC-2099
              322005               R & P Publication Award               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              322006               Publicity & Promotion                 Y       A               31-OCT-2011             31-DEC-2099
              322007               International Exchange Program        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              322008               MBA Manitoba                          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              322011               PhD & MSc Program                     Y       A               21-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
              322012               Indigenous Business Education         Y       A               31-JUL-2017             31-DEC-2099
              322016               Recruiting Program                    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              322017               Staff Research Allocation             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              322018               Data Services                         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              322019               Coop Option                           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              322020               AACSB International                   Y       A               28-NOV-2013             31-DEC-2099
              322021               ASB - Information Technology          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              322022               Thorsteinson International Exchange   Y       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              322023               Pooled Travel                         Y       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              322024               Executive Education Program           Y       A               01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              322025               Strategic Initiatives Fund            Y       A               01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              322026               Asper Strategic Events                Y       A               01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              322027               Master of Finance (MFin) Program      Y       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
            32210                Accounting and Finance                  N       A               30-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              322100               Accounting & Finance                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              322101               Ctr for Acct'ing Research & Eductn    Y       A               24-MAR-2006             31-DEC-2099
              322103               Accounting & Finance - Labs           Y       A               19-JUL-2012             31-DEC-2099
            32220                Business Admin                          N       A               30-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              322200               Business Admin                        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            32230                Marketing                               N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              322300               Marketing                             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              322301               Stu Clark Ctr for Entrepreneurship    Y       A               07-MAY-2019             31-DEC-2099
              322302               Centre for Employee Ownership         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              322303               Centre for Family Business            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            32240                Supply Chain Management                 N       A               11-JAN-2012             31-DEC-2099
              322400               Supply Chain Management               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            32250                Warren Ctr for Actuarial Studies        N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              322500               Warren Ctr for Actuarial Studies      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            32260                Transport Institute                     N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              322600               Transport Institute                   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              322601               Certificate in Logistics Program      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            32280                Student Services                        N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              322800               Student Services                      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              322801               Scotiabank Technology Centre          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              322802               Career Development Services           Y       A               18-OCT-2018             31-DEC-2099
            32290                Student Group Activity                  N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              322900               Student Group Activity                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        324A                 Extended Education Administration           N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          3240                 Extended Education Administration         N       A               02-DEC-2015             31-DEC-2099
            32270                CHERD                                   N       A               02-DEC-2015             31-DEC-2099
              322700               CHERD Director's Office               Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              322701               CHERD Research Programs               Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              322702               CHERD                                 Y       A               27-JAN-2010             31-DEC-2099
            32400                Extended Education Administration       N       A               02-DEC-2015             31-DEC-2099
              324000               EE Administration - Facilities Mgt    Y       A            N  04-OCT-2011             31-DEC-2099
              324001               EE - Aboriginal Ed Ctr - Downtown     Y       A               17-MAR-2006             31-DEC-2099
              324002               EE Administration Special             Y       A               17-MAR-2006             31-DEC-2099
              324003               Staff Development                     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              324004               UMFA Prof Dev                         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              324005               Prior Learning Assessment             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              324006               EE Administration - Salaries          Y       A               26-MAY-2006             31-DEC-2099
              324007               EE - COHERE                           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              324008               EE - Marketing                        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              324020               EE - Res & Dev                        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              324021               EE - Res & Dev-Distance & Online Ed   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              324022               EE - Res & Dev-Continuing Education   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            32410                Extended Education Programs Delivry     N       A               02-DEC-2015             31-DEC-2099
              324100               Aboriginal Focus Programs Delivery    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              324101               Distance & Online Education Del       Y       A               17-MAR-2006             31-DEC-2099
              324102               Off Campus Delivery                   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              324103               English Language Studies Delivery     Y       A               17-MAR-2006             31-DEC-2099
              324104               Continuing Education Delivery         Y       A               17-MAR-2006             31-DEC-2099
              324105               Summer Session Degree                 Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              324106               Summer Session Non Degree             Y       A               27-OCT-2009             31-DEC-2099
              324107               Summer Session Travel                 Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              324108               International Prgrms Delivery         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              324109               Inter-Area Programs                   Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              324410               AFP - Delivery                        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              324420               Continuing Education - Delivery       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              324430               English Language Studies              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              324440               SS Non Degree                         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              324450               Student Travel Fees                   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              324510               Distance & Online Education           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              324520               Summer Session Degree                 Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              324530               Off Campus                            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            32420                Extended Education Programs Dvlpmnt     N       A               02-DEC-2015             31-DEC-2099
              324200               Aboriginal Focus Prog Development     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              324201               Distance & Online Education Dev       Y       A               17-MAR-2006             31-DEC-2099
              324202               English Language Studies Devel        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              324203               Continuing Education Development      Y       A               17-MAR-2006             31-DEC-2099
              324204               International Prgrms Development      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              324205               EE AFP Child & Family Svcs Diploma    Y       A               11-MAR-2008             31-DEC-2099
              324206               EE-Marketing                          Y       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
            32430                Extended Education ACCESS Programs      N       A               02-DEC-2015             31-DEC-2099
              324300               U of M Access Programs (UMAP)         Y       A               17-MAR-2006             31-DEC-2099
              324301               Professional Health Program (PHP)     Y       A               17-MAR-2006             31-DEC-2099
              324302               Health Careers Access Prog (HCAP)     Y       A               17-MAR-2006             31-DEC-2099
              324303               EE Access Program General O/H         Y       A               06-MAR-2008             31-DEC-2099
              324304               ACCESS Research Study Leave           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              324305               Nursing Access                        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              324306               ACCESS Renewal Program                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        328A                 Environment Earth & Resources               N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          3280                 Environment Earth & Resources             N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            32800                General Faculty Env Earth&Resources     N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              328000               Dean's Office Env Earth&Resources     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              328001               General Faculty Env Earth&Resources   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              328002               Field Trips Undergrad Students        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              328003               Ultraclean Trace Elements Lab         Y       A               08-OCT-2009             31-DEC-2099
              328004               Wallace & Sinnott Building Renov      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            32805                CEOS                                    N       A               17-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
              328005               CEOS                                  Y       A               06-DEC-2007             31-DEC-2099
            32810                Natural Resources Institute             N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              328100               Natural Resources Institute           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              328101               NRI Field trips                       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            32820                Geological Sciences                     N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              328200               Geological Sciences                   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              328201               Geological Science Microscope         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              328202               Geological Science Crystology         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              328203               Geological Science Geochemistry       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              328204               Lazer Ablation Lab                    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              328205               Lake Sedimetology Lab                 Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              328206               Cretaceous Museum                     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              328207               Star Lake Field Station               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            32830                Environment & Geography                 N       A               17-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
              328300               Environment & Geography               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              328302               Geography Information Lab             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              328303               Schools on Board                      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        330A                 Education                                   N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          3300                 Education                                 N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            33000                General Faculty Ed                      N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              330000               Education - Dean's Office             Y       A            N  05-DEC-2019             31-DEC-2099
              330001               Education - General                   Y       A               02-OCT-2014             31-DEC-2099
              330002               Education-School Experiences Office   Y       A               02-OCT-2014             31-DEC-2099
              330003               Campus Life                           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              330004               Education - Technology Support        Y       A               02-OCT-2014             31-DEC-2099
              330005               Education - Graduate Programs         Y       A               02-OCT-2014             31-DEC-2099
              330006               Ed Student Recruitment & Promotion    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              330007               Education - PBDE Cohorts              Y       A               18-OCT-2018             31-DEC-2099
              330008               Education - M.Ed Cohorts              Y       A               18-OCT-2018             31-DEC-2099
              330009               Education - CTESL                     Y       A               02-OCT-2014             31-DEC-2099
              330010               Education Acad Prog Weekend Collage   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              330011               Education-Research Initiatives Fund   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              330012               Education - B.Ed. Program             Y       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
            33010                Curriculum Teaching & Learning          N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              330100               Curriculum Teaching & Learning        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            33020                Educ. Admin Foundations & Psych.        N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              330200               Educ. Admin Foundations & Psych.      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            33030                Interdis Masters-Disability Studies     N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              330300               Interdis Masters-Disability Studies   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        332A                 Engineering                                 N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          3320                 Engineering                               N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            33200                General Faculty Engineering             N       A               04-JUN-2013             31-DEC-2099
