REPORT FGRFNDH                                        University of Manitoba                                    RUN DATE: 08/16/2019
CHART: M                                               Fund Hierarchy Report                                        TIME: 10:57 AM
                                                         AS OF 16-AUG-2019                                          PAGE: 1
                                                                        DATA           CNTL           ********* DATES *********
TYP     FUND              DESCRIPTION                                   ENTRY  STATUS  FUND  CMB    EFF         TERM     NEXT CHANGE
10                     General Funds                                                             01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
  01                     Unrestricted Funds                                                      30-JUN-2009             31-DEC-2099
       110                 Unrestricted Operating Funds                   N       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         1100                General Operating Allocation                 N       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           11000               General Operating Allocation               N       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             110000              General Operating Allocation             Y       A              27-MAR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             110999              Expenditure Fund Interface Only          Y       A              26-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             121927              ISP Ningbo University Exchange           Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             124834              EE - Dean's Office                       Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             124894              Summer Session Degree                    Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             124903              Off Campus - Delivery                    Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             124904              Distance Edu Pgm - Delivery - G/O        Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             124941              Military Support Office                  Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             125598              SS - Agric & Food Sciences               Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             125600              SS - Arts                                Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             125601              SS - I.H. Asper School of Business       Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             125602              SS - Education                           Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             125603              SS - Engineering                         Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             125604              SS - Environ., Earth, and Resources      Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             125605              SS-Health Sciences                       Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             125606              SS - Kinesiology & Rec Mgmt              Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             125607              SS - Music                               Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             125609              SS - School of Art                       Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             125610              SS - Science                             Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             125611              SS - Social Work                         Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             125953              2+2 Trsfr Student Fees-Agirculture       Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             126133              Asper-Grad MBA - new surcharge           Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             126321              IEAP Program                             Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             126325              D&OE - I.H. Asper - Acctg & Finance      Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             126480              Education PBDE Tuition Fees              Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             126627              Asper - MBA - old surcharge              Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             126635              Dentistry - Grad Ortho Prog              Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             126636              Dentistry - Grad Perio prog              Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             126637              Dentistry - Grad OS Prog                 Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             126638              Dentistry - IDDP Tuition                 Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             126639              Dentistry - Pediatric                    Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             126653              Social Work - Field Work                 Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             126678              General Operating- Direct Tuition        Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             126699              Michif Dauphin Cohort                    Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             126754              Grad Orthodontics Special Diff Fee       Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             126755              Mstr Of Dent (O & MS) Spec Diff Fee      Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             126756              RRC/MFNERC                               Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             126757              Ed'n School Division Grad Cohort         Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             126759              Distance Field Accelerated               Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             126761              SW - Inner City UG SS                    Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             126762              SW Northern Bachelor UG SS               Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             127273              Distance Degree EE                       Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             127274              Summer Session Degree EE                 Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             127275              Special Areas Degree EE                  Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             127277              Sedaya International Program             Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             127364              Gen Univ Direct Tuition Expense          Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             127492              SW - Prior Learning Assessment &Rec      Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             127755              NBSW AWASIS Cohort                       Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             127756              NBSW NCN Community Wellness Cohort       Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             128073              Blended Education                        Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             128468              A&F - Teaching Mat & Sup.                Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             128507              Master of Finance (MFin)                 Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             128542              SS - University 1                        Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             128580              MSc Genetic Counselling Fees             Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             128599              Summer Session Innovation Fund           Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             128632              Blended Education - U1                   Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             128633              Blended Education - Social Work          Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             128634              Blended Education - Science              Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             128635              Blended Education - School of Arts       Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             128636              Blended Education - Kinesiology          Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             128637              Blended Education - Health Sciences      Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             128638              Blended Education - Environment          Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             128639              Blended Education - Education            Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             128640              Blended Education - Asper                Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             128641              Blended Education - Arts                 Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             128642              Blended Education - Agriculture          Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             128920              NBSW Cross Lake Cohort                   Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             128922              Dentistry - Grad Prostho Program         Y       A              28-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129386              PHPM Residency Program                   Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129387              FSS Undergraduate Program                Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129388              CHS Graduate Program                     Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129427              CHS-UGME                                 Y       A              01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
         1110                Tuition                                      N       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           11100               Tuition                                    N       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             111001              Tuition Degree Summer Graduate           Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             111002              Tuition Degree Summer Undergrad          Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             111003              Tuition Degree Regular Graduate          Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             111004              Tuition Degree Regular Undergrad         Y       A              29-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             111006              Tuition Endowment Fees                   Y       A              10-FEB-2014             31-DEC-2099
             111007              Tuition Differential Fees                Y       A              10-FEB-2014             31-DEC-2099
             111008              Miscellaneous Student Fees               Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           11101               Direct Tuition                             N       A              06-JUN-2018             31-DEC-2099
             111005              Direct Tuition Non-Degree Regular        Y       A              06-JUN-2018             31-DEC-2099
             111009              Direct Tuition Degree Regular            Y       A              06-JUN-2018             31-DEC-2099
             111010              Direct Tuition Non-Degree Summer         Y       A              06-JUN-2018             31-DEC-2099
             111011              Direct Tuition Degree Summer             Y       A              06-JUN-2018             31-DEC-2099
             111012              Direct Tuition Misc Student Fees         Y       A              15-NOV-2018             31-DEC-2099
           12605               Direct Tuition Expenses                    N       A              06-JUN-2018             31-DEC-2099
             120395              CHERD University Management Course       Y       A              03-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             120396              CHERD SUAC                               Y       A              03-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             120398              CHERD - CISAS                            Y       A              03-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             120399              Integrated Planning and Budgeting        Y       A              03-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             120400              Institute for Student Engagement         Y       A              29-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             120402              CHERD Web Certificate Program            Y       A              17-JUN-2019             31-DEC-2099
             121324              Logistics Certificate Course             Y       A              08-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
             121531              CHERD-Heads & Chairs Program             Y       A              03-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             122151              Faculty of Science Coop                  Y       A              10-DEC-2012             31-DEC-2099
             123010              Technology Fee                           Y       A              10-DEC-2012             31-DEC-2099
             123043              Urban Media Lab / Sketch Camp            Y       A              10-DEC-2012             31-DEC-2099
             123416              CHERD Director's Office                  Y       A              17-DEC-2014             31-DEC-2099
             123434              Science Lab Fees                         Y       A              10-DEC-2012             31-DEC-2099
             123435              Biological Sci Lab Fees                  Y       A              10-DEC-2012             31-DEC-2099
             123436              Chemistry Lab Fees                       Y       A              10-DEC-2012             31-DEC-2099
             123437              Microbiology Lab Fees                    Y       A              10-DEC-2012             31-DEC-2099
             123445              Computer Sci Lab Fees                    Y       A              10-DEC-2012             31-DEC-2099
             123446              Statistics Lab Fees                      Y       A              10-DEC-2012             31-DEC-2099
             123447              Mathematics Lab Fees                     Y       A              10-DEC-2012             31-DEC-2099
             123456              Physics & Astronomy Lab Fees             Y       A              10-DEC-2012             31-DEC-2099
             123482              CITY 7440 - Field Trips                  Y       A              10-DEC-2012             31-DEC-2099
             123483              Star Lake Delta Marsh Field Trip         Y       A              10-DEC-2012             31-DEC-2099
             123491              Geo Sci Lab Fees                         Y       A              23-JAN-2013             31-DEC-2099
             123492              E & G Lab Fees                           Y       A              23-JAN-2013             31-DEC-2099
             123655              AFP Child & Family Services Diploma      Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             123723              ELC - Intensive Acad English Prgm        Y       A              10-DEC-2012             31-DEC-2099
             123768              Field Trips - NRI                        Y       A              23-JAN-2013             31-DEC-2099
             123769              Geol Sci Compulsory Field Trips          Y       A              23-JAN-2013             31-DEC-2099
             123770              Field Trips - E & G                      Y       A              23-JAN-2013             31-DEC-2099
             123995              LARC Studio 3 Student Expenses           Y       A              10-DEC-2012             31-DEC-2099
             124012              PT Lab Fees – CORS                       Y       A              30-NOV-2017             31-DEC-2099
             124013              OT Lab Fees – CORS                       Y       A              30-NOV-2017             31-DEC-2099
             124161              LARC7200 Field Trip                      Y       A              23-JAN-2013             31-DEC-2099
             124235              Tech Fee Maintenance Portion             Y       A              16-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124320              School of Art - Lab Fees                 Y       A              10-DEC-2012             31-DEC-2099
             124429              EVIE 3000 Field Trip                     Y       A              23-JAN-2013             31-DEC-2099
             124437              Lab Fees - Ceramics                      Y       A              11-FEB-2013             31-DEC-2099
             124438              Lab Fees - Drawing                       Y       A              11-FEB-2013             31-DEC-2099
             124439              Lab Fees - Foundations                   Y       A              11-FEB-2013             31-DEC-2099
             124440              Lab Fees - Graphic Design                Y       A              11-FEB-2013             31-DEC-2099
             124441              Lab Fees - Painting                      Y       A              11-FEB-2013             31-DEC-2099
             124442              Lab Fees - Photography                   Y       A              11-FEB-2013             31-DEC-2099
             124443              Lab Fees - Printmaking                   Y       A              11-FEB-2013             31-DEC-2099
             124444              Lab Fees - Sculpture                     Y       A              11-FEB-2013             31-DEC-2099
             124445              Lab Fees - Video                         Y       A              11-FEB-2013             31-DEC-2099
             124630              Coop/IIP Work Term Fees                  Y       A              14-MAY-2013             31-DEC-2099
             124835              EE - Facilities Management               Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124836              EE - Technology                          Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124837              EE - Healthy Workplace                   Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124838              EE - Staff Lounge Fund                   Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124840              EE - Marketing                           Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124841              EE - Staff Development                   Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124843              Central Services – Salaries              Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124847              EE - Research & Development              Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124848              EE - Administration Special              Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124849              AFP - Delivery - G/O                     Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124850              Aboriginal Counselling Skills C P        Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124851              Ab Environment Stewardship Diploma       Y       A              21-JUN-2016             31-DEC-2099
             124852              Ab CFS Diploma Part Time                 Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124853              Transition Year                          Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124854              Community Outreach                       Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124855              Cont Education - Delivery - G/O          Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124856              Con Ed - Delivery - S/O - Grad           Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124857              Con Ed - Delivery - S/O - Distance       Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124858              Applied Counselling Cert Pgm             Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124859              CIM Cert Pgm in Mgmt & Admin             Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124860              CIM Natl Cert in Mgmt & Admin            Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124861              Certificate in Adult & Cont Ed           Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124862              Certificate in Applied Management        Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124863              Certificate in Applied Mgmt Other        Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124864              Cert in Financial & Mgmt Acctg           Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124865              Cert in IP & Tech Commercial Mgmt        Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124866              Cert in Manitoba Municipal Admin         Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124867              Cert Pgm Applied Behaviour Analysis      Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124868              Cert Pgm in General Case Mgmt            Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124869              Cert Pgm in HR Mgmt                      Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124870              Leadership and Mgmt Dev Cert.            Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124871              Cert Pgm in Public Sector Mgmt           Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124872              Cert Pgm in Quality Mgmt                 Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124873              Cert Pgm in Rehab Case Mgmt              Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124874              CIS:Specialize Emerging Tech for Lr      Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124875              CIS:HIV/Aids Pgm Management              Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124876              Cont Ed - Contract Training              Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124877              Fundamentals of Records & Info Mgmt      Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124878              Ltr Acmp Records Info Mgmt               Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124879              Ltr Acmp Supervisory Mgmt                Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124881              Prairie Horticulture Cert Program        Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124882              Purchasing Mgmt Assn of Canada           Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124883              Access - Student Selection               Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124884              Access - Grad                            Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124886              ELS - G/O Program                        Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124887              Intensive English Program                Y       A              01-MAY-2017             31-DEC-2099
             124890              Cert Teaching Eng Second Language        Y       A              29-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             124891              ELS - Explore Program                    Y       A              29-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             124892              ELS - Testing                            Y       A              29-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             124895              Summer Session-Non Degree G/O Pgm        Y       A              29-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124896              SS Non Degree-Jazz Camp                  Y       A              29-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124897              SS Non-Degree Program Evaluations        Y       A              29-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124898              Orff-Schulwerk Music Edu Pgm             Y       A              29-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124899              Summer Session-Open Studios              Y       A              29-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124900              Summer Music Institute                   Y       A              29-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124901              Summer University Advantage              Y       A              29-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124902              SS Non Degree One Time Courses           Y       A              29-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124905              D&OE Course Delivery Revisions           Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124906              D & OE Campus Manitoba                   Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124907              D & OE Agric & Food Services             Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124908              D & OE Arts/Anthropology                 Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124909              D & OE Arts/Asian Studies                Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124910              D & OE Arts/Canadian Studies             Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124911              D & OE Arts/Classics                     Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124912              D & OE Arts/Economics                    Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124913              D & OE Arts/English                      Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124914              D & OE Arts/German & Slavic Studies      Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124915              D & OE Arts/History                      Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124916              D & OE Arts/Native Studies               Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124917              D & OE Arts/Philosophy                   Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124918              D & OE Arts/Political Studies            Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124919              D & OE Arts/Psychology                   Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124920              D & OE Arts/Religion                     Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124921              D & OE Arts/Sociology                    Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124922              D & OE Arts/Women's Studies              Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124923              D & OE Edu/Edu Admin, Found & Psy        Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124924              D & OE Eng/Prelim Eng Pgm/Del            Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124925              D & OE Environ/Environ Sciences          Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124926              D & OE Environment/Geography             Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124927              D & OE Environment/Geological Scien      Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124928              D&OE-Health Sci/Community HealthSci      Y       A              24-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             124929              D&OE-Agric/Human Nutritional Sci         Y       A              24-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             124930              D & OE Kinesiology & Rec Mgmt            Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124931              D & OE Nursing                           Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124932              D & OE School of Art                     Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124933              D & OE Science/Biology                   Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124934              D & OE Science/Chemistry                 Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124935              D & OE Science/Comp Science              Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124936              D & OE Science/Math Sci Intro Pgm        Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124937              D & OE Science/Microbiology              Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124938              D & OE Science/Statistics                Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124939              D & OE Social Work                       Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124940              D & OE University One                    Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124945              LAW PROGRAMS AND STAFFING                Y       A              10-DEC-2012             31-DEC-2099
             124946              LAW ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT                 Y       A              10-DEC-2012             31-DEC-2099
             124957              Letter Accomplish Fam Viol Interven      Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             125085              EVLU 3006 FIELD TRIP - STUDENT EXP       Y       A              10-DEC-2012             31-DEC-2099
             125245              Interior Design - Course Expenses        Y       A              10-JUL-2013             31-DEC-2099
             125289              ELC Reading Lab                          Y       A              10-DEC-2012             31-DEC-2099
             125546              Non-Degree Carryover (100%)              Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             125547              Degree Carryover (30%)                   Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             125595              CHERD - OCASA                            Y       A              03-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             125599              SS - Architecture                        Y       A              29-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             125608              SS - Nursing                             Y       A              29-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             125620              CIS-Child & Family Services Program      Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             125641              Aboriginal Focus Programs-Salaries       Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             125642              Continuing Education - Salaries          Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             125643              Distance Education - Salaries            Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             125644              English Language Studies - Salaries      Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             125645              General Studies - Salaries               Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             125646              Off Campus - Salaries                    Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             125647              Summer Session - Salaries                Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             125741              CIS: Intercultural Training              Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             125822              Transition Year - NCN                    Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             126130              Extended Education - Cost Recovery       Y       A              29-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             126131              Strat Dev of Mgmt Activity Seminars      Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             126270              Field Trip Expenses IDES 7240            Y       A              10-DEC-2012             31-DEC-2099
