REPORT FGRACTH                                        University of Manitoba                                    RUN DATE: 08/16/2019
CHART: M                                             Account Hierarchy Report                                       TIME: 11:03 AM
                                                         AS OF 16-AUG-2019                                          PAGE: 1
                                                                        DATA             POOL        ********* DATES *********
TYP     ACCOUNT                DESCRIPTION                              ENTRY   STATUS   ACCT      EFF         TERM     NEXT CHANGE
70                    Expenditures                                                              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
  7A                    Travel & Conferences                                                    01-DEC-2015             31-DEC-2099
       700                Travel                                          N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         700B               Travel - Budget                               N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
           700BG              Travel - Budget                             N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             700BGT             Travel - Budget                           B        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7130               Airfare                                       N        A            13-SEP-2012             31-DEC-2099
           71300              Airfare                                     N        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713001             Airfare - Domestic                        Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713002             Airfare - Foreign                         Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713003             Airfare - Recruitment                     Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713004             Airfare - Relocation                      Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713005             Airfare - Field Trips                     Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713006             Airfare - Team Travel                     Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713007             Airfare - Team Exhib Travel               Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713008             Airfare - Student Domestic                Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713009             Airfare - Student Foreign                 Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713010             Airfare - Student Recruitment             Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713011             Airfare - Course Delivery                 Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713012             Airfare - Foreign Operations              Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
         7131               Accommodation                                 N        A            13-SEP-2012             31-DEC-2099
           71310              Accommodation                               N        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713100             Accom - Local (Winnipeg)                  Y        A            13-SEP-2012             31-DEC-2099
             713101             Accom - Domestic (Excl Local)             Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713102             Accom - Foreign                           Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713103             Accom - Recruitment                       Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713104             Accom - Relocation                        Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713105             Accom - Field Trips                       Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713106             Accom - Team Travel                       Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713107             Accom - Team Exhib Travel                 Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713108             Accom - Student Domestic                  Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713109             Accom - Student Foreign                   Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713110             Accom - Student Recruitment               Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713111             Accom - Course Delivery                   Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713112             Accom - Foreign Operations                Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713113             Accom-Hotel Tax                           Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
         7132               Meals (Per Diem-No receipts)                  N        A            13-SEP-2012             31-DEC-2099
           71320              Meals (Per Diem, No receipts)               N        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713200             Meals/PDiem - Local (Winnipeg)            Y        A            13-SEP-2012             31-DEC-2099
             713201             Meals/PDiem - Domestic (Excl Local)       Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713202             Meals/PDiem - Foreign                     Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713203             Meals/PDiem - Recruitment                 Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713204             Meals/PDiem - Relocation                  Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713205             Meals/ PDiem - Field Trips                Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713206             Meals/PDiem - Team Travel                 Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713207             Meals/PDiem - Team Exhib Travel           Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713208             Meals/PDiem - Student Domestic            Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713209             Meals/PDiem - Student Foreign             Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713210             Meals/PDiem - Student Recruitment         Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713211             Meals/PDiem - Course Delivery             Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713212             Meals/PDiem - Foreign Operations          Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
         7133               Meals (with receipts)                         N        A            13-SEP-2012             31-DEC-2099
           71330              Meals (with receipts)                       N        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713300             Meals/receipts - Local (Winnipeg)         Y        A            13-SEP-2012             31-DEC-2099
             713301             Meals/receipts - Domestc (Excl Lcl)       Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713302             Meals/receipts - Foreign                  Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713304             Meals/receipts - Relocation               Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713305             Meals/receipts - Field Trips              Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713306              Meals/receipts - Team Travel             Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713307             Meals/receipts - Team Exhib Travel        Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713308             Meals/receipts - Student Domestic         Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713309             Meals/receipts - Student Foreign          Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713310             Meals/receipts - Student Recrtmnt         Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713312             Meals/receipts - Foreign Ops              Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713314             Meals/Receipts - Alcohol                  Y        A            01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
         7134               Mileage (Km's)                                N        A            13-SEP-2012             31-DEC-2099
           71340              Mileage (Km's)                              N        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713400             Mileage - Local (Winnipeg)                Y        A            13-SEP-2012             31-DEC-2099
             713401             Mileage - Domestic (Excl Local)           Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713402             Mileage - Foreign                         Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713403             Mileage - Recruitment                     Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713404             Mileage - Relocation                      Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713405             Mileage - Field Trips                     Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713406             Mileage - Team Travel                     Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713407             Mileage - Team Exhib Travel               Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713408             Mileage - Student Domestic                Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713409             Mileage - Student Foreign                 Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713410             Mileage - Student Recruitment             Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713411             Mileage - Course Delivery                 Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713412             Mileage - Foreign Operations              Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
         7135               Parking                                       N        A            13-SEP-2012             31-DEC-2099
           71350              Parking                                     N        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713500             Parking - Local (Winnipeg)                Y        A            13-SEP-2012             31-DEC-2099
             713501             Parking - Domestic (Excl Local)           Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713502             Parking - Foreign                         Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713503             Parking - Recruitment                     Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713504             Parking - Relocation                      Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713505             Parking - Field Trips                     Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713506             Parking - Team Travel                     Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713507             Parking - Team Exhib Travel               Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713508             Parking - Student Domestic                Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713509             Parking - Student Foreign                 Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713510             Parking - Student Recruitment             Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713511             Parking - Course Delivery                 Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713512             Parking - Foreign Operations              Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
         7136               Car Rental                                    N        A            13-SEP-2012             31-DEC-2099
           71360              Car Rental                                  N        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713600             Car Rental - Local (Winnipeg)             Y        A            13-SEP-2012             31-DEC-2099