              332000               Deans Office-Engineering              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              332001               General Faculty Engineering           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              332002               Engineering Access                    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              332003               Centre for Eng Prof Prac & Eng Educ   Y       A               07-AUG-2014             31-DEC-2099
              332004               Eng-Sedaya Student                    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              332006               IEEQ Program                          Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              332007               The Alternative Village               Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
            33210                Civil Engineering                       N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              332100               Civil Engineering                     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              332101               Civil Eng Co-Op                       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              332102               Civil Eng Graduate Students           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              332103               Civil Eng Environmental Lab           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              332104               SIMTReC                               Y       A               31-OCT-2018             31-DEC-2099
            33220                Electrical & Computer Engineering       N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              332200               Electrical & Computer Engineering     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              332201               Elec Eng Sedaya Student               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              332202               Elec Eng- CRC - Shafai                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              332203               Elec Eng- Unix Computer Lab           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              332204               Elec Eng-Graduate Students            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              332205               Elec-Eng-Co-Op                        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              332206               Elec Eng- Emp Equity Initiatives      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              332207               Elec Eng- Internet Innovation Ctr     Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
            33230                Mechanical & Manufacturing              N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              332300               Mechanical & Manufacturing            Y       A               15-MAR-2006             31-DEC-2099
              332301               Mechanical-Sedaya Student             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              332302               Mechanical-Testing Lab                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              332303               Mechanical-Design                     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              332304               Mechanical-Co-Op                      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              332305               Mechanical-Graduate Students          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            33240                Women in Science & Engineering          N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              332400               WISE                                  Y       A               19-JUL-2007             31-DEC-2099
              332401               Women in Engineering                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              332402               WISE Summer Camps                     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            33250                Bio-Medical Engineering                 N       A               04-JUN-2013             31-DEC-2099
              332500               Bio-Medical Engineering               Y       A               01-APR-2012             31-DEC-2099
        334A                 Graduate Studies                            N       A               05-JUL-2019             31-DEC-2099
          3340                 Graduate Studies                          N       A               05-JUL-2019             31-DEC-2099
            33400                General Faculty Graduate Studies        N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              334000               Deans Office-Graduate Studies         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              334001               General Faculty Grad Studies          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              334002               Internal Funding Requests             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              334003               Thesis Examiners                      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              334004               External Reviewers                    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              334005               Reference Material                    Y       A               11-AUG-2006             31-DEC-2099
              334006               Grad Studies Publications             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              334007               Grad St Congress for Soc Sci & Hum    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              334008               Aboriginal Ph.D. Program              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              334009               Admission / In-Program Tracking       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            33410                Grad Studies Student Fin Sup Prog       N       A               17-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
              334100               Graduate Studies UMGF                 Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              334101               Graduate Studies Fee Waivers          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              334102               Graduate Studies Travel Awards        Y       A               20-AUG-2008             31-DEC-2099
              334103               International Grad Student Support    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              334104               MB Provincial Scholarship             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              334105               Grad Studies AUCC Awards              Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              334106               GETS Program                          Y       A               15-FEB-2011             31-DEC-2099
              334107               Graduate Studies Top Up Awards        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              334108               Tri-Council Masters Supp Award        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              334109               Brazil Science without Borders Prog   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              334110               Chinese Scholarship Council           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            33420                Interdisciplinary Programs              N       A            N  21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              334200               Disability Studies                    Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              334201               Peace and Justice                     Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              334202               Applied Health Sciences               Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        338A                 Law                                         N       A               08-DEC-2017             31-DEC-2099
          3380                 Law                                       N       A               08-DEC-2017             31-DEC-2099
            33800                General Faculty Law                     N       A               08-DEC-2017             31-DEC-2099
              338000               Deans Office-Law                      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              338001               General Faculty Law                   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              338002               Asper Chair                           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              338003               Law Computer Lab                      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              338004               Law Student Support                   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              338005               Law Programs & Staffing               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              338006               Law Student Aid                       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              338007               Law Academic Development              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              338008               Law Acad Support Special Admissions   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            33810                Faculty of Law                          N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              338100               Faculty of Law                        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        340A                 Health Sciences                             N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          3260                 Dentistry                                 N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            32600                General College Dentistry               N       A               07-MAR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              326000               Deans Office Dentistry                Y       A               19-JUN-2014             31-DEC-2099
              326001               General College-Dentistry             Y       A               07-MAR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              326002               General College Discretionary         Y       A               13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              326003               Research Support - MCSB               Y       A               18-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
              326004               Grad Program Clinic Fees              Y       A               14-MAY-2018             31-DEC-2099
              326006               Dentistry - Service LAB               Y       A               18-JUL-2011             31-DEC-2099
              326007               Dentistry Computers                   Y       A               04-SEP-2012             31-DEC-2099
              326008               Bursaries - 2010-12 Tuition Increas   Y       A               10-FEB-2014             31-DEC-2099
              326009               IDDP Dental Kits                      Y       A               09-MAY-2012             31-DEC-2099
              326010               Travel & Expense Funds                Y       A               21-FEB-2014             31-DEC-2099
              326011               Special College Initiatives           Y       A               29-FEB-2016             31-DEC-2099
              326012               Inter'l Dentist Degree Program        Y       A               01-AUG-2007             31-DEC-2099
              326013               Special Travel                        Y       A               29-FEB-2016             31-DEC-2099
              326017               Research Support                      Y       A               19-JUN-2014             31-DEC-2099
              326301               Centre For Community Oral Health      Y       A               02-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
            32610                Dental Diagnostic/Surgical Sci.         N       A               17-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
              326100               Dental Diagnostic/Surgical Sci.       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              326101               Periodontics                          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              326102               Oral Pathology                        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              326103               Periodontics Graduate Students        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              326104               Oral & Max Surgery                    Y       A               10-NOV-2009             31-DEC-2099
              326105               Dentistry Outreach                    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            32620                Oral Biology                            N       A               17-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
              326200               Oral Biology                          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            32630                Preventive Dental Science               N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              326300               Preventive Dental Science             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              326302               Orthodontics                          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              326303               Graduate Orthodontics                 Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              326304               Graduate Pedodontics                  Y       A               04-JAN-2012             31-DEC-2099
            32640                Restorative Dentistry                   N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              326400               Restorative Dentistry                 Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              326401               Graduate Prosthodontics               Y       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
            32650                School of Dental Hygiene                N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              326500               School Of Dental Hygiene              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              326501               CED Dental Hygiene                    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            32660                Clinical Support Services               N       A               01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              326600               Clinical Support Services             Y       A               01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
          3400                 Medicine                                  N       A               13-JUL-2017             31-DEC-2099
            34000                General Faculty Medicine                N       A               13-JUL-2017             31-DEC-2099
              340000               Deans Office-Medicine                 Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340001               General Faculty-Medicine              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340002               Cte. for the Advancement of Med.      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340003               Research Ethics Board                 Y       A               11-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              340004               International Health                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340005               Rural Health Physician Program        Y       A               12-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              340006               Medical Licensing Program             Y       A               12-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              340009               Rural Hlth Phys COPSE Prob Solving    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340011               Central Animal Care                   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340012               Medicine IT                           Y       A               11-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              340013               Medicine Facs Facility                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340014               Manitoba Institute Cell Biology       Y       A               11-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              340015               Centre for Healthcare Innovation      Y       A               09-SEP-2010             31-DEC-2099
              340016               COPSE Clerkship Program               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340017               Ctr for Aboriginal Health Education   Y       A            N  11-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              340018               COPSE - Cognitive & Clinical Skills   Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340019               Distributed Medical Education         Y       A            N  01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              340053               UGME Medical Education Clerkship      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340054               UGME Medical Education Evaluations    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340055               UGME Medical Education Admissions     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340056               UGME Post Graduate                    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340057               UGME Medical Education Supplies       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340058               UGME Medl Education Sedaya Students   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340059               UGME B.SC. (Med) Program              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340060               UGME Mb Health IE: UGME Overall       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340061               UGME Mb Health IE: Rural Recruit      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340062               Mb Health IE: PGME Overall            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340063               Med Inter Professional Education      Y       A               22-DEC-2010             31-DEC-2099
              340064               First Nations, Metis & Inuit Health   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340065               Kleysen Neuroscience                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340066               MB Institute of Child Health (MICH)   Y       A               03-JAN-2014             31-DEC-2099