             126289              Extended Ed System Renewal               Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             126326              Istanbul Field Trip                      Y       A              10-DEC-2012             31-DEC-2099
             126430              CIS - CFS Island Lake                    Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             126477              Education SEO Practicum Fees             Y       A              19-OCT-2018             31-DEC-2099
             126478              Education PBDE/Grad Practicum Fees       Y       A              10-DEC-2012             31-DEC-2099
             126479              Education Wknd Coll Tuition Fees         Y       A              10-DEC-2012             31-DEC-2099
             126619              Ag - Lab Fee                             Y       A              05-JUL-2013             31-DEC-2099
             126620              Ag Dip- Lab Fee                          Y       A              05-JUL-2013             31-DEC-2099
             126621              Ag Field Trip                            Y       A              05-JUL-2013             31-DEC-2099
             126622              Ag Dip-Field Trip                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126623              Ag Dip-Work term                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126624              Ag - Work term                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126625              Arts - Lab Fee & Work Term               Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126626              Arts - Field Trip                        Y       A              02-OCT-2015             31-DEC-2099
             126628              Asper - Grad MBA new surcharge           Y       A              28-MAR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             126629              Asper - Work term                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126630              Asper - Lab Fee                          Y       A              28-MAR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             126631              Dentistry-Dental Kits                    Y       A              07-MAR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             126632              Dental Hygiene-Dental Kits               Y       A              07-MAR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             126633              Dentistry - IDDP Dental Kits             Y       A              07-MAR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             126634              Dentistry - Rtnl/Caution/Lab             Y       A              07-MAR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             126640              Grad Studies - Application Fee           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126641              Human Ecology - Lab Fee                  Y       A              29-AUG-2016             31-DEC-2099
             126642              Kins - Lab Fee & Field Trip              Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126643              Medicine - Microscope Rental             Y       A              01-DEC-2016             31-DEC-2099
             126644              Medicine - Lab Fee                       Y       A              20-JAN-2017             31-DEC-2099
             126645              Music - Field Trip                       Y       A              13-JAN-2014             31-DEC-2099
             126646              Nursing Lab Fee & Nurs 0500              Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126647              Pharmacy - Clinical Fieldwork            Y       A              20-NOV-2013             31-DEC-2099
             126648              Pharmacy - Lab Fee                       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126649              School of Art - Field Trip               Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126650              Science Field Trip                       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126651              Science - Work term-Comp Sci             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126652              Social Work - Field Trip                 Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126654              Social Work Distance                     Y       A              21-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             126687              Pharmacy-Immunization Workshop Fee       Y       A              20-NOV-2013             31-DEC-2099
             126702              Social Work - Southeast Cohort           Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126703              Social Work - Metis Cohort               Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126704              Social Work - NMSW - SE Cohort           Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126725              Engineering - Surcharges                 Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126726              Co-Op Program - Environ                  Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126742              LARC 7020-Field Studies                  Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126752              Science - Math Prep Fee                  Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126758              ENGAP                                    Y       A              05-MAR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             126760              Social Work - Distance Field Work        Y       A              21-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             126871              Work Term - Biosystems Engineering       Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126921              Music Theory Lab Fees                    Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126922              Musicianship Lab Fees                    Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126923              Music Maj Prac Study Fees                Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126924              Music Conducting Field Fees              Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126925              Percussion Tech Field Fees               Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126926              Woodwind Tech Field Fees                 Y       A              25-AUG-2014             31-DEC-2099
             126927              String Tech Field Fees                   Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126928              Guitar Tech Field Fees                   Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126929              Choral Tech Field Fees                   Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126942              IEP - Science Without Borders            Y       A              29-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127052              D & OE - Agric / Entomology              Y       A              28-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127053              Post - Bac Aerospace Prgm Mgmt           Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127193              Ningbo Graduate Funding Support          Y       A              28-OCT-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127256              Sedaya College                           Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127361              CHERD - Salaries                         Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127400              Law Clinical/Exam Fee                    Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127433              D & OE - Arts/Catholic Studies           Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127434              D & OE - Arts/Interdisciplinary          Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127452              Sport & Recreation Student Fee           Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127466              Extended Ed Innovation Fund              Y       A              04-JUL-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127473              HNSC Lab Fees                            Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127672              CaPs-Post-Bac E-Learning                 Y       A              20-MAY-2016             31-DEC-2099
             127686              Physician Assistantship-Applic. Fee      Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127694              D & OE - I H Asper Business Admin        Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127754              CHERD - LOA Academic Advising            Y       A              17-JUN-2019             31-DEC-2099
             127947              Post-Bacc Cert Applied Leadership        Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128004              Education-PBDE Re-Registration Fees      Y       A              19-NOV-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128027              Student Enhancement                      Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128039              D & OE - I.H. Asper - Marketing          Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128040              D & OE -Agric/School of Agriculture      Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128041              D & OE-Agribusiness&Agric Economics      Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128042              Extended Ed Contingency Fund             Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128181              CaPs-Applied Business Management         Y       A              01-MAY-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128331              CaPs - LOA Change Management             Y       A              21-JUN-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128379              CAPS Domestic Recruitment Activity       Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128380              Ext Ed Intl Recruitment Activities       Y       A              01-MAY-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128381              AFP Domestic Recruitment Activities      Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128391              CHERD Domestic Recruitment Activity      Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128394              Lab Fee HEAL 4640-Mech of Disease 3      Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128411              Social Impact Program Fund               Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128453              CaPs-United Way-Marketing                Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128578              CITY 7430 Field Trip                     Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128585              CaPs Applied Human Resource Mngmt        Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128747              CaPs Eng Teachers - 2nd Lang TESL        Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128941              CaPs-Prgm Dev't Adult Learner Cert       Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128952              RT Lab Fees - CoRS                       Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128954              EVLU 4002 Field Trip                     Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128955              IDES 7270 Field Trip                     Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128969              First Year Science Labs/Tutorials        Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             129035              EVDS 3800 Co-op Program                  Y       A              27-MAR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129101              Grad Program Clinic Fees                 Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129158              LoA in Higher Ed Administration          Y       A              17-JUN-2019             31-DEC-2099
             129283              Grad Ortho Application Fees              Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129286              Dental Hygiene Fit to Sit Fees           Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129300              SPARC Certificate Program                Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129338              Social Work-MSW IK Cultrl Camp Fees      Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129355              CaPs - Certificate in Bus Analysis       Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129356              IP - Certificate in Bus Analysis         Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
         1120                Physical Plant GU Projects                   N       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           11200               Physical Plant GU Projects                 N       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             112000              Phys Plant Project-Interface (711)       Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             112001              Phys Plant Project-Interface (411)       Y       A              04-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             122062              Administration Bldg Rm 113               Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122063              Powerhouse                               Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122069              Max Bell Centre                          Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122073              St Pauls College                         Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122074              Fitzgerald Rm 307                        Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122075              St Johns College                         Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122080              Vehicle Equipment Replacement            Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122081              Bannatyne Campus Elec Distribution       Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122083              PP A and E Renovation                    Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122087              EITC Leed Certification                  Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122088              Steam Pit Bollards Handrails             Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122089              Flood Damage July 2005                   Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122091              E3 262 Senate Chamber                    Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122093              Admin Bldg Entrance Heater               Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122094              Fletcher Argue Vandalism ABM             Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122095              Condensate Tank Replacement              Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122096              Parker Bldg HVAC Duct Cleaning           Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122097              Facilities Asset Mgmt Software           Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122098              Constr Software Implementation           Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122099              Arch 11 Stairwells                       Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122156              Piping Modifications Caretaking          Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122158              Phys Plant Delta Control Access          Y       A              06-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             122159              Utility Meter Maintenance                Y       A              06-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             122161              Metering Receiver Connection             Y       A              06-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             122162              Joyce Fromson Swimming Pool              Y       A              06-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             122163              Crop Technology Centre                   Y       A              06-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             122170              Campus Beautification                    Y       A              14-NOV-2017             31-DEC-2099
             122171              Steam Flow Upgrade Central Energy        Y       A              27-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             122177              EITC Ph III Remedial Sewer Work          Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122204              Bannatyne Window Washing                 Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122205              Ellis Bldg Paint Rm 380                  Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122206              EITC Temporary Power at Stairs           Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122208              Russell Mould Abatement                  Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122229              Postage Meter Upgrade                    Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122322              Frank Kennedy Storm Drains               Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122323              Weed Control                             Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122377              Brodie Centre As Builts                  Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122383              Univ Centre Loading Dock Enclosure       Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122384              Tier Bldg U1 Renovation                  Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122385              Skating Rink                             Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122501              Ellis Rm 212 Countertops                 Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122605              Glenlea Housing Window Replacement       Y       A              06-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             122607              Delta Turbo Replacement - ESCO           Y       A              06-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             122623              Delta Fibre Connection in IGAC ESCO      Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122627              Architecture Card Access Upgrade         Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122634              Delta Marsh Damages                      Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122640              Ellis Control Valve Repl                 Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122641              Recuperator Control Upgrades - ESCO      Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122647              Dairy Art Barn Wall Removal              Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122656              Animal Sci/Entomology Doors/Locks        Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122705              Parker - Fire Separation Doors           Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122714              Sustainability Equipment                 Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122718              Buller Herbarium Cabinet Repairs         Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122756              Buller Paint Exhaust Fans                Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122759              Max Bell Insulate Water Line - ESCO      Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122820              Bannatyne Card Access Upgrade            Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122941              Parker Bldg Freeze-up Jan 12-07          Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122942              Duff Roblin Bldg Flooding Jan 13-07      Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122945              Arch II Bldg Freeze-up Feb 3-07          Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122964              University Centre Sumps Pumps            Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122965              BMSB Water Break Feb-07                  Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122967              Educ III, Rm 163 Kiln Ventilation        Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122968              Med Rehab R328 A/C Upgrade               Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122995              U. College Rm 222 Upgrade                Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             123002              St. Paul's College Hallway Flooring      Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             123013              Human Ecology Glycol Heating System      Y       A              26-MAR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123188              Physical Plant Renovations               Y       A              29-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             123189              Temperature Alarm Monitoring             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123314              Domestic Cold Water Meters               Y       A              24-AUG-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123366              Education 3 Electrical Feed              Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123371              Physical Plant Building Addition         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123386              ESCO - Network Fiber Upgrade             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123411              Steam Repairs                            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123412              Labelling of 5 kV Overhead               Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123430              Chilled Water Balancing                  Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123475              Fletcher Argue Rm 117 Ventilation        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123476              Snow Dump Site Preparation               Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123496              Buller Building Annex Renovation         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123498              Buller Rm 509 Upgrade                    Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123510              Chilled Water Recuperator Upgrade        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123533              Admin. Rm 109 110 & 111 Alterations      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123567              Fletcher Argue Corridor Lighting         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123568              Ft. Garry Campus Card Access UPG         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123569              Parker Bldg 306A Air Handling Unit       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123570              Caretaking Equipment Pharmacy            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123579              Dafoe Library 105A Plumbing Repair       Y       A              15-JAN-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123580              Buller 120/208 Volt Distribution         Y       A              15-JAN-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123610              U Centre Vestibule Level 200             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123612              Powerhouse Card Access                   Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123620              Admin 208 Air Conditioning Upgrade       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123683              BMSB Hot Water Heater Replacement        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123684              Brodie Generator Study                   Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123685              Quality Control Manual                   Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123686              Brodie Code Compliance Study             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123725              Ft Garry / Bann CAC Emergency Proj       Y       A              04-NOV-2013             31-DEC-2099
             123772              Boiler Refractory Replacement            Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123783              Physical Plant Fuel System               Y       A              01-NOV-2013             31-DEC-2099
             123784              Delta V Boiler Control Upgrade           Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123818              Power Quality Study Central CWP          Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123833              Dentistry Clinic Arborite Repairs        Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123835              Fletcher Argue Elect. Dist. Rm 123       Y       A              06-JUN-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123881              U Centre District Heat Recovery          Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123882              Recuperator Supply Upgrade               Y       A              20-OCT-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123987              Parker Fumehood System Balancing         Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123991              BMSB Lab Leak                            Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123997              Brodie Rm. 181 Floor Drain               Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124014              BMSB Crawlspace Repairs                  Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124016              U. Centre Kitchen Door Replacement       Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124032              Med Rehab Walkway Repair                 Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124033              Drake Window Displacement Repairs        Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124042              Glenlea Dairy Hot Water Tanks            Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124062              Alumni House Tile Repl                   Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124063              Max Bell Floor Tile Corr 106             Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124069              Norrie Centre Pedestal                   Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124079              Norrie Centre Controls Upgrade           Y       A              19-JUL-2011             31-DEC-2099
             124080              Ellis Water Replace Meter                Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124098              St. Paul's Coll 249 Ceiling Repairs      Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124101              U. College Res Smoke Detector Upgrd      Y       A              15-JAN-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124102              Ft Garry / Bannatyne Keybox Upgrade      Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124129              Helen Glass Corr 158 Wall Doors          Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124150              Machray Hall Rm 316 Whiteboards          Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124152              Ft. Garry - Gas Line Modifications       Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124166              Chown Heat Pipe Recovery Coil            Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124178              Engineering 3 Supply Fan                 Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124199              Ellis Rm 346 Renovations                 Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124200              Classroom Accessibility Tables           Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124201              Pembina Hall Rm 106E Heating             Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124282              Duff Roblin Fire                         Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124332              Chown Water Fountain Replacements        Y       A              07-JUL-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124333              St Pauls - Zone 4 Wall Repairs           Y       A              25-MAY-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124334              Human Ecology Slab Repairs               Y       A              25-MAY-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124335              Dentistry Washroom Upgrades              Y       A              25-MAY-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124375              CEP Field Instrumentation Upgrades       Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124381              BMSB Cooling Coils                       Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124458              Tier Bldg Ext Doors Refurbishment        Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124516              Day Care Centre Water Seepage            Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124519              Pathology P009 Controls Upgrade          Y       A              17-JUL-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124520              Fletcher Argue V/D Cable Repair          Y       A              17-JUL-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124521              Fort Garry Campus Concrete Repairs       Y       A              17-JUL-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124522              Admin Vestibule Repair Painting          Y       A              17-JUL-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124547              Ft Garry Campus Walkway Alterations      Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124548              Lighting Upgrade Rm 320 Sinnott          Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124549              St. Paul's Corr 201 Door Hardware        Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124551              BMSB 600 Level Mech Upgrade              Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124569              Service Road 2N Catch Basin              Y       A              08-SEP-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124577              CEP Chiller #6 Replacement               Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124588              Buller Greenhouse Retrofit Coolers       Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124589              Glenlea Observatory Repairs              Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124590              Drake 324 Pedestal Relocation            Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124591              St. Paul's Rm 252 Flood Repairs          Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124608              E1-236 Exhaust Hood Modifications        Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124609              St. John's College - Elevator Contr      Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124618              University Centre Elevator Upgrade       Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124622              Parker Fume Hood Exhaust Evaluation      Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124627              Sinnott 327 Stairwell Door Repl.         Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124628              St. Paul's Admin Office-Light Upgrd      Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124642              Buller Women's Washroom Upgrade          Y       A              25-NOV-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124662              Buller - Rooftop Fan Installation        Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124663              Agriculture Door Replacement             Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124682              RCFFN Loading Dock/Ext Kick Plate        Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124714              Bannatyne Campus El. Service Study       Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124742              Admin. Bldg. East Stairs                 Y       A              15-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124743              St. John's College North En. Stairs      Y       A              15-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124772              Dentistry D028 D/E Carpet Replace.       Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124775              Russell Building Stair Repair            Y       A              20-JUL-2011             31-DEC-2099