              340067               Medicine - Brandon                    Y       A            N  01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
            34010                Anaesthesia                             N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              340100               Anaesthesia                           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340101               COPSE Clerkship Anesthesia            Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            34020                Biochemistry & Medical Genetics         N       A               26-JAN-2018             31-DEC-2099
              340200               Biochemistry & Medical Genetics       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340201               Bio & Med Gen Research Enhancement    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340202               Bio & Med Gen Graduate Program        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            34030                Clinical Health Psychology              N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              340300               Clinical Health Psychology            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            34040                Community Health Sciences               N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              336200               Family Social Sciences                Y       A               02-JUL-2015             31-DEC-2099
              336201               Annual Child & Family Symposium       Y       A               02-JUL-2015             31-DEC-2099
              340400               Community Health Sciences             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340401               Regional Data Centre                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340430               Ctr for Global Public Health (CGPH)   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340440               MB Center for Health Policy (MCHP)    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340450               Manitoba Follow-up Study (MFUS)       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            34050                Continuing Professional Development     N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              340501               CME Program Course                    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340502               CME Evaluation Course                 Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340503               CME TIPS Program                      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340504               MB Health IE: Cont Med Education      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            34060                Family Medicine                         N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              340600               FM Admin                              Y       A               04-JUL-2011             31-DEC-2099
              340610               Family Medicine - Clinical Admin      Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340611               Family Medicine - Clinical Faculty    Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340612               Family Medicine UG Program Admin      Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340620               Family Medicine UG Program Admin      Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340621               Family Medicine - UG - PreClerkship   Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340622               Family Medicine - UG - SWEAT          Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340623               Family Medicine - UG - Clerkship      Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340630               Family Medicine PG Program Admin      Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340631               Family Medicine - PG - Urban          Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340632               Family Medicine - PG - Bilingual      Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340633               Family Medicine - PG - Dauphin        Y       A            N  18-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              340634               Family Medicine - PG - Northern       Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340635               Family Medicine - PG - PGY3           Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340636               Family Medicine PG - EDEC Steinbach   Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340637               Family Medicine PG - EDEC BTrails     Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340638               Family Medicine PG - EDEC Brandon     Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340639               Family Medicine PG - EDEC PLP         Y       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              340650               Family Medicine - Other Learn Admin   Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340651               Family Medicine-Physician Assistant   Y       A            N  04-FEB-2014             31-DEC-2099
              340652               Family Medicine-Nurse Practitioner    Y       A            N  04-FEB-2014             31-DEC-2099
              340660               Family Medicine - Research Admin      Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340661               Family Medicine - Research            Y       A            N  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340662               EDEC Nrwy House-Family Medicine PG    Y       A            N  01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
              340663               Family Medicine PG - EDEC Selkirk     Y       A            N  01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
              340664               Family Medicine PG - EDEC Thompson    Y       A            N  01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
            34070                Human Anatomy & Cell Science            N       A               03-MAR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              340700               Human Anatomy & Cell Science          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340701               Human Anat & Cell Sci Surfactometer   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340702               Hum Anat & Cell Sci Fume Extraction   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            34080                Immunology                              N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              340800               Immunology                            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            34090                Internal Medicine                       N       A               13-JUL-2017             31-DEC-2099
              340900               Internal Medicine                     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              340901               Int Med. - REF Funds                  Y       A               10-JUL-2015             31-DEC-2099
            34100                Medical Microbiology                    N       A               03-MAR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              341000               Medical Microbiology                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              341001               Medical Micro International Health    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              341002               Medical Micro Undergrad Teaching      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            34110                Obstetrics Gyn. & Reprod. Sc.           N       A               30-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              341100               Obstetrics Gyn. & Reprod. Sc.         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              341101               Obstetrics & Gyne - COPSE             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            34120                Ophthalmology                           N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              341200               Ophthalmology                         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            34130                Otolaryngology                          N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              341300               Otolaryngology                        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            34140                Pediatrics & Child Health               N       A               30-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              341400               Pediatrics & Child Health             Y       A               28-NOV-2011             31-DEC-2099
            34150                Pathology                               N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              341500               Pathology                             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              341501               Pathology Continuing Education        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              341502               Pathologists Assistants Program       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            34160                Pharmacology & Therapeutics             N       A               13-DEC-2017             31-DEC-2099
              341600               Pharmacology & Therapeutics           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            34170                Physiology                              N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              341700               Physiology                            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              341701               Physiology Research                   Y       A               29-NOV-2006             31-DEC-2099
            34180                Psychiatry                              N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              341800               Psychiatry                            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              341801               Psychiatry-COPSE Clerkship Prgm       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            34190                Radiology                               N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              341900               Radiology                             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              341901               MB Hlth-Incr Enrollmt Teaching Exp    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            34210                Surgery                                 N       A               22-OCT-2012             31-DEC-2099
              342100               Surgery                               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            34220                Med Professionalism & SA                N       A               14-AUG-2019             31-DEC-2099
              342200               Med - Professionalism and Diversity   Y       A               08-MAR-2011             31-DEC-2099
              342210               Student Affairs UGME                  Y       A               14-AUG-2019             31-DEC-2099
              342220               Student Affairs & Wellness PGME       Y       A            N  01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
            34230                Undergraduate Medical Ed (UGME)         N       A               22-OCT-2012             31-DEC-2099
              342300               UGME - General                        Y       A               24-NOV-2010             31-DEC-2099
              342301               UGME - Cont Ed & Prof Dev             Y       A               24-NOV-2010             31-DEC-2099
              342302               UGME - Pre-Clerkship                  Y       A               24-NOV-2010             31-DEC-2099
              342303               UGME - Clerkship                      Y       A               24-NOV-2010             31-DEC-2099
              342304               UGME - Evaluations                    Y       A               24-NOV-2010             31-DEC-2099
              342306               UGME - Immunization                   Y       A               24-NOV-2010             31-DEC-2099
              342308               UGME - Curriculum Renewal             Y       A               15-NOV-2012             31-DEC-2099
              342309               UGME - Special Events                 Y       A               01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
              342310               UGME - Inaugural Events               Y       A               01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
              342311               UGME - Convocation                    Y       A               01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
              342312               UGME - Admissions & Enrolment Svcs    Y       A               01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
              342313               UGME - Diversity Enhancement          Y       A               01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
              342314               UGME - WISH                           Y       A               24-NOV-2010             31-DEC-2099
              342315               UGME - Alan Klass Memorial            Y       A               01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
              342316               UGME - Bilingual Stream               Y       A               01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
            34240                Post Graduate Medical Ed (PGME)         N       A               25-NOV-2014             31-DEC-2099
              342400               PGME                                  Y       A               01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
              342500               MLP IMG                               Y       A               30-NOV-2018             31-DEC-2099
            34250                Intl Medical Graduates (IMG)            N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              342502               IMG - MCE                             Y       A               01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
              342503               IMG - PEP                             Y       A               01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
              342504               Non Reg Specialist Assess't - NRSAP   Y       A               01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
            34260                Physician Assistant Program             N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              342600               Physician Assistant Prgm- Education   Y       A               01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
              342601               Physician Assistant Prgm- Military    Y       A               01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
            34270                Emergency Medicine                      N       A               22-OCT-2012             31-DEC-2099
              342700               Emergency Medicine                    Y       A               01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
            34280                Medicine Research Office                N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              340010               Medicine Research Office              Y       A               19-JAN-2011             31-DEC-2099
              342305               Research Office - BSc Med             Y       A               04-JUN-2012             31-DEC-2099
              342307               Research Office - MD/PhD              Y       A               04-JUN-2012             31-DEC-2099
            34290                Division of CPD                         N       A               21-FEB-2014             31-DEC-2099
              340050               Medical Ed Academic Program           Y       A               21-FEB-2014             31-DEC-2099
              340052               TIPs Program                          Y       A               21-FEB-2014             31-DEC-2099
              342501               Conditional Licensing                 Y       A               21-FEB-2014             31-DEC-2099
          3420                 College of Rehabilitation Sciences        N       A               26-JAN-2018             31-DEC-2099
            34200                College of Rehabilitation Sciences      N       A               30-NOV-2017             31-DEC-2099
              342000               Dean’s Office - CORS                  Y       A               30-NOV-2017             31-DEC-2099
              342001               Sch-Med Rehab COPSE Allied Health     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              342002               Sch-Med Rehab Non Div Student         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              342003               Sch-Med Rehab Non Div COPSE           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              342004               Sch-Med Rehab Non Div BACC Prog       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              342005               Sch-Med Rehab MB/SK Ed'n Agreement    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              342020               Occupational Therapy - CORS           Y       A               30-NOV-2017             31-DEC-2099
              342040               Physiotherapy - CORS                  Y       A               30-NOV-2017             31-DEC-2099
              342060               Respiratory Therapy - CORS            Y       A               30-NOV-2017             31-DEC-2099
          3430                 Faculty of Health Sciences                N       A            N  26-JAN-2018             31-DEC-2099
            30540                Education - RFHS                        N       A            N  06-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
              305400               IPE Faculty of Health Sciences        Y       A            N  21-OCT-2015             31-DEC-2099
              305401               Interdisciplinary Health Program      Y       A            N  01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
              340051               CLSF/Standardized Patient Program     Y       A               30-NOV-2018             31-DEC-2099
            34300                Dean's Office - FHS                     N       A            N  26-JAN-2018             31-DEC-2099
              343000               Dean's Office - FHS                   Y       A            N  01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            34310                Research Office - FHS                   N       A            N  26-JAN-2018             31-DEC-2099
              343100               Research Office - FHS                 Y       A            N  01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            34320                Indigenous Health - RFHS                N       A            N  01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
              340410               IIHH - Ongomiizwin Education          Y       A               19-MAR-2018             31-DEC-2099
              340420               IIHH – Ongomiizwin Research           Y       A               19-MAR-2018             31-DEC-2099
              340460               IIHH - Ongomiizwin Health Services    Y       A               19-MAR-2018             31-DEC-2099
              340470               Indigenous Institute Hlth & Healing   Y       A               19-MAR-2018             31-DEC-2099
            34330                Academic Affairs Office - RFHS          N       A            N  01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
              343300               Academic Affairs Office - RFHS        Y       A            N  15-OCT-2019             31-DEC-2099
            34340                Contin.Competency & Assessment-RFHS     N       A            N  01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
              340500               Continuing Professional Development   Y       A               30-NOV-2018             31-DEC-2099
              342505               Clinician Assessment Program          Y       A               30-NOV-2018             31-DEC-2099
              342900               Division of Continuing Prof Dvlpmnt   Y       A               30-NOV-2018             31-DEC-2099
            34350                Grad Studies - RFHS                     N       A            N  01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
              343500               Grad Studies - RFHS                   Y       A            N  01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
          3460                 Nursing                                   N       A               17-AUG-2017             31-DEC-2099
            34600                General Faculty Nursing                 N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              346000               Dean's Office - Nursing               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              346001               Nursing General Operating             Y       A               20-JAN-2009             31-DEC-2099
              346002               Nursing MCNHR                         Y       A               05-MAR-2009             31-DEC-2099
              346003               Brandon Nursing Program               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              346004               Norway House Nursing Program          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              346005               Keewatin Nursing Program              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              346006               Cancer Nursing Research               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              346007               Nursing & Social Work Project         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              346008               Nursing CHSRF Chair                   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              346100               Nursing Masters & BPRN                Y       A               05-MAR-2009             31-DEC-2099
          3480                 Pharmacy                                  N       A               17-AUG-2017             31-DEC-2099
            34800                General Faculty Pharmacy                N       A               17-AUG-2017             31-DEC-2099
              348000               Deans Office-Pharmacy                 Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              348001               General Faculty Pharmacy              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              348002               Clinical Field Work                   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              348003               Pharmacy Fundraising                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        344A                 Music                                       N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          3440                 Music                                     N       A               30-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            34400                Dean's Office-Music                     N       A               30-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              344000               Dean's Office-Music                   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              344001               Jazz Program                          Y       A               03-NOV-2011             31-DEC-2099
              344009               Endowment                             Y       A               06-MAY-2020             31-DEC-2099
            34410                General Faculty of Music                N       A               30-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              344100               General Office Music                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              344101               General Faculty Music                 Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              344103               Music Facilities & Equipment          Y       A               01-APR-1999             31-DEC-2099
              344104               Faculty PD & Travel                   Y       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
            34420                Music Major Practical Study             N       A               30-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              344200               Maj Prac Study - Brass                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              344201               Maj Prac Study - Composition          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              344202               Maj Prac Study - Jazz                 Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              344203               Maj Prac Study - Percussion           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              344204               Maj Prac Study - Piano                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              344205               Maj Prac Study - Strings              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              344206               Maj Prac Study - Voice                Y       A               15-JAN-2014             31-DEC-2099
              344207               Maj Prac Study - Winds                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              344209               Maj Prac Study - Guitar               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            34430                Music Masterclass                       N       A               30-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            34440                Music Ensemble                          N       A               30-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              344402               Chamber Ensemble                      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              344403               Collegium                             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              344404               Concert Band                          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              344405               Concert Choir                         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              344406               Guitar Ensemble                       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              344407               Jazz Ensemble                         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              344408               Jazz Lab Band                         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              344409               Jazz Orchestra                        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              344410               Musical Theatre                       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              344411               Opera Theatre                         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              344412               Percussion Ensemble                   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              344413               University Orchestra                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              344414               University Singers                    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              344415               Wind Ensemble                         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              344416               Women's Choir                         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              344417               Xie Ensemble                          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            34450                Preparatory Studies Division            N       A               30-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            34451                Division of Preparatory Studies         N       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              344510               Prep Studies Admin                    Y       A               03-NOV-2011             31-DEC-2099
              344511               Individual Instruction                Y       A               03-NOV-2011             31-DEC-2099
              344512               Group Instruction                     Y       A               03-NOV-2011             31-DEC-2099
              344513               Ensembles (PS)                        Y       A               03-NOV-2011             31-DEC-2099
              344514               Summer Programs                       Y       A               03-NOV-2011             31-DEC-2099
              344515               Early Childhood Programs              Y       A               03-NOV-2011             31-DEC-2099
            34460                External Music Instruction              N       A               30-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              344601               Summer Music Education                Y       A               23-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
              344603               Bridge Program                        Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
            34470                Music Opera Studies                     N       A               30-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              344700               Advanced Opera Studies                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              344701               Opera School Tour                     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        350A                 Kinesiology & Recreation Mgmt               N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          3500                 Kinesiology & Recreation Mgmt             N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            35000                Kinesiology                             N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              350000               Deans Office Kinesiology & Rec Mgmt   Y       A               25-JUL-2007             31-DEC-2099
              350001               General Faculty Kinesiology           Y       A               25-JUL-2007             31-DEC-2099
              350100               Kinesiology & Rec Mgmt                Y       A               25-JUL-2007             31-DEC-2099
              350200               Health Leisure Human Perf Res Inst    Y       A               12-DEC-2006             31-DEC-2099
            35050                Bison SALC - General                    N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              350500               Athletics & Recreation General        Y       A               03-FEB-2017             31-DEC-2099
              350501               Athletic Therapy Clinic               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              350502               Facilities FKRM                       Y       A               18-JUN-2010             31-DEC-2099
              350503               K & RM Equip & Bldg Provision         Y       A               25-JUL-2007             31-DEC-2099
              350504               Bison Sports                          Y       A               18-NOV-2009             31-DEC-2099
              350505               Recreation Services                   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              350506               Mini U Programs                       Y       A               03-FEB-2017             31-DEC-2099
              350507               Athletics & Recreation Special Proj   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              350508               Customer Service - Fort Garry         Y       A               03-FEB-2017             31-DEC-2099
              350509               Junior Bison Programs                 Y       A               01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
              350510               Community Outreach                    Y       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
        352A                 Science                                     N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          3520                 Science                                   N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            35200                General Faculty Science                 N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              352000               Dean's Office Science                 Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352001               Biological Sciences Program           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352002               General Faculty Science               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352004               ACCESS Pre Medicine Program           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352005               Science Gen Fac Equip & Renovations   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352006               Computer Science Development Fund     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352008               Summer Undergraduate Awards           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352009               Graduate Awards                       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352010               Science Students Support              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352011               Sci Student Assess & Endow Support    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352012               Research & Industry Liaison           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352013               Science Student Recruitment           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352014               Biological Sciences Equip & Ren       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352015               Biological Sciences Student Support   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352016               Delta Field Station                   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352017               Institute of Industrial Mathematics   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352018               Aboriginal Initiatives Science        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352019               Fac of Science Duff Roblin Fire Dmg   Y       A               09-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
              352020               Teaching & Research Field Work        Y       A               09-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
              352021               Data Science NEXUS                    Y       A            N  01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
            35210                Biological Sciences                     N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              352100               Biological Sciences                   Y       A               19-SEP-2007             31-DEC-2099
              352101               Biological Sci Electron Microscope    Y       A               03-OCT-2007             31-DEC-2099
              352102               Biological Sci Equipment & Renos      Y       A               03-OCT-2007             31-DEC-2099
              352103               Biol Sci Animal Holding Facility      Y       A               03-OCT-2007             31-DEC-2099
            35220                Botany                                  N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              352200               Botany                                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352201               Botany  Electron Microscope           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352202               Botany Equip & Renovations            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            35230                Chemistry                               N       A               22-OCT-2012             31-DEC-2099
              352300               Chemistry                             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352301               Chemistry Equipment                   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            35240                Computer Science                        N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              352400               Computer Science                      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352401               Computer Science Equipment            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352402               Co-Op Option Prgm-Computer Science    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352403               Robocup                               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            35250                Mathematics                             N       A               22-OCT-2012             31-DEC-2099
              352500               Mathematics                           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352501               Mathematics Equipment                 Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352502               Mathematics Camp                      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352503               Pacific Inst. of Math Sci. (PIMS)     Y       A               03-DEC-2015             31-DEC-2099