             124779              Elizabeth Dafoe Roof Top Unit            Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124780              Powerhouse Relocate Alarm Annunc.        Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124781              BMSB Seminar Rm Wall Repairs             Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124795              Joyce Fromson Pool Exhaust Fan           Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124797              CEP Boiler Main Gas Shut Off             Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124960              CEP De-Superheaters                      Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             125129              Ft. Garry-Caretaking Rms. Flooring       Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125145              Plant Science Relocate 3 A/C Units       Y       A              09-FEB-2011             31-DEC-2099
             125165              Master Move, Phase I                     Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125219              Isbister Painting 301A/301J/301L         Y       A              12-AUG-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125220              Fletch.Arg. Paint 500 Level Offices      Y       A              12-AUG-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125222              Max Bell Chilled Water Valve             Y       A              13-AUG-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125223              Balance Parker Recuperator Flowrate      Y       A              13-AUG-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125224              Building Chilled Water Graphics          Y       A              13-AUG-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125225              Reloc. Recuperator Valves & Connec.      Y       A              13-AUG-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125226              Wallace Heat Recovery Upgrades           Y       A              13-AUG-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125227              Vari. Speed Drive-Recuper. Flowrate      Y       A              13-AUG-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125228              New Control Valve-Recuper. Flowrate      Y       A              13-AUG-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125229              Recuperator Bldg Supply Water Reset      Y       A              13-AUG-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125230              Fletcher Argue Insulate Steam Main       Y       A              13-AUG-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125231              BC Steam Trap Maintenance                Y       A              13-AUG-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125232              FG Steam Trap Maintenance                Y       A              13-AUG-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125233              Duff Roblin East Washroom Upgrade        Y       A              13-AUG-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125300              Old Basic Sciences Window Cleaning       Y       A              15-SEP-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125410              Drake Stairwell Emergency Lighting       Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125443              37 Kings Drive Exterior Painting         Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125457              Univ. College Elect Rm. 131B Reno.       Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125469              Wallace Building Electrical Study        Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125470              Allen Bldg Water Infiltration 104E       Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125475              Wallace Building Water Damage            Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125476              Joyce Fromson Pool Air Quality Imp.      Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125501              Parker 280/280A Masonry Repair           Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125507              Pembina Hall MR Exhaust Fan              Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125531              E3-250 Carpet Tile Replacement           Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125535              Frank Kennedy Dance Studio Lead Rep      Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125544              Dentistry Steam Valve Replacement        Y       A              17-JAN-2011             31-DEC-2099
             125573              Frank Kennedy Stair 155st Handrail       Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125679              Wallace Water Damage 2nd Ocurrence       Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125687              CEP Install Tie-in Isolation Valves      Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             125695              Max Bell Hot Water Heather Install       Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125708              Delta Network Upgrades                   Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125744              W Norrie Ctr Work Station CCTV Sys       Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             125745              Eng. 3 - Variable Speed Drive            Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             125746              Brodie MR003 Condensate Rcver/Pump       Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             125751              Parker - VSD for Supply Fan SF74         Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125765              Wallace Water Damage 3rd Occurence       Y       A              02-JUN-2011             31-DEC-2099
             125825              Education Classroom 141                  Y       A              01-APR-1999             31-DEC-2099
             125827              Machray Hall-Control Modifications       Y       A              01-APR-1999             31-DEC-2099
             125829              Education Chilled Water Make Up          Y       A              01-APR-1999             31-DEC-2099
             125842              Animal Science Watermain Renewal         Y       A              01-APR-1999             31-DEC-2099
             125901              Plant Science-Rm 206 Heat Recovery       Y       A              01-APR-1999             31-DEC-2099
             125902              Buller - Room 407 Heat Recovery          Y       A              01-APR-1999             31-DEC-2099
             125912              Delta Marsh 2011 Flood                   Y       A              25-OCT-2011             31-DEC-2099
             125920              Agriculture-Swamp Cooler Drain Pans      Y       A              01-APR-1999             31-DEC-2099
             125921              U. Centre 100 Washroom Upgrade           Y       A              01-APR-1999             31-DEC-2099
             125933              St. Paul's College Zone 2 Painting       Y       A              01-APR-1999             31-DEC-2099
             125936              Brodie Domestic Hot Water Upgrade        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             125946              University Centre Sculpture Bases        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             125964              Eng 3 - Variable Speed Drives            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126033              Russell - Arch Library Work              Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126050              Biological Sc. Emerg Dist. Repair        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126101              Delta Marsh Disaster Management          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126164              Campus Tree Line                         Y       A              01-APR-1999             31-DEC-2099
             126165              Ft. Garry Tunnel Painting                Y       A              01-APR-1999             31-DEC-2099
             126210              Animal Science 009B T-Bar Ceiling        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126234              Central Energy Plant Annunciators        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126235              BMSB 3M1Repl Speed Drive/Controller      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126245              Frank Kennedy-Activate Reheat Coils      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126257              D228 Repl of AC Unit                     Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126269              Soil Science Growth Chamber              Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126297              Card Access Upgrade                      Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126303              Arthur Mauro Res Elevator Traction       Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126410              Max Bell Lighting Upgrade                Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126411              Utility Meter Upgrades - Bannatyne       Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126426              FG/BC Window Cleaning Program            Y       A              26-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             126453              Medical Rehab Washroom Upgrades          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126489              BMSB Relocate 400 AMP Switches           Y       A              16-AUG-2012             31-DEC-2099
             126580              Bannatyne Dellta Controls Upgrade        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126582              Duff Roblin Recover Project Costs        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126688              Best Value Tendering Process             Y       A              01-NOV-2013             31-DEC-2099
             126746              CEP - Delta Controls Upgrade             Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126747              Ft. Garry Condensate Piping Repl         Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126748              Ft. Garry Air Compressor Install         Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126749              TK Cheung Door Painting                  Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127114              FG Campus - Control Valve Repl           Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127126              FG/Bannatyne Fall Arrest Anchors         Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127150              Parker Flammable Storage Cabinets        Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127161              Sculpture/Ceramics Dust Collector        Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127182              Max Bell Ctr Repl Elevator Control       Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127196              Drake Centre Flood                       Y       A              24-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127209              Parker Building Flooding                 Y       A              03-JAN-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127346              Medicine Wheel Project                   Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127441              U Lot Trailer Removal                    Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127525              Medical Services Sewer Upgrade           Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127533              Rodent Clean-Up                          Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127534              Allen Rm. 211 - Ceiling Repl             Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127535              Machray Hall Library HVAC Upgrade        Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127538              Bannatyne Air Compressor                 Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127592              Dairy Science CFIA Upgrades              Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127602              Allen Level 200 Ceiling Repairs          Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127607              CEP Maintenance Platform                 Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127613              Chown Masonry Repair                     Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127625              Apotex Centre - Emergency Power          Y       A              24-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127638              Ellis Building Collect Meter Data        Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127640              Classroom Furnishings                    Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127889              FG Fire Alarm System Repairs             Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127934              HPCC Safety Switches for Heatpumps       Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127935              Zoology - Modify Condenser Piping        Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127937              T-Building Decanting/Demolition          Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127950              T-Bldg to IMS                            Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127951              T-Bldg to BMSB/Pathology                 Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127955              RCFFN Sequence Regulator Valves          Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128043              ALC Flood - 2015                         Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128201              Agriculture Lab Flood                    Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128247              JBRC Electrical Outage                   Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128337              Misc. Energy Upgrades                    Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             129254              AES Office Reno Med Services             Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
         1130                Parking Lot Projects                         N       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           11300               Parking Lot Projects                       N       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122214              FG Traffic Lights U Cres & Dafoe         Y       A              16-MAY-2006             31-DEC-2099
             122215              Chancellor Matheson Shoulders            Y       A              16-MAY-2006             31-DEC-2099
             122456              Bannatyne E Lot Restructuring            Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122457              FG Traffic Lights Chancell Matheson      Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             122498              Bannatyne H Lot Dispenser                Y       A              01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             122499              FG Dispensers for Casual Lots            Y       A              01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             122652              PowerPark Flex Upgrade Project           Y       A              31-OCT-2006             31-DEC-2099
             122740              FG R&F Parking Cameras                   Y       A              15-DEC-2006             31-DEC-2099
             400001              FG - Versn 7 Parkade Eqpmt Upgrade       Y       A              25-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
         1240                Other Projects and Allocations               N       A              22-OCT-2012             31-DEC-2099
           12400               Start Up Research                          N       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120127              Startup Motufar                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120128              Startup Svecova                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120130              Startup Gorczya                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120132              Startup Rattanawangcha                   Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120133              Startup Shalaby                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120134              Startup Rasmussen                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120135              Startup Alfaro                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120136              Startup Van                              Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120137              Startup Noghanian                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120138              Startup McNeill                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120139              Startup Hossain                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120140              Startup Annakkage                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120141              Startup Buchanan                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120142              Startup Yahampath                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120143              Startup Alfa                             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120144              Startup Bibeau                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120145              Startup Jayaramann                       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120146              Startup Wu                               Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120147              Startup Singh                            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120148              Startup Naterer                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120149              Startup Peng                             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120150              Startup Birouk                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120151              Startup Chatoorgoon                      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120152              Startup Tachie                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120153              Startup Fraser                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120154              Startup Ormiston                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120157              Startup Dong                             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120159              Startup Swain                            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120160              Startup Chakhmouradian                   Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120161              Startup Frederiksen                      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120163              Startup Brown                            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120212              Oper Research Alloc Sepehri              Y       A              29-FEB-2008             31-DEC-2099
             120409              Startup Kemke                            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120410              Startup Zapp                             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120411              Startup Baltes                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120413              Startup Misic V                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120427              Startup Worley                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120428              Startup Schroeder                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120437              Startup Kroeker                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120438              Startup Bieringer                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120439              Startup Freund                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120440              Startup Schwiezer                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120441              Startup Schreckenbach                    Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120446              Startup Liu Y                            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120447              Startup Leung K                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120448              Startup Misic J                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120450              Startup Thulasiraman                     Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120455              Startup Charrette                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120459              Startup De Kievit                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120471              Startup Gwinner                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120472              Startup Chakraborty                      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120478              Startup Mateo                            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120489              Startup Davoren                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120494              Oper Research Alloc Patel                Y       A              31-MAR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             120496              Oper Research Alloc Vercaigne            Y       A              20-JUN-2012             31-DEC-2099
             120499              Oper Research Alloc Gong                 Y       A              02-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             120502              Oper Research Alloc Collins              Y       A              02-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             120508              Startup Social Work                      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120525              Startup School of Art                    Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120649              Startup Heine                            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120786              Startup Rude                             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120787              Startup Carlberg                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120788              Startup Oleson                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120789              Startup Brewin                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120810              Startup Nyachoti                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121018              Startup Kong                             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121023              Startup Hicks                            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121026              Startup Wigle                            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121027              Startup Merz                             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121033              Startup Marshall A                       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121034              Startup Soussi Gounni                    Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121035              Startup Jude Uzonna                      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121047              Startup Rempel                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121077              Startup Mayne                            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121085              Startup Natticadan                       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121090              Startup Xie                              Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121092              Startup Halayko                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121125              Startup Shay                             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121223              Startup Slow                             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121227              Startup Ding                             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121383              Startup Ferens                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121400              Startup Rajapakse                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121406              Startup Anatomy Headship                 Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121407              Startup King                             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121409              Startup Yao                              Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121412              Startup Anderson C.                      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121413              Startup Fernyhough                       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121419              Startup Ripat J.                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121422              Oper Res Alessi-Severini                 Y       A              02-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             121493              Startup Jin Dean                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121494              Startup Anderson Gary                    Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121495              Startup Whyard Steven                    Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121497              Startup Hanson                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121500              Startup Bonstein                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121503              Startup Mizuno                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121504              Startup Parkinson                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121513              Startup Abrahams                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121514              Startup Fiege                            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121561              Startup Xidos                            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121563              Startup Chipalkatti                      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121564              Startup Schippers                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121565              Startup Van Lierop                       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121567              Startup Walker                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121570              Startup Banerjee                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121575              Startup Gheorghiu                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121577              Startup Filizadeh                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121578              Startup Sandham                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121579              Startup Okhmatovski                      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121583              Startup Suh                              Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121613              Startup Zhong W.                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121614              Startup Lengyel C.                       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121672              Startup Mark B.                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121737              Startup Miller D.                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121745              Startup Cohen B.                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121746              Startup Clarke D.                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121806              Startup Koper N.                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121807              Startup Albensi B.                       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121827              Startup Fung W                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121839              Startup Budzelaar P                      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121861              Startup Oliver D                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121863              Starup Can Ming Hu                       Y       A              28-OCT-2009             31-DEC-2099
             121869              Startup Portet S                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121870              Startup Arino J                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121874              Startup Schultz A.                       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121875              Oper Research Alloc Ojo O                Y       A              29-FEB-2008             31-DEC-2099
             121886              Startup Johnson B                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121903              Startup Cardwell R.                      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121905              Startup Fredirchuk B                     Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121917              Startup Mignone J                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121999              Startup Zelenitsky                       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122008              Startup Temple                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122019              Startup Wilkins: MB Ctr Promeotics       Y       A              30-AUG-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122038              Startup Lawlor B                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122054              Roshko Research                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122055              Worobec Research                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122065              J.Morrison Research                      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122066              G Fulcher Research                       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122152              New Hires Startup                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122174              Startup Cardona                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122176              Startup Simard L                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122195              Startup Kirouac                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122421              Startup Wang Q                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122455              Startup Edwards                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122503              Startup Pesun                            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122504              Startup Camacho                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122505              Startup Fayek                            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122516              Akinremi Research                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122517              Startup Cai                              Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122518              Startup Shooshtari                       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122519              Startup Kuffel                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122520              Startup Luo                              Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122521              Startup El-Salawaky                      Y       A              27-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122536              Startup Lukacs                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122537              Startup Sorenson                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122538              Startup Docker                           Y       A              13-DEC-2010             31-DEC-2099
             122539              Startup vanWijngaarden                   Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122546              Oper Res Blakley                         Y       A              25-SEP-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122570              Startup Clark                            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122591              Startup Domaratzki                       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122598              Startup Stetefeld                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122601              Startup Iraghi Moghaddam                 Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122610              Startup Dodd                             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122717              University 1 Research                    Y       A              31-JAN-2012             31-DEC-2099
             122966              Startup Gericke                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122977              Oper Research Allocation Anderson        Y       A              02-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             122978              Oper Research Allocation McIntosh        Y       A              02-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             122979              Oper Research Alloc Metge - IECPCP       Y       A              02-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             122986              Startup - Enns                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123097              Startup Cadogan                          Y       A              18-JUL-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123120              Kebreab Research Start-up                Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123121              J Rodrigues-Lecompte Res Start-up        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123164              Startup Bird                             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123171              Startup Senehi J                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123191              Startup Jacobsohn E.                     Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123308              Start-up Z. Wu                           Y       A              17-MAY-2011             31-DEC-2099
             123309              Start-up Greidanus                       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123310              Start-up Main                            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123323              Startup Mordoch                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123324              Research Startup Crooks                  Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123325              Startup Liu                              Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123326              Startup Rideout                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123327              Startup Aliani                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123328              Startup Iacopino                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123330              Start up Fund - Major                    Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123331              Startup Weihrauch                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123332              Startup Rogers                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123365              Startup Watkinson                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123369              Startup Van Winkle                       Y       A              01-JUL-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123373              Start-up Blight N.                       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123396              Startup Mackenzie                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123432              Startup Chelikani                        Y       A              16-JUL-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123441              Startup Robles                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123459              Startup Fry                              Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123460              Startup Anderson                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123465              Startup Thiyam                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123489              Startup Gulden                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123490              Startup Tahir                            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123538              Startup Ellison: CFI equipment           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123577              Startup Roperto                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123639              Start-up Funds - Bingchen Wang           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123656              Startup Biscontri                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123661              Startup Shooshtari Centre on Aging       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123677              Start-up funds- G. Restall               Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123679              Startup Shariff                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123736              Startup Hart                             Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123782              Start-up funds- Nogueira                 Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123786              Start up - El-Gohary                     Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123829              Startup Frankel                          Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123839              Startup Graham                           Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123847              Startup McGavock                         Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123857              Startup Duhamel                          Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123874              Startup Hack                             Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123875              Startup Shamseddine                      Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123913              Startup Davies                           Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123920              Startup Han                              Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123928              Startup Bartels                          Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123929              Startup Luong                            Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123930              Startup McKenna                          Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123932              Startup Stacey                           Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123943              Startup Khajehpour                       Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123944              Startup Prymak                           Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123945              Startup Davidson                         Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123946              Startup Rathgeber                        Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123947              Startup Eni                              Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123948              Startup House                            Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123952              Startup Morris                           Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123966              Duhamel - HLHPRI Startup                 Y       A              02-FEB-2009             31-DEC-2099
             123971              Startup-Stadnyk                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123973              Schroth Research Support                 Y       A              06-MAY-2009             31-DEC-2099
             123974              Startup - Sherif                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123982              Startup Zhang                            Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123983              Startup Brassinga                        Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124004              Startup Giesbrecht                       Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124008              Startup Pam Wener                        Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124009              Startup LeClair                          Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124010              Startup Sullivan                         Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124011              Startup Lee                              Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124015              Startup Elgazzar                         Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124031              Startup- Brueckner                       Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124037              Startup Nixon                            Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124038              Startup Hughes                           Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124050              Startup Moqbel                           Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124051              Startup Rastegar                         Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124054              Startup Lin                              Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124056              Startup Chee                             Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124061              Start-up OJO - Auto 21 Project           Y       A              19-NOV-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124065              Startup Zvomoya                          Y       A              20-NOV-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124121              Startup Karimi                           Y       A              20-NOV-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124122              Startup Cowley                           Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124137              Startup Fund - Dick                      Y       A              30-MAR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124155              Startup Mello                            Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124164              Oper Research-Vercaigne Zelenitsky       Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124167              Dean's Discretionary Fund                Y       A              29-MAY-2012             31-DEC-2099
             124170              Startup Fund - F. Mattos                 Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124171              Startup Fund - J. Frank                  Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124186              Startup Fund - Kalajdzievska             Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124192              Start - Up Gao                           Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124193              Start - Up Schultz                       Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124210              Startup Pharmacology Dept. Head          Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124251              Oper Research- Davis                     Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124290              Startup Rody                             Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124302              Start-up L. Strachan                     Y       A              10-JUN-2011             31-DEC-2099
             124303              Start-up Teetzel                         Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124304              Start-up Field                           Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124305              Start-up Schepp                          Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124363              Start up - Umut Ozsu                     Y       A              20-SEP-2011             31-DEC-2099
             124364              Start up - Donn Short                    Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124365              Start up - Brenda Gunn                   Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124366              Start up- Lorway                         Y       A              01-APR-2012             31-DEC-2099
             124387              Startup - Braico                         Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124392              Start up- He                             Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124404              Start Up- Barclay-Goddard                Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124432              M. Jafari Jozani Start-up                Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124434              Start Up- Peeler                         Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124436              Start Up- Avery                          Y       A              01-APR-2012             31-DEC-2099
             124464              Startup - Straka                         Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124469              Masuda Startup                           Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124471              Startup - Hashemian                      Y       A              13-MAR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             124512              Startup Martin                           Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124523              Y. Martsynyuk Start-up                   Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124524              A. Bunt Start-up                         Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124525              S. Durocher Start-up                     Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124526              Startup Todescan                         Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124535              J. Marcus - Startup                      Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124536              Startup Appadoo                          Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124537              Startup Ge                               Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124538              Startup Hao                              Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124545              Startup Roth                             Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124570              J. Waterman Start Up                     Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124571              Startup Solomon                          Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124580              Start up fund -  Peter Eck               Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124582              Start up fund - Labossiere               Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124594              Startup Yoshida                          Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124604              Startup Shah                             Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124607              Startup - Telichev                       Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124649              Startup Ayele B                          Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124650              Startup Gonzalez L                       Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124651              Startup Lawley C                         Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124656              Startup Colligan                         Y       A              27-AUG-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124657              Startup Greene                           Y       A              27-AUG-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124658              Startup Chung                            Y       A              27-AUG-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124659              Startup Harrington                       Y       A              27-AUG-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124668              Startup Nachtigal                        Y       A              09-SEP-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124675              Startup Mark Belmonte                    Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124701              Startup - Vernon Dolinsky                Y       A              18-AUG-2011             31-DEC-2099
             124734              Startup - Neurobiologist 1               Y       A              24-SEP-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124735              Startup - Neurobiologist 2               Y       A              24-SEP-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124736              Startup - Neurobiologist 3               Y       A              24-SEP-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124737              Startup - Neurobiologist 4               Y       A              24-SEP-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124738              Startup - Neurobiologist 5               Y       A              24-SEP-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124754              Start up - Doupe                         Y       A              01-APR-2012             31-DEC-2099
             124755              Start up - Mahmud                        Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124756              Start up - Jiang                         Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124757              Start up - Torabi                        Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124758              Start up - Aififi                        Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124759              Startup - Slater                         Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124770              Shalchi Start-Up                         Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124793              OPER RESEARCH – Bugden                   Y       A              30-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
             124794              OPER RESEARCH - HO                       Y       A              30-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
             124800              Start-up Wyss                            Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             125006              Startup - L. Wang                        Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125007              Startup - Y. Zhang                       Y       A              17-MAY-2011             31-DEC-2099
             125010              Startup - M. Trevan                      Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125032              Startup - Semone Myrie                   Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125048              Startup - Dr. Hudgel                     Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125064              OPER RESEARCH - LAVERN VERCAIGNE         Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125088              Startup Q. Davis                         Y       A              27-AUG-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125134              Startup Oble Research - Dermatopath      Y       A              28-JUN-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125140              Startup Muthukumarana                    Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125175              Startup Thompson                         Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125234              Startup Rubio                            Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125236              Startup-Dr. S.Muthukumarana              Y       A              18-AUG-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125241              Startup Borgersen                        Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125253              Startup New Hire                         Y       A              18-AUG-2011             31-DEC-2099
             125283              Startup Passmore                         Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125311              Startup Kalajdzievski                    Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125472              Startup Tuso                             Y       A              11-JUL-2012             31-DEC-2099
             125491              HLHPRI - Glazebrook Startup              Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125499              Startup Ogilvie                          Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125523              Startup Fransoo                          Y       A              01-APR-2012             31-DEC-2099
             125530              Startup Duan                             Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125536              Start Up-Dr. Barbara Sharanowski         Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125537              Start Up - Dr. Douglas Cattani           Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125538              Start Up-Dr. Yvonne Lawley               Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125539              Start Up - Dr. Woo Kim                   Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125572              Startup Liebenthal                       Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125584              Startup J Young                          Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125612              Startup Todescan                         Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125616              Startup Replacement Hire                 Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125626              Start-Up Beddoes                         Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125662              Startup - Davies                         Y       A              30-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
             125663              Startup - Iacovides                      Y       A              30-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
             125681              Startup Funds - Xing                     Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125682              Startup - Norman                         Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125734              Startup - D. Gardner                     Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             125737              Koulis Startup                           Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             125747              Startup - Mossman                        Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             125748              Startup - M. Liu                         Y       A              13-AUG-2012             31-DEC-2099
             125795              Startup D. Bouchard                      Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125796              Startup Lab Renovations                  Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125797              Startup S. Strachan                      Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125798              Dr. Larcombe Start Up Funds UMG          Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125810              Startup Ingram                           Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125811              Startup Mojabi                           Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125812              Start-Up - Rey                           Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125813              Start-Up - Neufeld                       Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125814              Start-Up - Kalberg                       Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125821              Start up - Larcombe (VPR)                Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             125823              Start up Regehr                          Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             125824              Startup L. Petherick                     Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             125826              Start Up - Spousal Recruitment           Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             125830              Start Up Funds - Mundy                   Y       A              25-JUL-2011             31-DEC-2099
             125835              J. Treberg Startup                       Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             125838              Startup - Roy                            Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125844              C. Paquette Startup                      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             125845              Startup - Issa                           Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             125916              Start up Funds - M. Flaherty             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             125918              E. Nicols startup                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             125919              Start Up - Oranye, Nelson                Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             125940              Start-up funds-Dr. A.C. Costamagna       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             125952              Startup Funds - Kordi                    Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             125960              Murnaghan Start Up                       Y       A              07-SEP-2011             31-DEC-2099
             125961              Start-Up - Cunha                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             125972              Start-Up - Dr. Raouf                     Y       A              08-FEB-2012             31-DEC-2099
             126035              Stewart Start Up (VP Research)           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126091              Start - Up Coggins                       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126102              Start-Up Munoz                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126108              Ehn Start Up (VP Research)               Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126138              Startup-Dr. Jun-Feng Wang-pos#10631      Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             126157              Startup - A. Johnson                     Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126163              Start up - Bassuoni                      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126187              Startup - Ramirez                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126198              Startup - Franca                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126203              Kuzyk Start Up (VP Research)             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126216              D. Cattani Start-up                      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126233              Ali Start Up (VP Research)               Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126237              Messing Start Up                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126255              Startup - Deng                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126299              Startup - Dr. Eftekhar                   Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126301              Rocke-Startup (VP Research)              Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126305              Start up - Wang                          Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126319              Startup - Lakowski                       Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126739              Research Start Ups Control Fund          Y       A              22-MAY-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127764              Social Work Rsrch Development Fund       Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
           12600               Other Allocations & Projects               N       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120061              Algonquian Papers                        Y       A              11-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120213              Oper Research Alloc Oral Biology         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120218              Oper Research Alloc Wiltshire            Y       A              10-AUG-2010             31-DEC-2099
             120223              Oper Research Alloc Debrouwere           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120224              Periodontics Student Support             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120225              OMFS Student Support                     Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120230              PDF Arts English Development             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120232              PDF Arts Sociology                       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120235              Oper Research Alloc CIDA Wight           Y       A              22-MAY-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120239              Administrator's Res Asper School         Y       A              21-NOV-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120257              Education Research Activities            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120275              Research Study Leaves Arts               Y       A              04-SEP-2014             31-DEC-2099