            35260                Microbiology                            N       A               31-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              352600               Microbiology                          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352601               Microbiology Equipment                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352602               Co-Op Option Prgm-Microbiology        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            35270                Physics & Astronomy                     N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              352700               Physics                               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352701               Astronomy                             Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352702               Physics Equip & Renovations           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352703               Theoretical Physics                   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352704               Science Mechanical Shops              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352705               Science Electronic Shop               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            35280                Statistics                              N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              352800               Statistics                            Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352801               Statistical Advisory Service          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352802               Statistics Equip & Renovations        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            35290                Zoology                                 N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              352900               Zoology                               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352901               Animal Holding Facility               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              352902               Zoology Equip & Renovations           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        354A                 Social Work                                 N       A               16-AUG-2017             31-DEC-2099
          3540                 Social Work                               N       A               16-AUG-2017             31-DEC-2099
            35400                General Faculty Social Work             N       A               16-AUG-2017             31-DEC-2099
              354000               Deans Office-Social Work              Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              354001               General Faculty Social Work           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              354002               MSW Southeast Cohort                  Y       A               06-MAY-2009             31-DEC-2099
              354003               SW Cohort Programs                    Y       A               14-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              354004               Social Work Southeast Cohorts 3       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              354005               Social Work Southeast Cohorts BSW     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              354006               Social Work Dauphin 2                 Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              354007               Social Work Dauphin 3                 Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              354008               Portage La Prairie BSW                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              354009               Brandon BSW                           Y       A               14-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              354010               Social Work Dauphin 4                 Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              354011               COPSE Aboriginal Child Welfare Prg    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              354012               Metis Cohort                          Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
              354020               SW Distance Education                 Y       A               01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
              354030               SW Summer Session                     Y       A               01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
              354100               Child & Family Services               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            35410                Elizabeth Hill Counselling Centre       N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              354200               Elizabeth Hill Counselling Centre     Y       A               17-DEC-2007             31-DEC-2099
            35420                Men's Resource Centre                   N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              354300               Men's Resource Centre                 Y       A               17-DEC-2007             31-DEC-2099
            35430                Northern Social Work Access Prog.       N       A               16-AUG-2017             31-DEC-2099
              354400               Northern Social Work Access Prog.     Y       A               17-DEC-2007             31-DEC-2099
            35440                Inner City Social Work Program          N       A               16-AUG-2017             31-DEC-2099
              354500               Inner City Social Work Program        Y       A               17-DEC-2007             31-DEC-2099
            35450                Social Work Distance                    N       A               16-AUG-2017             31-DEC-2099
        390A                 General Faculty                             N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          3900                 General Faculty                           N       A               28-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            39000                General Faculty                         N       A               28-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              390000               General Faculty                       Y       A               08-JUL-2015             31-DEC-2099
              390100               General Faculty - VERP                Y       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
    40A                  VP (Research)                                   N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
      400                  VP (Research)                                 N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        400A                 VP (Research)                               N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          3001                 International Centre                      N       A               09-SEP-2016             31-DEC-2099
            30010                International Centre                    N       A               25-NOV-2016             31-DEC-2099
              300100               International Centre                  Y       A               25-NOV-2016             31-DEC-2099
              300101               Intl Relations Project Development    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
          3052                 Mosaic                                    N       A               09-FEB-2017             31-DEC-2099
            30520                Mosaic                                  N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              305200               Mosaic                                Y       A               09-FEB-2017             31-DEC-2099
          4000                 VP (Research & Internationa) Office       N       A               05-MAY-2015             31-DEC-2099
            40000                VP (Research) Office                    N       A               07-MAY-2015             31-DEC-2099
              400000               VP (Research) Office                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
          4001                 Centre on Aging                           N       A               05-MAY-2015             31-DEC-2099
            40010                Centre on Aging                         N       A               11-FEB-2014             31-DEC-2099
              400100               Centre on Aging                       Y       A               06-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
          4002                 RESOLVE                                   N       A               05-MAY-2015             31-DEC-2099
            40020                RESOLVE                                 N       A               11-FEB-2014             31-DEC-2099
              400200               RESOLVE                               Y       A               06-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
          4005                 Research Data Centre                      N       A               05-MAY-2015             31-DEC-2099
            40050                Research Data Centre                    N       A               05-MAY-2015             31-DEC-2099
              400500               Research Data Centre                  Y       A            N  06-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
          4006                 Manitoba Institute of Materials           N       A               05-MAY-2015             31-DEC-2099
            40060                Manitoba Institute of Materials         N       A               11-FEB-2014             31-DEC-2099
              400600               Manitoba Institute for Materials      Y       A            N  08-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
          4007                 Centre for Human Rights                   N       A               05-MAY-2015             31-DEC-2099
            40070                Centre for Human Rights                 N       A               07-MAY-2015             31-DEC-2099
              400700               Centre for Human Rights               Y       A            N  12-SEP-2012             31-DEC-2099
          4008                 PHDA                                      N       A               05-MAY-2015             31-DEC-2099
            40080                PHDA                                    N       A               05-MAY-2015             31-DEC-2099
              400800               PHDA                                  Y       A            N  25-JAN-2013             31-DEC-2099
          4009                 Nat. Ctr for Truth & Reconciliation       N       A               13-OCT-2017             31-DEC-2099
            40090                Nat. Ctr for Truth & Reconciliation     N       A               13-OCT-2017             31-DEC-2099
              400003               Nat. Ctr for Truth & Reconciliation   Y       A               03-APR-2020             31-DEC-2099
              400910               NCTR - Archives                       Y       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              400920               NCTR -Research                        Y       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              400930               NCTR - Education                      Y       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              400940               NCTR - Governance                     Y       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
          4100                 Human Ethics & REB                        N       A               06-DEC-2019             31-DEC-2099
            41000                Human Ethics & REB                      N       A               13-OCT-2017             31-DEC-2099
              410000               Human Ethics Fort Garry               Y       A               13-OCT-2017             31-DEC-2099
              410002               Res Ethics Board – Bann.              Y       A               13-OCT-2017             31-DEC-2099
          4110                 Animal Care & Vet Services                N       A               06-DEC-2019             31-DEC-2099
            41100                Animal Care & Vet Services              N       A               13-OCT-2017             31-DEC-2099
              411001               Animal Care & Vet Services            Y       A               13-OCT-2017             31-DEC-2099
          4150                 Partnerships & Innovation                 N       A               06-DEC-2019             31-DEC-2099
            41500                Partnerships & Innovation               N       A               06-DEC-2019             31-DEC-2099
              415000               Partnerships & Innovation             Y       A               06-DEC-2019             31-DEC-2099
          4200                 Office of Research Services               N       A               06-DEC-2019             31-DEC-2099
            42000                Office of Research Services             N       A               05-MAY-2015             31-DEC-2099
              420000               Office of Research Services           Y       A               22-MAR-2006             31-DEC-2099
              420200               Research Promotion                    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
          4300                 Operating Research Support                N       A               06-DEC-2019             31-DEC-2099
            43000                Operating Research Grant                N       A               05-MAY-2015             31-DEC-2099
              430000               Research Development Carryover        Y       A               01-MAY-2007             31-DEC-2099
              430001               Oper Research Grant Control           Y       A               01-MAY-2007             31-DEC-2099
            43100                Patents & Licensing                     N       A               05-MAY-2015             31-DEC-2099
              431001               Patents & Licensing                   Y       A               01-MAY-2007             31-DEC-2099
            43200                Operating Research Support              N       A               13-OCT-2017             31-DEC-2099
              400002               Research Facilitators                 Y       A               11-FEB-2014             31-DEC-2099
              432001               Research Development                  Y       A               01-MAY-2007             31-DEC-2099
            43400                CRC Administration                      N       A               05-MAY-2015             31-DEC-2099
              434001               CRC Administration Control            Y       A               01-MAY-2007             31-DEC-2099
            43600                Research Support Fund                   N       A               13-OCT-2017             31-DEC-2099
              436001               Research Support Fund                 Y       A               13-OCT-2017             31-DEC-2099
      412                  Research Quality Management                   N       A               24-MAR-2020             31-DEC-2099
      440                  VP (Research) - General                       N       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
        440A                 VP (Research) - General                     N       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          4400                 VP (Research) - General                   N       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
            44000                VP (Research) - General                 N       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              440000               VP (Research) - General               Y       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
    50A                  VP (Administration)                             N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
      500                  VP (Administration)                           N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        500A                 VP (Administration)                         N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          5000                 VP (Administration)                       N       A               02-MAR-2020             31-DEC-2099
            50000                VP (Administration)                     N       A               02-MAR-2020             31-DEC-2099
              500000               VP (Administration)                   Y       A               02-MAR-2020             31-DEC-2099
              500001               President's Area Office Supplies      Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              500002               Middle Managers Group                 Y       A               03-MAR-2011             31-DEC-2099
              500003               University Club Support               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
      503                  Fair Practice & Legal Affairs                 N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        503A                 Fair Practice & Legal Affairs               N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          5030                 Fair Practice & Legal Affairs             N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            50300                Fair Practice & Legal Affairs           N       A               07-MAY-2013             31-DEC-2099
              503000               Fair Practice & Legal Affairs         Y       A               07-MAY-2013             31-DEC-2099
              503001               Legal Services External               Y       A               07-MAY-2013             31-DEC-2099
              503002               Legal Counsel                         Y       A               07-MAY-2013             31-DEC-2099
              503003               Human Rights & Advisory Services      Y       A               07-MAY-2013             31-DEC-2099
              503004               Copyright Office                      Y       A               07-MAY-2013             31-DEC-2099
              504000               Access and Privacy                    Y       A               07-MAY-2013             31-DEC-2099
      505                  Risk Management & Security                    N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        505A                 Risk Management & Security                  N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          5050                 Risk Management & Security                N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            50500                Risk Management & Security              N       A               07-MAY-2013             31-DEC-2099
              505000               Risk Management & Security            Y       A               07-MAY-2013             31-DEC-2099