             120393              Grad Student Collab Phys Education       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120394              CHERD Mobility Project                   Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120426              Research Booth                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120485              Oper Research Alloc Riewe                Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120501              Pharmacy Assoc Dean Research             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120524              School of Art Workstudy                  Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120554              PDF Music                                Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120559              Alumni Outreach                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120560              Grad Studies Dean's Research             Y       A              23-JUL-2018             31-DEC-2099
             120562              Grad Studies Assoc Dean's Prog           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120573              University of Ghent                      Y       A              25-MAR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             120574              University of Trier                      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120575              WUHAN Exchange                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120576              Normam Bethune Exchange                  Y       A              05-AUG-2008             31-DEC-2099
             120577              Icelandic Exchange                       Y       A              05-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             120578              Pazmany Petrie Catholic                  Y       A              30-JUN-2009             31-DEC-2099
             120580              President's Research                     Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120586              CHET Program                             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120587              CHERD Research                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120593              Safety Office Chemical Database          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120641              CIHR Alloc Chipperfield                  Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120642              Undergraduate Program                    Y       A              15-MAY-2009             31-DEC-2099
             120643              Phys Ed Assoc Dean BRS Program           Y       A              19-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120644              Graduate Program                         Y       A              15-MAY-2009             31-DEC-2099
             120652              HLHPRI Research Mactavish                Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120741              International Development                Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120779              Agriculture Computer Equipment           Y       A              04-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             120809              Oper Research Alloc Elliot               Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120817              Oper Research Alloc Krause               Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120819              Oper Research Alloc CALPS Project        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120829              Farm Mgmt Animal Research                Y       A              26-NOV-2013             31-DEC-2099
             120839              Oper Research Alloc Froese               Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120849              Oper Research Soil Science Lab           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120854              Oper Research Alloc Simard               Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120859              School of Agric Prof Updates             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120882              World Wise Resource Cte Research         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120884              F A & A Undergraduate Scholarships       Y       A              03-OCT-2016             31-DEC-2099
             120885              F A & A Emergency Student Assist         Y       A              03-OCT-2016             31-DEC-2099
             120893              Student Services Research                Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121000              Shantou University Exchange              Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121003              Oper Res History of Medicine             Y       A              09-JUL-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121004              Manitoba Medical Student Support         Y       A              09-JUL-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121069              Oper Res Watson                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121070              Oper Res Myal                            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121079              Oper Res Sitar                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121105              Oper Res Black                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121222              PDF - Neil John Maclean                  Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121368              CIHR - Bhullar                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121369              CIHR - Support                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121370              Oper Res Alloc-McFadden                  Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121414              Oper Res Smyth D.                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121430              EEIF-TTY Pay Phones                      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121449              Anatomy - Bridge Fund                    Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121450              Product Catalogue Collection             Y       A              21-NOV-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121452              Environment-Dean's Bus. Travel           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121453              Environment-External Relations           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121457              Oper Res Simons                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121501              St.Paul's-Option on Aging Project        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121512              Partners Program Internship              Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121530              HRIS Project                             Y       A              28-MAR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             121533              Archives Renovations                     Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121538              Med Micro Academic Fund                  Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121554              VP-Academic Review Program               Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121587              Research in Graduate Studies             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121615              Oper Research Alloc Durrant J.           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121660              Aboriginal Planning Program              Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121667              Science-International Stud Projects      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121668              Astronomy Promo Sc Fac Support           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121677              Research-Students                        Y       A              12-AUG-2013             31-DEC-2099
             121681              Human Ec-International Stud Projs        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121697              Using a Web-Based Image Bank             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121701              Aboriginal Program Development           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121702              Accessibility Collaboration & Innov      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121703              Acad & Professional Bridging Prgrm       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121707              MB Alive                                 Y       A              27-AUG-2010             31-DEC-2099
             121727              10th World Congress For Quality Mgt      Y       A              28-MAR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             121783              Collaborative Research Segall            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121793              West Grid                                Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121879              EEIF ICS Program Intern                  Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121880              EEIF The Identifying Allies              Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121893              Collaborative Research Payne             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121894              Hatch: DD Salary Support                 Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121902              NJML Renovation                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121906              Student Services                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121907              Co-Operative Education                   Y       A              04-NOV-2013             31-DEC-2099
             121919              Option 4                                 Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121925              ISP Undergrad Mentorship Program         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121926              ISP Faculty Promo Coop Program           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121932              E. D. Special Topics Project             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121933              C. P. Student Funding                    Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121934              I. D. Student Funding                    Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121936              Department Support for Research          Y       A              22-DEC-2011             31-DEC-2099
             121945              CEOS Overexpenditure                     Y       A              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             121947              Clinical Support Services                Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121949              Singer Projects                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121955              Learning Disability Clinic               Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121957              FAA Needs Based Bursaries                Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121958              International Student Bursaries          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121959              International Entrance Scholarships      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121960              International InCourse Scholarships      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121961              Award Payments                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121992              S204 Space Development                   Y       A              09-JUL-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121993              Aboriginal Learning Centre Space         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121996              Dafoe Library - Projects                 Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121997              Physiology Awards Support                Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             121998              Internal Med Salary Support              Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122039              ISP Feasibility Study B SC HN            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122041              ISP- Lit. Instructn Int'l Students       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122043              Medical Education                        Y       A              09-JUL-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122058              Wright Computer Lab                      Y       A              12-MAY-2008             31-DEC-2099
             122059              Hart and Brass Labs                      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122100              Creating a Math Path                     Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122129              Tri Conf Bursaries and Essay Comp        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122131              Excess Farm Operation Inc Provision      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122175              Canadian Astronomical Society            Y       A              21-NOV-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122211              Strategies for Success                   Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122212              Public Affairs Expansion                 Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122221              Interior Design Graduate Fees            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122222              Landscape Architecture Design Build      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122223              Visa Default Academic                    Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122224              Visa Default SALC                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122261              Flood Recovery July 2005                 Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122321              Feed Mill                                Y       A              25-MAR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             122405              Distinguished Diss Awared                Y       A              26-NOV-2013             31-DEC-2099
             122406              Shared Management Course                 Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122420              Tribute Lecturer Sneiderman              Y       A              19-OCT-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122429              Mktg Communications National Mktg        Y       A              04-AUG-2011             31-DEC-2099
             122437              Cell Bio Payroll Records                 Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122440              Undergraduate Education                  Y       A              27-NOV-2015             31-DEC-2099
             122446              Nursing Technology Budget                Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122447              Nursing Furniture Budget                 Y       A              09-AUG-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122448              Student Services Group                   Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122449              Nursing PR Activities                    Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122450              Skills Lab & Pods                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122451              Heritage Room                            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122454              Nursing Workshop                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122459              Outreach Award 06/07 - Dr. Kanu          Y       A              03-AUG-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122496              FG Minor Asphalt Repairs                 Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122497              FG Curry Place Design                    Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122524              Rural Music Program                      Y       A              04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122525              Story Telling Festival                   Y       A              04-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122573              Int'l Teachers Development Provider      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122594              Aboriginal Ph.D. Initiative              Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122621              Dr. Choy Airfare                         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122626              International Activities                 Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122648              Libraries Fundraising                    Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122655              CHS - MCHP Payroll Records               Y       A              01-APR-2012             31-DEC-2099
             122706              LETS Technology Upgrade Fund             Y       A              23-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122716              CHS - NMU Payroll Records                Y       A              01-APR-2012             31-DEC-2099
             122743              COPSE-Applied Health Science (AHS)       Y       A              11-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             122745              External Expense Recovery TTO            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122747              Personal Learning Environments           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122810              Simulation Centre                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122834              Sirna Libraries Mouse Human Genome       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122839              CHERD Research - D Schonwetter           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122841              CHERD Research - J Young                 Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122856              Research and Scholarship                 Y       A              28-SEP-2011             31-DEC-2099
             122870              UTS Handbook                             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122871              LA Grad App                              Y       A              04-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122923              Experimental Pharmacy Site Collabor      Y       A              31-MAR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             122926              Interprofessional Dental Developmt       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122928              Aboriginal English Communication         Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122929              Start @ U1 Online                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122932              First Nations Master of Education        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122935              Academic Advisor Training Program        Y       A              13-SEP-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122936              Evidence Based Medicine Toolkit          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122951              Arch Grad App                            Y       A              04-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122952              Employment Equity Incentive Award        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122953              Internatnl Student Grp Coordinator       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122955              Australian Indigenous Travel             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             122959              Centre for Advancement of Medicine       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123009              PhD Support                              Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123011              CDRN (CDN DESIGN RESEARCH NETWORK)       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123012              Accreditation                            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123021              Insurance Projects - Reserves            Y       A              29-OCT-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123034              Faculty of Medicine Ext. Relations       Y       A              18-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123052              TA/Grader Fund                           Y       A              09-SEP-2011             31-DEC-2099
             123058              Dean's Lecture (Architecture)            Y       A              24-JAN-2012             31-DEC-2099
             123059              Convocation Celebration                  Y       A              21-NOV-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123060              Moving Costs - New Staff 1               Y       A              21-NOV-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123065              Indigenous Initiatives                   Y       A              05-OCT-2015             31-DEC-2099
             123076              Interdisciplinary Studio                 Y       A              05-DEC-2014             31-DEC-2099
             123077              Building Renovation                      Y       A              02-MAY-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123079              Landscape Intersession  Larc 7180        Y       A              02-MAY-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123125              Moving Costs - New Staff 2               Y       A              18-MAY-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123126              Architecture - Deans Travel              Y       A              18-MAY-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123127              Greening the curriculum conference       Y       A              18-MAY-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123128              Architecture-Capital CampaignTravel      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123134              Architecture - Students Travel           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123135              Architecture - General Travel            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123162              Architecture - PHD Support 2             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123170              Dean of Medicine Recruitment             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123260              APDF 2007-08 - Saeed Moshiri             Y       A              29-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123261              APDF 2007-08 - Tina Mai Chen             Y       A              29-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123262              APDF 2007-08 - Dawne McCance             Y       A              29-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123263              APDF 2007-08 - Struan Sinclair           Y       A              29-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123264              ADPF 2007-08 - Phyllis Portnoy           Y       A              29-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123266              APDF 2007-08 - Armelle St-Martin         Y       A              29-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123267              APDF 2007-08 - Jarvis Brownlie           Y       A              29-JUN-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123305              Student Recruitment Project              Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123340              COPSE - Applied Health Sc Program        Y       A              02-JUL-2015             31-DEC-2099
             123343              COPSE - AHS - Med Rehab                  Y       A              14-MAY-2009             31-DEC-2099
             123363              COPSE - AHS - Nursing                    Y       A              14-MAY-2009             31-DEC-2099
             123364              COPSE - AHS - Kin & Rec Mgmt             Y       A              14-MAY-2009             31-DEC-2099
             123378              Centennial Publica.& Celebra. event      Y       A              03-FEB-2012             31-DEC-2099
             123383              PHD Support - Architecture               Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123391              New Faculty Orientation                  Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123392              Learning Commons Initiation Plan`        Y       A              01-JUL-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123443              FDIF - Copyright/Copyleft                Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123448              Presidential Transition                  Y       A              18-SEP-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123455              Dean Search Social Work                  Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123464              Operational Continuity                   Y       A              12-OCT-2016             31-DEC-2099
             123474              Recuperator Distribution Pump            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123478              Riddell Faculty Lab Fees                 Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123484              Take Our Kids to Work Day                Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123499              Pharmacology Payroll Default GL          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123505              Medical Ethics & Humanities              Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123565              Pharmacology-Glial Biology Research      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123621              Day Care Centre Lighting                 Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123687              BMSB Ph II Exhaust Fan Upgrade CAC       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123714              Medicine- Alumni Affairs                 Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123715              Med- Communication & Marketing           Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123733              Interior Design-Photography              Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             123740              Medicine- WISH Clinic                    Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123767              Center for Creative Writing              Y       A              28-JUL-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123816              RCFFN Payroll Dummy Fund                 Y       A              27-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             123817              CTESL Program                            Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123848              UHS Spending Freeze                      Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123850              Kin & Rec Mgmt General Office Exp        Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123869              Chuchmach Salary                         Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             123872              Physiology- default FOP                  Y       A              16-AUG-2013             31-DEC-2099
             123884              Fac. of Science Communication Fund       Y       A              03-NOV-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123885              Faculty of Science Development Fund      Y       A              03-NOV-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123921              Canada Excellence Research Chair         Y       A              28-MAY-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123925              CAHR- Payroll default G/L                Y       A              15-DEC-2014             31-DEC-2099
             123953              Student Life Orientation                 Y       A              13-SEP-2011             31-DEC-2099
             123960              Interdisciplinary Health Prog-COPSE      Y       A              02-JUL-2015             31-DEC-2099
             123989              Engineering External Communication       Y       A              11-JUN-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124020              Human Ecology Commitments                Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124021              Faculty Journal                          Y       A              03-OCT-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124022              CHS Payroll Default G/L                  Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124030              Medicine- Professionalism                Y       A              04-MAY-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124074              FGS - NSERC CREATE                       Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124157              President's Scholarship                  Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124194              YEAR END EXHIBITION                      Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124226              LTC Online / Distance Courses            Y       A              02-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124236              Landscape & Urbanism Option Year         Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124237              Physical Computing                       Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124239              Network Publication                      Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124240              Awards Events                            Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124242              ID Advisory Board                        Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124247              Architecture Option Year                 Y       A              27-MAR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124248              Interior Environments Option Year        Y       A              27-MAR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124292              Dentistry- Student Lounge Reno's         Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124296              Arch. External Crits                     Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124307              Aboriginal Gathering - Internal Rev      Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124308              Cdn Nat'l Med Student Symposium          Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124324              Ph. D. Program                           Y       A              01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             124325              LARC Studio 3 Instructor Expenses        Y       A              01-OCT-2012             31-DEC-2099
             124385              Diffractometer Support                   Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124399              Collaborative Creation Grants Fund       Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124477              APDF 2009-10 Michelle Faubert            Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124478              APDF 2009-10 Hikmet Gunay                Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124479              APDF 2009-10 Corey Mackenzie             Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124480              APDF 2009-10 Kenneth MacKendrick         Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124481              APDF 2009-10 Neil McArthur               Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124482              APDF 2009-10 Marian Morry                Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124483              APDF 2009-10 Umut Oguzoglu               Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124484              APDF 2009-10 Vanessa Warne               Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124485              APDF 2009-10 Lori Wilkinson              Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124486              APDF 2009-10 Julia Witt                  Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124488              Architecture - Head Travel               Y       A              23-JUL-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124515              Nursing-faculty development budget       Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124556              Desautels Loan - Scholarship             Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124561              City Planning - Head Travel              Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124562              Interior Design - Head Travel            Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124563              Landscape Architecture- Head Travel      Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124565              CHRIM Salary Support                     Y       A              24-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             124586              Nairobi Book Project                     Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124599              CITY7470 - Prof Planning                 Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124600              CITY7440 - Planning Design IV            Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124601              Rhodes Travel Sponsorship                Y       A              26-NOV-2013             31-DEC-2099
             124638              OMS-Foreign Sponsored Students           Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124672              PEACE & CONFLICT M. A. PROGRAM           Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124673              Dr. Lagace - Wiens Award                 Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124685              BMG Default FOP                          Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124942              SUMMER INNOVATION SWRK 4250              Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124993              EVLU 3006 FIELD TRIP - INSTRUCTOR        Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125074              APDF 2010-11 Susan Frohlick              Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125075              APDF 2010-11 Umut Oguzoglu               Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125076              APDF 2010-11 R. Vaitheespara             Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125077              APDF 2010-11 Renate Eigenbrod            Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125078              APDF 2010-11 Jared Wesley                Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125079              APDF 2010-11 Melanie Glenwright          Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125080              APDF 2010-11 Tammy Ivanco                Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125082              APDF 2010-11 Marian Morry                Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125143              Research Allowance - Lobdell             Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125148              Research Allowance - Buchanan            Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125149              Research Allowance - Blatz               Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125150              Research Allowance - Ferens              Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125151              Research Allowance - Dick                Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125152              Research Allowance - Hashemian           Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125153              Research Allowance - Sepehri             Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125154              Research Allowance - Balakrishnan        Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125213              Dawe Annual Research Alloc.              Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125217              Scholarly/Creative Alloc. -P.Hess        Y       A              11-AUG-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125243              Vision Study - Cholakis                  Y       A              07-SEP-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125244              EVLU4014 Studio 6 - Course               Y       A              20-AUG-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125281              Kirby - Annual Allocation                Y       A              01-SEP-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125282              P Choy Translation Research Seminar      Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125284              Vision Study - Srinathan                 Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125292              EVLU 3008 Studio 4                       Y       A              14-SEP-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125293              EVLU 3014 Placemaking                    Y       A              14-SEP-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125294              EVLU 4012 Studio 5                       Y       A              14-SEP-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125295              EVLU 4018 Urban Des                      Y       A              14-SEP-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125296              LARC 6160 Studio 1                       Y       A              14-SEP-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125297              LARC7200 Studio Exp                      Y       A              14-SEP-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125298              LARC7190 Studio Exp                      Y       A              14-SEP-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125309              Arch. 7040 Prof Practice                 Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125478              Fac of Medicine – Other Projects         Y       A              28-MAR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             125492              Assoc Dean Academic Discretionary        Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125493              Assoc Dean Research Discretionary        Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125495              Ethics Centre                            Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125500              University Club Expenses                 Y       A              23-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125527              U2011 (Understanding the MB Elect.)      Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125542              Shamseddine Research Support             Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125583              Keewatin Graduate Support                Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125587              MabNet Salary Support                    Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125697              2011 Innovation Fund-Block/Wiebe         Y       A              27-JUN-2011             31-DEC-2099
             125704              Hart, M - Indigenous Caucus              Y       A              16-MAR-2012             31-DEC-2099
             125705              Levine,K-Critical Intervention-CW        Y       A              16-MAR-2012             31-DEC-2099
             125706              Heinonen,T-Practice & Inquiry Apps       Y       A              16-MAR-2012             31-DEC-2099
             125738              Res Communication & Marketing            Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             125755              Outreach - Diverse Workforce             Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             125775              Research Allowance - Thomson             Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125802              Research Support - Hultin                Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125805              Zetner Research Support                  Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125807              Travel - Dean/Associate Dean             Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125937              MHRC Bridge Funding                      Y       A              26-NOV-2013             31-DEC-2099
             125938              Biomedical Youth Program                 Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             125969              TLT Clicker Technology                   Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             125970              Khajehpour Research Support              Y       A              16-SEP-2011             31-DEC-2099
             125971              Sorensen Research Support                Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126031              University Sustainability Committee      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126038              TLT-Using technology to learn (SMR)      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126040              TLT Health Record Keeping - Stutsky      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126043              Visionary Conversations                  Y       A              09-MAY-2017             31-DEC-2099
             126044              Space Expansion                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126046              Polish Language Operating                Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126047              TLT Documentation &Health Recording      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126053              DHPLC Platform - S. Pind                 Y       A              15-NOV-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126079              CSL Domestic Programs                    Y       A              19-DEC-2017             31-DEC-2099
             126080              CSL International Programs               Y       A              19-DEC-2017             31-DEC-2099
             126081              SLP - Ecuador                            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126082              SLP - El Salvador                        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126083              SLP - Children Rising                    Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126084              SLP - Reading Buddies                    Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126085              SLP - Praxis                             Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126087              BLBC Claudin 1                           Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126089              Stakeholder Engagement/Market Rsrch      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126097              Arino Research Support                   Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126098              HNS-Furniture/Rsrch Infrastructure       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126099              HNS-Software Purchases                   Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126100              HNS-Statistical Analysis                 Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126109              Southern Research Support                Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126132              TLT On-line AR for PSYC 1200             Y       A              08-NOV-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126136              TMD/Dental Sleep Medicine                Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126144              Warming Huts Project                     Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126145              GPE Research Funding                     Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126168              Kick-Start: Rsrch & Collab in Psych      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126171              Piercey-Normore Research Fund            Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             126176              CITY 7420-Course Expenses                Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126177              CITY 7340-Course Expenses                Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126180              Harmatz-Faculty Development Award        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126192              Department Support for Studio            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126197              TLT Award Literacy in large class        Y       A              18-SEP-2012             31-DEC-2099
             126208              UTS-TLT-Hechter                          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126218              Outstanding Workplace Initiative         Y       A              26-NOV-2013             31-DEC-2099
             126220              SA Professional Development              Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126254              Endo Trauma Project                      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126261              President's Scholar Programs             Y       A              04-AUG-2017             31-DEC-2099
             126277              Educ Strategic Research Initiatives      Y       A              10-SEP-2018             31-DEC-2099
             126375              150 Parker Delay costs                   Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126396              Migizii Agamik Maintenance               Y       A              20-OCT-2017             31-DEC-2099
             126400              Physician Manager Institute              Y       A              11-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             126401              UM - SPC AUCC Membership Fund            Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126439              Transgenic Core - Hicks                  Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126492              Autonomour Agents Lab Exp                Y       A              16-AUG-2012             31-DEC-2099
             126507              Default Operating Fund Pediatrics        Y       A              28-AUG-2012             31-DEC-2099
             126520              Autonomous Agents Lab Exp                Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126521              Health and Wellness                      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126525              ICS Orientation                          Y       A              21-SEP-2016             31-DEC-2099
             126526              NP - Rural Expansion                     Y       A              11-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             126562              Curriculum Renewal                       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126584              Stetefeld Coldroom                       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126677              Administrative Unit Reviews              Y       A              18-JUL-2019             31-DEC-2099
             126689              U1 Programming                           Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             126724              Warming Huts Project (Env Design)        Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126734              3 Minute Thesis                          Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126743              Campus Planning/Competition              Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126774              CHRR - Honeyford                         Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126837              Eugene Odigie Stipend                    Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126865              Science Safety Initiatives               Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126872              Emeritus Event                           Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126873              Student Affairs Special Projects         Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126875              Excellence in Engineer Ed Award          Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126876              Intl Eng Student Prog Initiatives        Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126880              Animal Care - Fac. of Arts               Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126899              Research Support - Tate                  Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126903              Curriculum Dvlpmnt Support Wiese         Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126904              Curriculum Dvlpmnt Support Krepart       Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126905              Curriculum Dvlpmnt Support Araji         Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126906              STEM - TLT-Hecther                       Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126907              Brazilian Student - Dr. Mookherjee       Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126909              S.MacDonald - Brazillian Research        Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126911              The QR Code Public Art Project           Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126917              Teaching and Learning                    Y       A              12-JUL-2013             31-DEC-2099
             126949              Brazillian Research Plcemnts-Szturm      Y       A              26-JUL-2013             31-DEC-2099
             126951              Brazillian Research Plcmnts - Kumar      Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126952              Brazillian Research Plcmnt-Passmore      Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126953              Brazillian Research Plcmnt -Webber       Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126954              Brazillian Research Plcmnt-Dhella        Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126957              Brazillian ResearchPlcmnt-Greenberg      Y       A              06-AUG-2013             31-DEC-2099
             126958              Brazillian Research Plcment - Isaak      Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126959              Brazillian Research Plcment - Enns       Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126965              CITY 7410 - Planning Design 1            Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126972              MedMicrobiology Salary default fund      Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126976              Student Athletic Support                 Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127006              Transformation Governance                Y       A              06-JUN-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127007              Banner Infrastructure Upgrade            Y       A              20-MAY-2016             31-DEC-2099
             127008              Optical Scoring NEP17                    Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127009              Streaming Media Upgrade NEP20            Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127010              Forms/Survey Tool Repl NEP22/23          Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127011              Wireless Upgrades                        Y       A              16-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127012              Space Planning NEP34                     Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127013              Migration Univ Hlth NEP36                Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127014              Early Alerts, Elec Advisor NEP 38        Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127015              UM Achieve/Degree Audit                  Y       A              27-NOV-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127016              DBEU                                     Y       A              06-OCT-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127017              Wireless Phase 2                         Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127018              Storage area Network NEP47               Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127019              Forms Fusion Upgrade                     Y       A              26-NOV-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127020              Classroom AV upgrades NEP49              Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127021              Audit Remed / initiatives NEP52/53       Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127022              Banner Doc Mgmt/Workflow NEP56/57        Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127023              Fast Upgrade NEP58                       Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127024              Sandbox                                  Y       A              26-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127025              PCI/DSS                                  Y       A              23-MAY-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127026              Assistive Learning Technology            Y       A              26-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127027              Network Switch Improvements              Y       A              09-MAY-2016             31-DEC-2099
             127028              Data Centre Replacement Analysis         Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127033              Medical Micro Salary Default fund        Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127073              TLT - 3D Pelvis Teach Tool               Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127079              Graduate Stdt Stipends-Textile Sci       Y       A              17-SEP-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127085              Summer Session Fund - Beaverford         Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127086              Science W/O Borders Stdts-Pharmacy       Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127092              Zelmer - Start Up                        Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127131              Brazilian Scholarship Students           Y       A              17-OCT-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127133              Investor's Group Field - Cleaning        Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127165              Brazilian Student - Dr. A. Kumar         Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127174              Chelikani MMSF - Supplies                Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127178              Arts 1100 Distance Course                Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127185              Development Support - Barry              Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127186              Development Support - Thurmayr           Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127187              Development Support - Chon               Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127188              Development Support - Landrum            Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127189              Development Support - Schwann            Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127190              Development Support - Coar               Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127191              Development Support - Araji              Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127224              LARC 7340 Studio 4 expenses              Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127265              Windows XP Migration                     Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127281              WISH CLINIC - UGME                       Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127283              Accounts Office Process Review           Y       A              26-MAR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127284              Network Management Improv                Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127285              Transformation Leadership Dev Proj       Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127286              Transformation Org Design Project        Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127287              Transformation ITSM Project              Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127288              D2L Upgrade Project                      Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127289              Wireless Phase 14/15                     Y       A              30-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127290              Empl Oppor. Sys. Modernization           Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127291              Network Security Improv Project          Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127292              Novell to Windows File Storage           Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127293              IST Transformation Prog Office           Y       A              24-JUL-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127294              Convocation Video Equip                  Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127295              Production Enviro Segregation            Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127296              Life Safety Network                      Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127297              Event Registration System                Y       A              07-JAN-2016             31-DEC-2099
             127298              IT Strategy & Risk Management            Y       A              20-FEB-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127299              Student Portal NEP40                     Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127300              Improving Ways Stdnts Connect NEP37      Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127301              Transformation - Governing Docs          Y       A              19-DEC-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127302              New IDM - NEP67                          Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127324              VPAC UMC/SUAC costs                      Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127350              Oracle OLAP server move                  Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127351              IWeb Modernization                       Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127352              Parchment & Transcrpt Modernization      Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127353              Voice Mail Server Replacement            Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127354              Classroom Technology Improvements        Y       A              02-JUL-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127355              Banner Middle Tier Upgrade               Y       A              09-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127368              Self Insurance Claims                    Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             127412              Payroll Default - MICH                   Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127413              Eng. CAD Lab Expenses                    Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127425              Dean's Allowance                         Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127427              Buyouts (Assoc. Deans)                   Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127428              MITACS                                   Y       A              07-MAY-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127455              Indigenous Advisor                       Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127463              137 Innovation Dr - Shared Expenses      Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127471              ASI - IT                                 Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127472              Wireless Upgrade 14/15                   Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127513              Strategic Initiative 5                   Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127514              Strategic Initiative 4                   Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127515              Strategic Initiative 3                   Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127516              Strategic Initiative 2                   Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127517              Strategic Initiative 1                   Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127528              Alumni Magazine - On Manitoba            Y       A              22-AUG-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127532              SWB 2014 Placements                      Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127559              Print Accounting                         Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127560              ALMA Upgrade                             Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127561              Medicine Mail Migration                  Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127562              Campus Network Redesign                  Y       A              02-FEB-2018             31-DEC-2099
             127563              Digital Set Upgrades Admin/Univ Ctr      Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127565              MCHP Support to HSL                      Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127566              PAP Support to HSL                       Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127571              Interface Chem, Life Sci & Physics       Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127583              Arch - AMP                               Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127589              Print Services Program                   Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127633              Payroll Default Fund                     Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127642              Dept of Architecture -Accreditation      Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127645              UITAC Project Funding                    Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127663              D2L Upgrade to Continuous Delivery       Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127675              Graduate Program Miscellaneous           Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127690              Landscape Architecture-Accreditatio      Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127691              City Planning - Accreditation            Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127708              Online/Blending Learning - Luong         Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127709              Online/Blending Learning - Doob          Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127730              Online/Blended Learning - Marshall       Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127740              University Advising Coordinator          Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127777              Human NutritionalSci-Salary Default      Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127798              SCCM Project                             Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127809              UMC / SUAC                               Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127816              IST Central Projects                     Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127817              Indigenous Achievement Project           Y       A              12-JAN-2016             31-DEC-2099