            50520                Health & Safety                         N       A            N  08-MAY-2013             31-DEC-2099
              505200               Health & Safety                       Y       A            N  11-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              505201               Hazardous Waste Disposal              Y       A            N  11-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
            54010                Security Services                       N       A               26-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              540100               Security Services                     Y       A               04-NOV-2013             31-DEC-2099
      520                  Human Resources                               N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        520A                 Human Resources                             N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          5200                 Human Resources                           N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            52000                Human Resources                         N       A               16-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              520000               Human Resources                       Y       A               16-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              520010               Human Resources AVP                   Y       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              520020               Human Resources Client Services       Y       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              520030               HR Staff Relations                    Y       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              520040               HR Systems                            Y       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              520050               HR Compensation and Benefits          Y       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              520060               HR Change Management                  Y       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              520070               HR-Learning & Organizational Dev't    Y       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
            52010                Equity Services                         N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              520100               Employment Equity                     Y       A               20-SEP-2010             31-DEC-2099
              520101               Equity Services Contracted Services   Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              520102               Equity Services Accommodations        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            52060                Staff Benefits                          N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              520600               Pension Plan Expenses                 Y       A               03-APR-2012             31-DEC-2099
              520601               Staff Benefits Group Insurance        Y       A               01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
            52070                Learning & Organizational Dev           N       A               12-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              520700               Learning & Organizational Dev_Admin   Y       A               12-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              520701               Support Staff Development Programs    Y       A               10-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              520702               Academic Staff Development Programs   Y       A               10-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              520704               Employee Recognition Program          Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              520705               Retiree's Association                 Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              520706               Long Service Awards Program           Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              520707               Learning & Organizational Dev_Progs   Y       A               12-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
              520708               Outstanding Workplace Initiative      Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
              520710               Academic Advisor Training             Y       A            N  20-MAY-2008             31-DEC-2099
            52100                Collective Bargaining                   N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              521000               Collective Bargaining                 Y       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
      530                  Information Services & Technology             N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        530A                 Information Services & Technology           N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          5300                 IST CIO Office                            N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            53000                IST Director's Office                   N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              530000               IST CIO Office                        Y       A               19-AUG-2014             31-DEC-2099
              530001               IST CIO - General Office              Y       A               19-AUG-2014             31-DEC-2099
              530002               IT Security & Compliance              Y       A               04-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
              530003               ITPC                                  Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            53010                IST - Staff Development                 N       A               19-AUG-2014             31-DEC-2099
              530100               IST Staff Development                 Y       A               19-AUG-2014             31-DEC-2099
              530102               IST Ctrl Admn Staff Dev Spec Alloc    Y       A               22-MAY-2009             31-DEC-2099
              530103               IST Central Admn - Staff Devel Bann   Y       A               17-MAR-2006             31-DEC-2099
            53020                IST CIO Office                          N       A               19-AUG-2014             31-DEC-2099
              530200               IST E&S - Central Carryover           Y       A               23-SEP-2009             31-DEC-2099
              530201               IST Network Cabling                   Y       A               03-JAN-2007             31-DEC-2099
              530202               IST E& S - Adm Software & Serv        Y       A               30-JUL-2007             31-DEC-2099
              530203               IST E & S - Telecomm                  Y       A               30-JUL-2007             31-DEC-2099
              530204               IST E & S - Security                  Y       A               30-JUL-2007             31-DEC-2099
              530205               IST E & S - Staff workstations        Y       A               09-SEP-2013             31-DEC-2099
              530206               IST - Department Funded Projects      Y       A               25-SEP-2012             31-DEC-2099
              530207               IST E&S - Central Projects            Y       A               23-SEP-2009             31-DEC-2099
              530208               IST - Licensed Software               Y       A               11-JUL-2013             31-DEC-2099
              530209               IST Managed Print Services            Y       A               01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
              530210               IST E&S/Staff wrkstn Bann Tech Grp    Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              530211               IST E&S/Staff wrkstn Tele Tech Grp    Y       A               17-MAR-2006             31-DEC-2099
              530212               IST Bannatyne Capital Projects        Y       A               01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
          5310                 Enterprise Systems                        N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            53100                Enterprise Systems                      N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              531100               Enterprise Systems - General          Y       A               23-SEP-2009             31-DEC-2099
              531101               Enterprise Systems-App Dvpmt          Y       A               23-SEP-2009             31-DEC-2099
              531102               Enterprise Systems–Database Tech      Y       A               22-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
              531103               Enterprise Systems-Software Support   Y       A               23-SEP-2009             31-DEC-2099
              531104               Enterprise Systems-App Consultants    Y       A               23-SEP-2009             31-DEC-2099
              531106               Enterprise Sys - Mgmt/Research        Y       A               23-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
              531107               Enterprise Sys - Website Support      Y       A               23-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
              531300               Enterprise Systems - Carryover        Y       A               23-SEP-2009             31-DEC-2099
              531301               Enterprise Systems 8                  Y       A               24-SEP-2009             31-DEC-2099
              531302               Enterprise Systems-Library Imaging    Y       A               23-SEP-2009             31-DEC-2099
              531303               Enterprise Sys - Admn Sftwr & Svcs    Y       A               23-SEP-2009             31-DEC-2099
              531304               Enterprise Systems 9                  Y       A               24-SEP-2009             31-DEC-2099
              531305               Enterprise Systems-Enterprise Sys     Y       A               23-SEP-2009             31-DEC-2099
              531306               Enterprise Systems-Staff WS           Y       A               23-SEP-2009             31-DEC-2099
              531307               Enterprise Systems - Web Services     Y       A               23-SEP-2009             31-DEC-2099
            53120                Enterprise Systems 0                    N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              531200               Enterprise Systems 1                  Y       A               23-SEP-2009             31-DEC-2099
              531201               Enterprise Systems 2                  Y       A               23-SEP-2009             31-DEC-2099
              531202               Enterprise Systems 3                  Y       A               23-SEP-2009             31-DEC-2099
              531203               Enterprise Systems 4                  Y       A               23-SEP-2009             31-DEC-2099
              531204               Enterprise Systems 5                  Y       A               23-SEP-2009             31-DEC-2099
              531205               Enterprise Systems 6                  Y       A               23-SEP-2009             31-DEC-2099
              531206               Enterprise Systems 7                  Y       A               23-SEP-2009             31-DEC-2099
          5330                 Client Services                           N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            53300                Client Services I                       N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              533000               Classroom Tech/Media Prod Groups      Y       A               10-SEP-2009             31-DEC-2099
              533001               Client Services - Carryover           Y       A               28-OCT-2009             31-DEC-2099
              533002               Client Services - Central             Y       A               28-OCT-2009             31-DEC-2099
              533003               Client Services- Special Projects I   Y       A               04-AUG-2009             31-DEC-2099
              533004               Client Services-Special Projects II   Y       A               04-AUG-2009             31-DEC-2099
            53310                Client Services II                      N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              533100               AV & Classroom Tech Supp Salaries     Y       A               04-AUG-2009             31-DEC-2099
              533101               AV & Classroom Tech Support           Y       A               04-AUG-2009             31-DEC-2099
              533102               AV & Classroom Tech PT Salaries       Y       A               03-MAY-2013             31-DEC-2099
              533200               IST Help & Solutions Ctr Salaries     Y       A               04-AUG-2009             31-DEC-2099
              533201               IST Help & Solutions Ctr              Y       A               17-JAN-2013             31-DEC-2099
              533202               IST Help&Solutions Ctr PT Salaries    Y       A               04-AUG-2009             31-DEC-2099
              533300               Training Facil&LMS/Portal Supp Sal.   Y       A               04-AUG-2009             31-DEC-2099
              533301               Training Facil&LMS/Portal Support     Y       A               19-DEC-2012             31-DEC-2099
          5340                 Bannatyne Info Technologies Group         N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            53400                Bannatyne Info Technologies Group       N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              534000               Bannatyne Info Technologies Group     Y       A               17-MAR-2006             31-DEC-2099
              534001               IST Bann Info Tech Group Supplies     Y       A               09-JUN-2009             31-DEC-2099
            53420                IST Bannatyne Equip & Software          N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              534200               Bann Equip & Soft Spec Proj           Y       A               17-MAR-2006             31-DEC-2099
              534201               Bann Equip & Soft Spec Alloc          Y       A               17-MAR-2006             31-DEC-2099
              534203               Bann Equip & Soft                     Y       A               30-JUL-2007             31-DEC-2099
          5350                 Telecomm Group                            N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            53500                Telecomm Group                          N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              535000               Telecom Group Utility                 Y       A               31-JUL-2006             31-DEC-2099
              535001               Telecom Group Operating               Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
          5360                 CIO                                       N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
            53600                CIO                                     N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              536000               CIO                                   Y       A               08-DEC-2016             31-DEC-2099
              536001               IST Administration                    Y       A               08-DEC-2016             31-DEC-2099
              536002               IST CIO Initiatives                   Y       A               01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
          5365                 IST-Information Secur. & Compliance       N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
            53650                IST-Information Secur. & Compliance     N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              536500               Information Security & Compliance     Y       A               08-DEC-2016             31-DEC-2099
              536501               IST - Info Security & Compliance      Y       A               08-DEC-2016             31-DEC-2099
          5370                 IST - Planning & Governance               N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
            53700                IST-Director-Planning & Governance      N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              537000               Director - Planning & Governance      Y       A               22-NOV-2016             31-DEC-2099
            53701                Enterprise Architect                    N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              537010               Enterprise Architect                  Y       A               22-NOV-2016             31-DEC-2099
            53702                IT Procurement Centre                   N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              537020               IT Procurement Centre                 Y       A               22-NOV-2016             31-DEC-2099
            53703                IT Org Performance & Communication      N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              537030               IT Org Performance & Communication    Y       A               22-NOV-2016             31-DEC-2099
            53704                IT Portfolio Management & PMO           N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              537040               IT Portfolio Management & PMO         Y       A               22-NOV-2016             31-DEC-2099
          5375                 IST - Client Services                     N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
            53750                IST - Director Client Services          N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              537500               IST- Director- Engagement Svcs        Y       A               13-DEC-2019             31-DEC-2099
            53751                Service Level Management                N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              537510               Service Level Management              Y       A               08-DEC-2016             31-DEC-2099
            53752                Client Relationship Management          N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              537520               IST Relationship Management           Y       A               13-DEC-2019             31-DEC-2099
            53753                Service Desk                            N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              537530               Service Desk                          Y       A               08-DEC-2016             31-DEC-2099
            53754                Client Support                          N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              537540               Endpoint Service & Supp               Y       A               13-DEC-2019             31-DEC-2099
          5380                 IST - Technology Services Director        N       A               14-OCT-2016             31-DEC-2099
            53800                IST Director Technology Services        N       A               14-OCT-2016             31-DEC-2099
              538000               IST Director Technology Services      Y       A               22-NOV-2016             31-DEC-2099
            53801                Application Development                 N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              538010               Application Development               Y       A               22-NOV-2016             31-DEC-2099
            53802                Infrastructure Development              N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              538020               Infrastucture Development             Y       A               22-NOV-2016             31-DEC-2099
            53803                Integration                             N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              538030               Integration                           Y       A               22-NOV-2016             31-DEC-2099
            53804                Application Maintenance                 N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              538040               Application Maintenance               Y       A               22-NOV-2016             31-DEC-2099
            53805                Infrastructure Maintenance              N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              538050               Infrastructure Maintenance            Y       A               22-NOV-2016             31-DEC-2099
            53806                Learning Technologies                   N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              538060               Learning Technologies                 Y       A               08-DEC-2016             31-DEC-2099
            53807                Network & Communications                N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              538070               Network & Communications              Y       A               22-NOV-2016             31-DEC-2099
      540                  Associate VP (Administration)                 N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        540A                 Associate VP (Administration)               N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          5400                 Associate VP (Administration)             N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            54000                Associate VP (Administration)           N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              540000               Associate VP (Administration)         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            54040                Visitors Centre                         N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              540400               Visitors Centre                       Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
            54060                Student Life Programming                N       A               01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
              540600               Student Life Programming              Y       A               24-JUN-2008             31-DEC-2099
          5420                 Campus Planning Office                    N       A               18-JUL-2017             31-DEC-2099
            54070                Campus Planning Office                  N       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              540700               Campus Planning Office                Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
          5430                 Sustainability Office                     N       A               18-JUL-2017             31-DEC-2099
            54080                Sustainability Office                   N       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              540800               Sustainability Office                 Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
      541                  Aramark Caretaking                            N       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
        541A                 Aramark Caretaking                          N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          5410                 Aramark Caretaking                        N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            54020                Aramark Caretaking                      N       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              540201               Aramark Caretaking Mgmt Contract      Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              540202               Aramark Caretaking Physical Plant     Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              540203               Aramark Caretaking Residences         Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
      544                  Southwood Development                         N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        544A                 Southwood Development                       N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          5440                 Southwood Development                     N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            54090                Southwood Development                   N       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              540900               Southwood Development                 Y       A               01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
      550                  Physical Plant                                N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        550A                 Physical Plant                              N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          5500                 Operations and Maintenance                N       A               24-AUG-2017             31-DEC-2099
            55000                Operations and Maintenance Admin        N       A               24-AUG-2017             31-DEC-2099
              550011               Operation & Maintenance Emergencies   Y       A               24-AUG-2017             31-DEC-2099
              550012               JBRC Condo Corp                       Y       A               29-MAR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              550050               Safety and Health Programs            Y       A               26-MAY-2016             31-DEC-2099
              550060               Norrie Centre Services                Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              550070               Handicapped Transport                 Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
            55100                Trades Services                         N       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              551010               Trades Administration                 Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              551020               Architectural Shop                    Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              551025               Facility Access                       Y       A               01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
              551030               Auto Shop                             Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              551040               Bannatyne Administration              Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              551050               Bannatyne Trades                      Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              551060               Controls Shop                         Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              551065               Refrigeration                         Y       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              551070               Electrical Shop                       Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              551075               Life Safety Systems                   Y       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              551080               Elevator Shop                         Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              551090               General Services                      Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              551100               Machine Shop                          Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              551120               Plumbing Shop                         Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              551150               Sign Shop                             Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              551151               Southwood Maintenance                 Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
            55200                Caretaking Services                     N       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              552010               Caretaking Admin                      Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              552020               Central Zone                          Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              552030               North Zone                            Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              552040               South Zone                            Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              552050               Clocks                                Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              552055               East Zone                             Y       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              552060               West Zone                             Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              552070               Bannatyne Campus                      Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              552080               Active Living Zone                    Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              552090               Residence Caretaking                  Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
            55300                Mail Services                           N       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              553000               Mail Services                         Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
            55330                Power House                             N       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              553300               Power House                           Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              553301               Phys Plant Power House Fire           Y       A               01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            55360                Waste Management/Recycling              N       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              553600               Waste Management/Recycling            Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
          5501                 Facilities                                N       A               24-AUG-2017             31-DEC-2099
            55370                Facilities                              N       A               03-NOV-2014             31-DEC-2099
              553700               Facilities                            Y       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          5550                 Architectural & Engineering Srvcs         N       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
            55500                Architectural & Engineering Srvcs       N       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
              550015               Physical Plant Project Services       Y       A               18-JUL-2017             31-DEC-2099
              550025               Ag Canada Buildings                   Y       A               18-JUL-2017             31-DEC-2099
              550030               Architectural Services                Y       A               18-JUL-2017             31-DEC-2099
              550040               Engineering Services                  Y       A               18-JUL-2017             31-DEC-2099
              550041               Energy Projects                       Y       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
              550045               Ext Agency Projects - Recoverable     Y       A               18-JUL-2017             31-DEC-2099
          5560                 Administrative Services                   N       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
            55600                Administrative Services                 N       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
              550010               Physical Plant Administration         Y       A               18-JUL-2017             31-DEC-2099
              550020               Physical Plant Finance                Y       A               18-JUL-2017             31-DEC-2099
          5580                 Insurance                                 N       A            N  01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
            55800                Insurance                               N       A            N  01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              558001               Insurance                             Y       A            N  01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
          5590                 Physical Plant Utilities                  N       A               24-AUG-2017             31-DEC-2099
            55900                Physical Plant Utilities                N       A               29-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              559001               Fort Garry Campus                     Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              559002               Bannatyne Campus                      Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              559003               Carman                                Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              559004               Glenlea                               Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              559005               Delta Marsh                           Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              559006               Star Lake                             Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              559007               Norrie Centre Utilities               Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              559008               Southwood Property                    Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
      560                  Ancillary Services                            N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        560A                 Ancillary Services                          N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          5600                 Ancillary Services                        N       A               02-JUN-2020             31-DEC-2099
            54030                University Centre Services              N       A               02-JUN-2020             31-DEC-2099
              540300               University Centre Services            Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
            54050                UC Pharmacy - M.I.L.E. Service          N       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
            56000                Bookstore                               N       A               02-JUN-2020             31-DEC-2099
              560000               Fort Garry Bookstore                  Y       A               02-JUN-2020             31-DEC-2099
              560010               Bookstore Administration              Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              560020               FG Bookstore Computers/Calculators    Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              560030               FG Bookstore General Reading          Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              560040               FG Bookstore Sporting Goods           Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              560050               FG Bookstore Stationery               Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              560060               FG Bookstore Textbooks                Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              560100               Bannatyne Bookstore                   Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              560190               Bookstore Projects                    Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
            56020                Pharmacy & Post Office                  N       A               02-JUN-2020             31-DEC-2099
              560200               FG Pharmacy                           Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              560210               FG Post Office                        Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
            56030                Residences                              N       A               02-JUN-2020             31-DEC-2099
              560300               Arthur Mauro                          Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              560310               Mary Speechly                         Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              560320               Residence Administration              Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              560330               Residence Life                        Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              560350               University College                    Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              560360               Pembina Hall Residence                Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              560390               Residence Project Fund                Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
            56040                Parking Services                        N       A               02-JUN-2020             31-DEC-2099
              560400               Parking Services                      Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              560410               Parkade Fort Garry                    Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              560415               Bannatyne Parkade & Dispensers        Y       A            N  04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