             127818              Business Intelligence                    Y       A              21-JAN-2016             31-DEC-2099
             127819              Enterprise Network Management            Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127820              Learning Tech Improvement 15-16          Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127821              UM Budgeting System                      Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127822              ERP Renewal                              Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127823              WCMS (Web Content Mgmt Sys)              Y       A              03-FEB-2017             31-DEC-2099
             127824              Portal Project Phase 2                   Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127829              Applied Health Science PhD Program       Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127877              Pension Plan Funding                     Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127878              Early Retirement Incentive               Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127887              Fablab                                   Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127938              Metallurigical Engineering               Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127939              Exec.Succession Planning Initiative      Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127956              FKRM AssocDean (Rrch) Discretionary      Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127970              Indigenous Advisor Fund                  Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128008              Science Without Borders - Nursing        Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128075              Internet Hardware Redundancy             Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128076              MS SQL Server Upgrade                    Y       A              23-NOV-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128077              My SQL migration                         Y       A              23-NOV-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128078              Libraries Single Sign-On System          Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128082              FAST JE Module                           Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128084              Radius                                   Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128110              K. Koczanski Travel                      Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128111              STEAM (Sci, Tech, Eng, Art, Math)        Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128130              Powerhouse Fire                          Y       A              19-NOV-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128138              Faculty Int'l Project Seed Fund          Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128144              PIMS Faculty Support                     Y       A              03-DEC-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128145              PIMS U of M VP Academic                  Y       A              03-DEC-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128146              Actuarial Math Programs Support          Y       A              21-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128152              Provincial Transfer Credit Database      Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128159              BUSARIES                                 Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128171              Technology Srvcs Project Consultant      Y       A              23-JUN-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128172              Centralized Residence Project            Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128178              Provost Office Led Admin Reviews         Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128213              Source Code Mgmt (SCM) Sys               Y       A              17-FEB-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128214              Data Storage B/U Target Capacity         Y       A              17-FEB-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128227              Project Consultants for Charge-back      Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128230              Asper Academic Profnl Devel              Y       A              29-SEP-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128252              Robotics Post Doc                        Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128260              Online Grading Platform                  Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128261              UM Community Link Swipe Card             Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128262              Online Classroom Software                Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128263              Ctrl Mgmt Web Server Load                Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128272              Convocation, Special Event Salaries      Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128395              Provost's Office Admin Leave             Y       A              07-MAR-2019             31-DEC-2099
             128398              Nursing Simulation                       Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128399              Building Bridges-Paddling Together       Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128404              Automate Invoice Load Banner             Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128407              Improved WiFi Access EITC                Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128408              FHS Assessment                           Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128414              Faculty of Science Seminars              Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128418              CRC Chair Operating - F. Wang            Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128420              Preferred Name                           Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128421              Optical Scoring                          Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128422              Media Library                            Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128423              Outdoor Space                            Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128458              Surviving and Thriving in CON            Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128479              Classroom Response Systems               Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128480              Mailman Replacement                      Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128481              Duff Roblin P230 Upgrade                 Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128482              Cloud Based Ad Astra                     Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128483              Data Centre Core                         Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128484              Integrated Registration Sys              Y       A              21-OCT-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128524              Travel & PD - Research Facilitator       Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128541              Human Anatomy - Allocat. & Projects      Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128543              SharePoint - Office 365                  Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128544              Cherwell Upgrade                         Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128569              Sustainability - Projects                Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128570              Education Initiatives                    Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128571              Oper Research Alloc - Anderson Hope      Y       A              23-JUL-2018             31-DEC-2099
             128574              IT Methodology                           Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128589              Scientific Fdn for Comput. Finance       Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128600              Illustrat. Inderdiscipl. Sc Imaging      Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128604              Online Orientation                       Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128622              Mobile Encryption                        Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128628              Wang FGS Res                             Y       A              23-JUL-2018             31-DEC-2099
             128648              Compellant Refresh                       Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128649              Threat Landscape                         Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128650              HR Online Recruitment Servers            Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128651              Network Health Check                     Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128652              Banner 9 Upgrade                         Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128653              IronPort Upgrade                         Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128654              F5 Loader                                Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128658              Dean's Research Allowance                Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128693              Building Reconciliation Forum 2017       Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128699              Math Mania                               Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128700              NCTR Strategic Support                   Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128701              Advisor Notes                            Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128702              Faculty of Science GETS                  Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128710              Life Safety Systems Improvements         Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128748              Watson workshop                          Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128749              Apple Device Management                  Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128753              Mentorship Program                       Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128754              CCR                                      Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128756              Online Orientation                       Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128788              BC Water Saving Fixtures Mtce            Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128789              Delta Controls Optimization              Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128790              FG Main Sewer Flushing                   Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128791              FG Utility Meter Upgrades                Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128792              FG Misc. Energy Upgrades                 Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128793              FG Steam Trap Mtce                       Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128794              FG Variable Speed Drive Mtce             Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128795              FG Water Saving Fixtures Mtce            Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128796              PP - General Oper. Alloc.                Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128797              BC Utility Meter Upgrades                Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128798              BC Variable Speed Drive Mtce             Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128799              BC Steam Trap Mtce                       Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128800              BC Misc. Energy Upgrades                 Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128817              Website Project                          Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128882              Integrated Science Prgm-Statistics       Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128883              Integrated Science Prgm-Physics          Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128912              Integrated Science Prg-Microbiology      Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128913              Integrated Science Prg-Mathematics       Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128914              Integrated Science Prg-Comp Science      Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128915              Integrated Science Prgm-Chemistry        Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128916              Integrated Science Prg-Bio Sciences      Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128917              Integrated Science Program-Faculty       Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128935              Pharmacology Special Projects            Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128938              Two Factor Authentication                Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128953              Graduate Student Success                 Y       A              06-DEC-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128972              Virtual Desktop Capability               Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128973              CRC Chair - Roberta Woodgate             Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128975              Teaching Excellence                      Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128980              Rsrch Excell. Mentor Outreach Awrd       Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128981              FSW - Field Costs                        Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128992              Major Outreach Award - Koczanski         Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128994              Major Outreach Award-Kalajdzievska       Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             129005              HRS Projects                             Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             129010              SAS Student FAQ Support Program          Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             129016              STEAM Therapy                            Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             129020              Other Allocations & Pjcts-Dentistry      Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             129021              Other Allocations & Projects - CORS      Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             129023              Brain Food Dinners-Human Nutr. Sci.      Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             129025              Vehicle Default Fund - Soil Science      Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             129034              Music and Wellness Speaker Series        Y       A              27-MAR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129041              STWG - Restorative Spaces                Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             129050              ITPC Process Review                      Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             129057              IID&GHTP-RFHS CarryOver                  Y       A              20-JUL-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129062              W.I.S.E. Next Generation                 Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             129067              Building Research and Testing            Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             129071              Spiritual Care                           Y       A              25-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129073              Atlassian Jira                           Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129074              JAVA PHP Apache                          Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129075              RFHS Assessment                          Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129076              ORS                                      Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129077              Graduate Student Development             Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129081              CRC Chair - Frank Deer                   Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129088              Education ITEP Project                   Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129093              Institutional Memberships - VPRI         Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129094              Institutional Membership - VP Admin      Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129095              Instit. Membership-President Office      Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129103              Faculty Appointments Funding             Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129145              Branding Project                         Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129146              CC Cluster                               Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129147              GPU Cluster                              Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129148              Churchill Project                        Y       A              09-JUL-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129149              Core Firewall Switch                     Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129150              Anycast Replacement                      Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129151              Sharepoint BOG                           Y       A              09-JUL-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129166              FAFS Teaching Award                      Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129185              CEF 2018/19 - Ripat                      Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129186              L. Simard - Research Support             Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129199              Int'l Student Health Insurance           Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129220              Tennable Security                        Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129228              Research Allocation - Shafai, C          Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129253              Network Switch Phase 3                   Y       A              16-OCT-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129264              CAST - Operating                         Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129268              Academic Calendar Application            Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129269              N3220 Replacement                        Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129270              SIP to PRI Migration                     Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129271              Data Warehouse                           Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129272              Banner 9 SSB Workflow                    Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129274              Pharmacy Student Experience Fund         Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129275              Advanced Education Support               Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129278              RWLE Project Work                        Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129288              ELC - Int'l Health Insurance             Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129290              Indigenous&Com Outreach Initiatives      Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129302              Telephony Risk Mitigation                Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129303              UM Achieve Cloud                         Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129322              Asper's Speaker Series                   Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129323              Dean's Office - Faculty Sponsorship      Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129376              Pedagogy Award - Court                   Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129377              Pedagogy Award - Gerstein                Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129378              Pedagogy Award - Tichon                  Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129379              Pedagogy Award - English                 Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129385              Pedagogy Award - Yang Wang               Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129389              Julia Gamble - Start-Up Funds            Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129394              Chancellor & President transition        Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129396              Pedagogy Award (Luong)                   Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129406              Community Art-Build & Mural Project      Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129407              Master of ENTR and Innovation            Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129408              Social Science Institute                 Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129409              Institute for the Humanities Fund        Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129410              Flexible Learning Fund                   Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129411              Program Sustainability Fund              Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129412              Teaching Enhancement Fund                Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129415              BSc Med Program                          Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129417              Research Admin Software                  Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129422              Faculty of Science 50th Anniversary      Y       A              01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
             129423              Arts Graduate Student Support            Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129424              Acad Support-Research-Humanities         Y       A              15-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
             129425              Acad Support-Research-Soc Sciences       Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             129430              Indigenizing Curriculum - Arts           Y       A              01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
             129433              Education Student Awards                 Y       A              18-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
             129461              RFHS Equipment - General                 Y       A              01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
             129476              Applied Health Sciences                  Y       A              01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
             129484              Next Generation Web Experience           Y       A              01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
             129487              International Centre Delegations         Y       A              01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
             129488              International Centre Orientation         Y       A              01-AUG-2019             31-DEC-2099
             129490              Clearing RCFFN Research Expense          Y       A              01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
             129512              Course Development / L. Neville          Y       A              01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
             129519              IHSI Gathering - D.Halonen               Y       A              01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
             129524              M. Czubryt - Research Fund               Y       A              01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
             129525              K. Main - Research Fund                  Y       A              01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
             129526              Data Clr Top of Rack                     Y       A              01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
             129527              Back Up Storage Replm                    Y       A              01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
             129528              Research Computing Maintain              Y       A              07-AUG-2019             31-DEC-2099
             129529              Research Computing Enhance               Y       A              01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
             129530              NSI Phase 4                              Y       A              01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
             129531              Windows 2008                             Y       A              01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
           12602               Other Alloc /Proj-Spec Arrangements        N       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             120087              HLHPRI Research Forsyth                  Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             120108              Economics Student Endowment              Y       A              15-OCT-2010             31-DEC-2099
             120222              Oper Research Alloc Cohen                Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             120233              Arts PDF Women In Science                Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             120234              Oper Research Alloc Witty                Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             120405              Emp Equity MacPherson                    Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             120480              PDF Statistics                           Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             120531              Nursing CHSRF Chair Account              Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             120532              Nursing New Investigator Award           Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             120536              Care Research Project                    Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             120538              Oper Research Alloc Guse                 Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             120570              Oper Research Alloc  Kerr                Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             120571              Oper Research Alloc Grant                Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             120572              Operational Research Alloc OIR           Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             120650              HLHPRI Research Wiser                    Y       A              01-DEC-2010             31-DEC-2099
             120660              HLHPRI Research Halas                    Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             120781              Agribusiness & Ec Graduate Research      Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             120797              Bench Fees - Ying                        Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             120798              Oper Research Alloc Cicek                Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             120815              Oper Research Alloc Ominski K            Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             120834              Oper Research Alloc Beta                 Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             120851              Oper Research Alloc Farenhorst           Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             120852              Oper Research Alloc Bullock              Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             121024              Oper Res Pind S                          Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             121068              Oper Res Del Bigio                       Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             121107              Menec Project                            Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             121109              Oper Res O'Neil                          Y       A              01-APR-2012             31-DEC-2099
             121110              Oper Res Yassi                           Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             121350              Winnipeg Airports Authority              Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             121425              HLHPRI Research Heine                    Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             121507              Oper Research Alloc Whitmore             Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             121518              Int'l Health G.Arthur Award              Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             121525              CIHR-RPP Matching Funds-Woodgate         Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             121526              Research Scientist Award-Lobchuk         Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             121527              Research Scientist Award-Woodgate        Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             121657              Agric-International Studnt Projects      Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             121675              Asper-International Studt Projects       Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             121686              Sch of Art-International Stud Projs      Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             121705              Aboriginal Law Studies                   Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             121708              Collaborative Prgm Dev-Aboriginal        Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             121725              Town Of Morden                           Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             121744              "In Motion" Physical Activity            Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             121791              Employment Systems Review                Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             121815              Grad Stdts Enrollment Incentive Prg      Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             121850              Infrastructure Support                   Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             121851              HLHPRI Mini U Research Program           Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             121866              Science Internat'l Student Project       Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             121920              Peguis Science & Tech Symposium          Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             121935              L. A. Student Funding                    Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             122020              RA/TA Allocation Fund                    Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             122042              ISP- Joint Undergrad Eng Prog India      Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             122168              Engineering Special Projects             Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             122217              O'Neil Project                           Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             122320              Undergraduate Laboratories               Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             122386              High Performance Computing               Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             122419              Coop Program                             Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             122430              CRYSTAL Admin                            Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             122434              Sidney Warhaft Memorial                  Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             122529              Emergency Research Funding Standing      Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             122554              Hallman Fellowship Centre on Aging       Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             122600              Grad Studies Research Assists            Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             122608              Food Claim Damage Mill Room              Y       A              08-SEP-2010             31-DEC-2099
             122708              Manitoba Historical Resources            Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             122837              CHERD Research - R Lee                   Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             122838              CHERD Research - K Levine                Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             122840              CHERD Research - S Alessi-Severini       Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             122924              Aboriginal Student Career Promo          Y       A              26-JAN-2011             31-DEC-2099
             122925              Hands on Chemical and Enviro Study       Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             122927              Computer Aided Drug Design               Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             122954              International Exchange Scholarship       Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             122997              New Staff Funding 1                      Y       A              11-JUL-2014             31-DEC-2099
             123003              New Staff funding 2                      Y       A              11-JUL-2014             31-DEC-2099
             123004              New Staff Funding 3                      Y       A              11-JUL-2014             31-DEC-2099
             123006              New Staff Funding 4                      Y       A              11-JUL-2014             31-DEC-2099
             123007              New Staff Funding 5                      Y       A              11-JUL-2014             31-DEC-2099
             123008              Research Funding New Staff 6             Y       A              08-AUG-2012             31-DEC-2099
             123028              MCHP CHS Segregated Fund Allocation      Y       A              01-APR-2012             31-DEC-2099
             123073              Research Funding New Staff # 7           Y       A              08-AUG-2012             31-DEC-2099
             123166              IECPCP Initiative Funds - MacDonald      Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123265              APDF 2007-08 - Lucas Tromly              Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123268              APDF 2007-08 - Jason P. Leboe            Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123269              APDF 2007-08 - Corey S. Mackenzie        Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123270              APDF 2007-08 Janine Montgomery           Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123271              Freezer Recovery                         Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123334              Int. Health Project Dev. Grant           Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123382              Med Micro - Dr. Yao Matching Fund        Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123409              Employment Equity Incentive Fund         Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123433              Halas - Employment Equity Incentive      Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123452              Psychology Graduate Awards - FGS         Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123472              Materials Research Initiative            Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123473              Graduate Residence Student Travel        Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123481              Arch-Series of one day Field Trips       Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123517              CHERD Research Dr. R. Bartell            Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123518              CHERD Research Dr. R. Britton            Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123519              CHERD Research Dr. D. Loewen             Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123520              CHERD Research Dr. D. Loewen             Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123521              CHERD Research Dr. D. Loewen             Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123522              CHERD Resrch McMillan & Falkenberg       Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123526              Interprofessional Education IECPCP       Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123566              Pathology- Myal MMSF Research            Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123622              Backflow Prevention                      Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123623              HLHP - Gardiner/CFBS                     Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123624              RA Allocation Funds - Grad Students      Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123658              L + U Studio 3 Field Trip                Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123704              VanWijngaarden UFA Release               Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123777              Duff Roblin Acid Dilution Tank Rem       Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123778              Ellis Rm 347 Counter Top Repl            Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123779              Medical Services Emergency Lighting      Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123780              Max Bell Exit Lights/Signs               Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123785              Brodie Ctr Glycol Sprinkler System       Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123846              Research Support - Dr. Szathmαry         Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123870              Research Funding New Staff 8             Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123871              Facility Improvements                    Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123883              U. College Kitchen Disconnects           Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123968              Graduate Student RA Allocation           Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123979              Jill Einarson - Oper Rsch Project        Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123980              Beyond Our Borders: U of M               Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123988              Engineering UG Administration            Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123992              Univ Ctr Fire Door Replacement           Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             123993              Interprof. Ed Operating (IECPCP)         Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124023              Fac of Science Graduate Top-Up Fund      Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124024              Sociology Graduate Awards - FGS          Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124034              Agriculture Rm 130 Stair Nosing          Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124057              Services Bldg Carpet Tile 144/149        Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124059              Med Rehab Flooring Repl                  Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124099              BMSB South Entrance Door Replace         Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124100              Fletcher Argue Duct Cleaning             Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124160              Centre on Aging Award - C. Lengyel       Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124179              Travel/Expense - Piotrowski/Ripat        Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124214              Cyclotron Waste Disposal                 Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124261              EEIF - Education - Schmidt/Block         Y       A              26-FEB-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124382              Spinal Cord Research Centre              Y       A              08-SEP-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124716              PHD student - Jacquie Lemare             Y       A              20-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124733              East West Alliance                       Y       A              05-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124763              Bingham Chair Other Allocations          Y       A              15-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124764              Renal Transplant Chair Other Alloc.      Y       A              15-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124787              Innovative Program Development           Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124801              Collaboration Promote Art & Music        Y       A              08-SEP-2010             31-DEC-2099
             124839              EE - UM - Downtown                       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             124844              EE - Salaries - CE & ELS                 Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             124947              Bio Sci Salary Reimb. Grad Studies       Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             124959              PURE - Psych. Undergrad. Research        Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125047              Quality Imp & Safety Chair Expenses      Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125086              Vice Provost (Prgms) Oper Research       Y       A              22-MAY-2012             31-DEC-2099
             125290              Oper. Research Allocation - Stern        Y       A              22-SEP-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125474              Centre on Aging Award - Peeler           Y       A              05-AUG-2011             31-DEC-2099
             125479              MIM Support                              Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125524              SMR - Tuition Fee Increase               Y       A              06-JAN-2011             31-DEC-2099
             125586              Zorboska Research Support                Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125589              Research Account - Diehl-Jones           Y       A              02-AUG-2011             31-DEC-2099
             125615              Faculty Jazz CD Project                  Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125628              Design Engineering Bridging              Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125655              Pharmacy Grad Student Support            Y       A              18-MAR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             125660              Health Research Bridge Funding           Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             125688              MMSF/MHRC fellowship (Schroth)           Y       A              01-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             126262              Dr. Salah Mahmud-Research Allowance      Y       A              30-MAR-2012             31-DEC-2099
             126278              Start-up: Cottonization of Hemp          Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126315              IID & GHTP FGS Support                   Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126382              Operate-Research Support-J.Ristock       Y       A              28-MAY-2012             31-DEC-2099
             126402              UTS - Li & Baranowski                    Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126472              Visionary Regeneration                   Y       A              03-AUG-2012             31-DEC-2099
             126583              Fort Garry Space Master Plan             Y       A              23-JAN-2013             31-DEC-2099
             126663              REdl Operating                           Y       A              10-DEC-2012             31-DEC-2099
             126713              Bannatyne Campus Master Plan             Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126716              Reasonable Accommodations Fund           Y       A              16-JAN-2013             31-DEC-2099
             126717              Mental Health Strategy                   Y       A              23-JAN-2013             31-DEC-2099
             126815              Experiential Education Course            Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126842              Evelyn Shapiro Award Allocation          Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127164              OIA Computer Replacement                 Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127194              UTS-TLT-cranston/Janzen/Redekopp         Y       A              13-JAN-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127212              Health Sciences ASI Transition           Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127233              Graduate Fellowship Funds - Psych        Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127234              Graduate Fellowship Funds - Sociol       Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127251              Linovski Spousal Agreement               Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127323              Print Services                           Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127328              Strategic Framework Priorities           Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127330              Mental Health Strategy                   Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127344              Compliance Systems Implementation        Y       A              14-DEC-2017             31-DEC-2099
             127595              Graduate Fellowship Funds - History      Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127635              Grad Fellowship Funds - Economics        Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127725              Asper Graduate Funding Support           Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127763              HR Relocation Project                    Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127802              MFA - Student Support                    Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127812              Research Equipment Competition           Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             128028              Law Programs - Carryover                 Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128029              Market Supplement - Carryover            Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128087              International Student Support            Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128189              Graduate Fellowship Fund - DEFT          Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             128567              Religion Undergrad/Grad Scholarship      Y       A              01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             128627              PACS (Director) Research Fund            Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128820              MB Schools Science Symposium (MSSS)      Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             128950              Special Projects - CORS                  Y       A              01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             129257              RFHS Women in Science                    Y       A              01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
           12604               CarryOver                                  N       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126532              Env Earth Res 11000  Pooled C/O2012      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126533              Architecture 12600 Pooled C/O 2012       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126534              Libraries 11000 Pooled C/O 2012          Y       A              29-OCT-2012             31-DEC-2099
             126535              IST 11000 Pooled C/O 2012                Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126537              Education 12600 Pooled C/O 2012          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126538              Engineering 12600 Pooled C/O 2012        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126539              Engineering 11000 Pooled C/O 2012        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126540              C/O – Dentistry – Grad Pedo Clinic       Y       A              14-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             126541              Dentistry 12600 Pooled C/O 2012          Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126542              Uni Teach Serv 110000Pooled C/O2012      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126546              Inst Analysis 110000 Pooled C/O2012      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126547              Acad Staff Dev 12600 Pooled C/O2012      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126548              Acad Staff Dev 110000Pooled C/O2012      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126549              Architecture 11000 Pooled C/O 2012       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126550              Human Ecology 11000 Pooled C/O 2012      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126551              Law 11000 Pooled C/O 2012                Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126552              Music 12600 Pooled C/O 2012              Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126553              Music 11000 Pooled C/O 2012              Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126554              Agri & Food 12600 Pooled C/O 2012        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126555              Agri & Food 11000 Pooled C/O 2012        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126569              Science 11000 Pooled C/O 2012            Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126570              Science 12600 Pooled C/O 2012            Y       A              07-MAR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             126571              Social Work 11000 Pooled C/O 2012        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126572              Social Work 12600 Pooled C/O 2012        Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126574              Arts 12600 Pooled C/O 2012               Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126575              Arts 11000 Pooled C/O 2012               Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126576              Univ College 11000 Pooled C/O 2012       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126610              Pharmacy 12600 Pooled C/O 2012           Y       A              16-NOV-2012             31-DEC-2099
             126611              St. Paul's Col 11000 Pooled C/O2012      Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126658              VP Res Operate 11000 PooledC/O2012       Y       A              29-MAR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             126660              HR 11000 Pooled C/O 2012                 Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126661              U of M Press 11000 Pooled C/O 2012       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126662              St.John's Col 11000 Pooled C/O2012       Y       A              01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             126674              Aramark Caretake11000Pooled C/O2012      Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             126675              VP (Academic) 12600 Pooled C/O 2012      Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             126686              Asper School 11000 Pooled C/O 2012       Y       A              01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             126696              Accreditation Visits C/O 2012            Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126697              SUPPORT for SPOR - C/O 2012              Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126698              Asper School 12600 Pooled C/O 2012       Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126701              Clinical Skills Lab                      Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126973              Carryover - External Relations           Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             126977              CarryOver - IST                          Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             126986              CarryOver 12/13-Academic Staff Dev.      Y       A              19-AUG-2013             31-DEC-2099
             126987              CarryOver 12/13 - Architecture           Y       A              19-AUG-2013             31-DEC-2099
             126988              CarryOver 12/13-SOA (Category 2)         Y       A              19-AUG-2013             31-DEC-2099
             126989              Carryover – Dentistry                    Y       A              24-JUL-2015             31-DEC-2099
             126990              C/O – Dentistry – Grad Ortho Clinic      Y       A              25-AUG-2014             31-DEC-2099
             126991              C/O – Dentistry – Grad Perio Clinic      Y       A              25-AUG-2014             31-DEC-2099
             126992              C/O – Dentistry – Main Clinic            Y       A              25-AUG-2014             31-DEC-2099
             126993              C/O – Dentistry – CCOH                   Y       A              25-AUG-2014             31-DEC-2099
             126994              CarryOver 12/13 - Human Ecology          Y       A              19-AUG-2013             31-DEC-2099
             126996              CarryOver 12/13 - Libraries              Y       A              19-AUG-2013             31-DEC-2099
             126997              CarryOver 12/13 - Medicine               Y       A              19-AUG-2013             31-DEC-2099
             126998              CarryOver 12/13 - Mosaic                 Y       A              09-FEB-2017             31-DEC-2099
             126999              CarryOver 12/13 - Nursing                Y       A              19-AUG-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127000              CarryOver 12/13 - Pharmacy               Y       A              19-AUG-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127001              CarryOver 12/13 - Physical Plant         Y       A              19-AUG-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127002              CarryOver 12/13 - Student Affairs        Y       A              19-AUG-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127003              CarryOver 12/13 - UM Press               Y       A              19-AUG-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127004              C/O 12/13 - University Secretariat       Y       A              19-AUG-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127005              C/O - VP-Provost (Programs&Plan)         Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127038              CarryOver - Education                    Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127039              CarryOver - Grad Studies-3MT             Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127040              CarryOver - Arts                         Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127041              CarryOver12/13-Univ Centre Services      Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127055              CarryOver - EnvEarth & Resources         Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127056              CarryOver - Fin Srvce/Comptroll          Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127057              CarryOver - Risk Mngt & Security         Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127058              CarryOver - St. Paul's                   Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127059              CarryOver - Human Resources              Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127065              CarryOver - Engineering                  Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127066              CarryOver - Social Work                  Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127067              CarryOver - Law                          Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127068              CarryOver - Research Services            Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127069              CarryOver - Research Services            Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127070              CarryOver - TechTransfer office          Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127071              CarryOver - VPRI                         Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127072              CarryOver - Animal Care                  Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127080              CarryOver - Science                      Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127094              CarryOver 12/13-Agri & Food Dean's       Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127095              CarryOver 12/13-Agribusiness             Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127096              CarryOver 12/13-Animal Science           Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127097              CarryOver 12/13-Farm Operations          Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127098              CarryOver 12/13-Biosystems Engineer      Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127099              CarryOver 12/13-Entomology               Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127100              CarryOver 12/13-Food Science             Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127101              CarryOver 12/13-Plant Science            Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127102              CarryOver - Agriculture                  Y       A              22-JUL-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127103              CarryOver 12/13-Soil Science             Y       A              01-APR-2011             31-DEC-2099
             127104              CarryOver - Kinesiology & Rec            Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127105              CarryOver - Music                        Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127134              C/O - MB Inst. For Materials             Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127136              CarryOver - Centre on Aging              Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127137              CarryOver - RCFFN                        Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127138              CarryOver - Int'l Relations              Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127139              C/O - Ctr for Human Rights               Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127140              CarryOver - Research Data Ctr            Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127142              12/13 CarryOver                          Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127143              CarryOver 12/13 - Ellison                Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127153              CarryOver - Resolve                      Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127195              UGME - Carry Over                        Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127214              Centenary Event Fund                     Y       A              01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             127507              Carryover - Audit Services               Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127508              Carryover - Indigenous Achievem.         Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127509              Carryover 13/14- PP FG ESCO Project      Y       A              01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             127510              Carryover - Southwood Devl't             Y       A              09-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127779              C/O - Dentistry - CPD Support            Y       A              05-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127899              Carryover - President's Office           Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127900              Carryover - VP (Academic) & Provost      Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127901              Carryover - Institutional Analysis       Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127902              Carryover - St. John's College           Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127903              Carryover - University College           Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127904              Carryover-Centre Advmt Teach&Learn       Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127905              Carryover - Student Support              Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             127906              Carryover - Enrolment Services           Y       A              01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099