              560420               Parking Project Fund                  Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
            56060                Dining Services                         N       A               02-JUN-2020             31-DEC-2099
              560502               Dining Services                       Y       A               19-JUN-2019             31-DEC-2099
            56070                Ancillary Central Services              N       A               02-JUN-2020             31-DEC-2099
              560500               Ancillary Central Services            Y       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
      561                  Smartpark                                     N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        561A                 Smartpark                                   N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          5610                 Smartpark                                 N       A               02-JUN-2020             31-DEC-2099
            56050                Smartpark                               N       A               02-JUN-2020             31-DEC-2099
              560501               SmartPark                             Y       A               04-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
      570                  Associate VP (Finance)                        N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        570A                 Associate VP (Finance)                      N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          5700                 Associate VP (Finance)                    N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            57000                Associate VP (Finance)                  N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              570000               Associate VP (Finance)                Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
      571                  Financial Services                            N       A               05-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
        571A                 Financial Services                          N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          5710                 Financial Services                        N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            57100                Financial Services                      N       A               25-NOV-2014             31-DEC-2099
              571000               Financial Services                    Y       A               24-NOV-2014             31-DEC-2099
              BAL                  FAST Balance Sheet access             N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
      572                  Treasury                                      N       A               05-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
        572A                 Treasury                                    N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          5720                 Treasury Services                         N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            57210                Treasury Services                       N       A               21-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
              572100               Treasury Services                     Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              572200               Treasury - Leasing                    Y       A               16-SEP-2011             31-DEC-2099
      573                  Audit Services                                N       A               05-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
        573A                 Audit Services                              N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          5730                 Audit Services                            N       A               28-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            57300                Audit Services                          N       A               28-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              573000               Audit Services                        Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
      575                  Financial Planning                            N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
        575A                 Financial Planning                          N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
          5750                 Financial Planning                        N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
            57500                Financial Planning                      N       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              575000               Financial Planning                    Y       A               09-AUG-2016             31-DEC-2099
      580                  Administration - General                      N       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
        580A                 Administration - General                    N       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          5800                 Physical Plant - General                  N       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
            58000                Physical Plant - General                N       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              580000               Physical Plant - General              Y       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          5801                 Administration - General                  N       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
            58010                Administration - General                N       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              580100               Administration - General              Y       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          5802                 IST - General                             N       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
            58020                IST - General                           N       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              580200               IST - General                         Y       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
      581                  University Foreign Exchange                   N       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
        581A                 University Foreign Exchange                 N       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
          5810                 University Foreign Exchange               N       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
            58100                University Foreign Exchange             N       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
              581000               University Foreign Exchange           Y       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
    60A                  VP (External)                                   N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
      600                  VP (External)                                 N       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
        600A                 VP (External)                               N       A               01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          6000                 VP (External)                             N       A               06-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            60000                VP (External)                           N       A               22-OCT-2012             31-DEC-2099
              600000               VP (External)                         Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
          6010                 Alumni Relations                          N       A               01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            60100                Alumni Relations                        N       A               21-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
              601000               Alumni Relations                      Y       A               18-NOV-2013             31-DEC-2099
          6020                 Strategic Comm. and Gov. Relations        N       A               20-MAR-2020             31-DEC-2099
            60200                Government Relations                    N       A               14-MAY-2018             31-DEC-2099
              602000               Government Relations                  Y       A               27-MAR-2017             31-DEC-2099
              602001               Strategic Communications              Y       A               20-MAR-2020             31-DEC-2099
          6030                 Marketing Communications Office           N       A               01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            60300                Marketing Communications Office         N       A               21-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
              603000               Marketing Communications Office       Y       A               04-AUG-2011             31-DEC-2099
              603001               Marketing & Creative                  Y       A               19-SEP-2017             31-DEC-2099
              603002               Marketing General                     Y       A               19-SEP-2017             31-DEC-2099
              603003               Digital Strategy & Engagement         Y       A               19-SEP-2017             31-DEC-2099
              603004               Strategic Communications              Y       A               01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              603005               Next Generation Web Experience        Y       A            N  01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
          6040                 Convocation & Special Events              N       A               11-MAY-2016             31-DEC-2099
            60400                Convocation & Special Events            N       A               12-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
              604000               Convocation & Special Events          Y       A               01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
              604001               Honorary Degree Recipients            Y       A               13-MAY-2013             31-DEC-2099
              604002               Dinners/Receptions                    Y       A               13-MAY-2013             31-DEC-2099
          6100                 Donor Relations                           N       A               01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            61000                Donor Relations                         N       A               21-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
              610000               Major Giving                          Y       A               21-OCT-2016             31-DEC-2099
              610101               Annual Giving Program                 Y       A               01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
              610102               Gift Planning and Life Time Giving    Y       A               04-JUL-2019             31-DEC-2099
          6130                 Advancement Services                      N       A               01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
            61300                Advancement Services                    N       A               21-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
              610301               Advancement General                   Y       A               17-MAR-2017             31-DEC-2099
              610302               Advancement Research                  Y       A               17-MAR-2017             31-DEC-2099
              610303               Advancement Services                  Y       A               17-MAR-2017             31-DEC-2099
          6140                 Stewardship                               N       A               22-OCT-2019             31-DEC-2099
            61400                Stewardship                             N       A               22-OCT-2019             31-DEC-2099
              610304               Stewardship                           Y       A               08-JUN-2018             31-DEC-2099
              614000               Outreach & Engagement                 Y       A               09-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
      620                  VP External - General                         N       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
        620A                 VP External - General                       N       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
          6200                 VP External - General                     N       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
            62000                VP External - General                   N       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
              620000               VP External - General                 Y       A            N  01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
    70A                  Vice President (Indigenous)                     N       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
      700                  Vice President (Indigenous)                   N       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
        700A                 Vice President (Indigenous)                 N       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
          7000                 Vice President (Indigenous)               N       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
            70000                Vice President (Indigenous)             N       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              700000               Vice President (Indigenous)           Y       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
          7001                 Indigenous Engagement                     N       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
            70010                Indigenous Achievement                  N       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              700100               Indigenous Achievement                Y       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              700101               Community Engagement                  Y       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              700102               Programs and Education                Y       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              700103               Celebrating Success                   Y       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              700104               Indigenous Blueprint                  Y       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
            70020                Indigenous Student Centre               N       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              700201               Indigenous Student Centre             Y       A               25-MAR-2020             31-DEC-2099
              700202               Graduation Powwow                     Y       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              700203               Elder's Gathering                     Y       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              700204               Metis Inclusion                       Y       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              700205               Indigenous Circle of Empowerment      Y       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
          7003                 Nat. Ctr for Truth & Reconciliation       N       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
            70030                Nat. Ctr for Truth & Reconciliation     N       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              700300               Director's Office                     Y       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              700301               NCTR - Operations                     Y       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              700302               NCTR - Archives                       Y       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              700303               NCTR -Research                        Y       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              700304               NCTR - Education                      Y       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              700305               NCTR - Governance                     Y       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              700306               Access & Privacy Office               Y       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
  99                   Restricted Funds Budget Only                      N       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
    99A                  Restricted Funds Budget Only                    N       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
      999                  Restricted Funds Budget Only                  N       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
        999A                 Restricted Funds Budget Only                N       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
          9999                 Restricted Funds Budget Only              N       A               06-JUL-2020             31-DEC-2099
            99990                Restricted Funds Budget Only            N       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
              999924               Capital Trusts BOG Budget             Y       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
              999925               Special BOG Budget                    Y       A               03-JUL-2020             31-DEC-2099
              999926               Consolidation BOG Budget              Y       A               01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
              999929               Staff Benefits BOG budget             Y       A               11-JAN-2018             31-DEC-2099
              999939               Research BOG budget                   Y       A               11-JAN-2018             31-DEC-2099
              999961               Endowment BOG Budget                  Y       A               11-JAN-2018             31-DEC-2099
              999962               Trust BOG budget                      Y       A               01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
              999998               Capital BOG Budget                    Y       A               11-JAN-2018             31-DEC-2099
                                               * * * REPORT CONTROL INFORMATION * * *
AS OF DATE: 07-JUL-2020