             713601             Car Rental - Domestic (Excl Local)        Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713602             Car Rental - Foreign                      Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713603             Car Rental - Recruitment                  Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713604             Car Rental - Relocation                   Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713605             Car Rental - Field Trips                  Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713606             Car Rental - Team Travel                  Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713607             Car Rental - Team Exhib Travel            Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713608             Car Rental - Student Domestic             Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713609             Car Rental - Student Foreign              Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713610             Car Rental - Student Recruitment          Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713611             Car Rental - Course Delivery              Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713612             Car Rental - Foreign Operations           Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
         7137               Conference Registration                       N        A            13-SEP-2012             31-DEC-2099
           71370              Conference Registration                     N        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713700             Conf Registr - Local (Winnipeg)           Y        A            13-SEP-2012             31-DEC-2099
             713701             Conf Registr - Domestic (Excl Lcl)        Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713702             Conf Registr - Foreign                    Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713703             Conf Registr - Recruitment                Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713704             Conf Registr - Relocation                 Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713705             Conf Registr - Field Trips                Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713706             Conf Registr - Team Travel                Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713707             Conf Registr - Team Exhib Travel          Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713708             Conf Registr -  Student Domestic          Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713709             Conf Registr - Student Foreign            Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713710             Conf Registr - Student Recruitment        Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713711             Conf Registr - Course Delivery            Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713712             Conf Registr - Foreign Operations         Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
         7138               Taxis                                         N        A            13-SEP-2012             31-DEC-2099
           71380              Taxis                                       N        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713800             Taxis - Local (Winnipeg)                  Y        A            13-SEP-2012             31-DEC-2099
             713801             Taxis - Domestic (Excl Local)             Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713802             Taxis - Foreign                           Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713803             Taxis - Recruitment                       Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713804             Taxis - Relocation                        Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713805             Taxis - Field Trips                       Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713806             Taxis - Team Travel                       Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713807             Taxis - Team Exhib Travel                 Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713808             Taxis - Student Domestic                  Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713809             Taxis - Student Foreign                   Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713810             Taxis - Student Recruitment               Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713811             Taxis - Course Delivery                   Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713812             Taxis - Foreign Operations                Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
         7139               Misc Travel/Incidentals                       N        A            13-SEP-2012             31-DEC-2099
           71390              Misc Travel/Incidentals                     N        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713900             Misc Travel - Local (Winnipeg)            Y        A            13-SEP-2012             31-DEC-2099
             713901             Misc Travel - Domestic (Excl Local)       Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713902             Misc Travel - Foreign                     Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713903             Misc Travel - Recruitment                 Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713904             Misc Travel - Relocation                  Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713905             Misc Travel - Field Trips                 Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713906             Misc Travel - Team Travel                 Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713907             Misc Travel - Team Exhib Travel           Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713908             Misc Travel - Student Domestic            Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713909             Misc Travel - Student Foreign             Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713910             Misc Travel - Student Recruitment         Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713911             Misc Travel - Course Delivery             Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713912             Misc Travel - Foreign Operations          Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             713913             Misc Travel - Train or Subway Fare        Y        A            01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
         7140               Vehicle - Internal Charges                    N        A            01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
           714000             Vehicle - Internal Charges                  Y        A            01-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
       701                Hospitality                                     N        A            01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
         701B               Hospitality - Budget                          N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
           701BG              Hospitality - Budget                        N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             701BGT             Hospitality - Budget                      B        A            16-FEB-2016             31-DEC-2099
         7676               Hospitality                                   N        A            01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
           70676              Hospitality                                 N        A            12-JAN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             706752             Meals for Staff Meetings                  Y        A            12-JAN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             706756             Meals/Business Meetings                   Y        A            12-JAN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             706760             Hospitality - Alcohol                     Y        A            12-JAN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             713303             Meals/receipts - Recruitment              Y        A            12-JAN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             713311             Meals/receipts - Course Delivery          Y        A            12-JAN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             713313             Meals/Receipts - Hospitality              Y        A            12-JAN-2015             31-DEC-2099
  7B                    Library Acquisitions                                                    01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
  7C                    Printing and Duplicating                                                01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
  7D                    Materials, Supplies and Services                                        25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
       704                Printing and Duplicating                        N        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7040               Printing                                      N        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           70400              Printing                                    N        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             704001             Printing                                  Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             704002             Graduate Calendar Printing                Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             704003             Undergraduate Calendar Printing           Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             704004             Registration Guide                        Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             704005             Calendar Printing                         Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             704006             Faculty Publications                      Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             704007             Course Publications                       Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             704008             Classroom Materials                       Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             704009             Campus Directory                          Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             704010             Annual Report                             Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             704011             Microfiche                                Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             704012             Brochures                                 Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             704013             Exam Printing                             Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             704014             Binding                                   Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             704015             Publishers Page Charges                   Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             704016             Editorial Expenses                        Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7041               Copying                                       N        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           70410              Copying                                     N        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             704101             Copying                                   Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             704102             Photocopier rental                        Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             704103             Photocopier Maintenance Charges           Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             704104             Unit Copying                              Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7042               Contra-Printing                               N        A            13-JUN-2016             31-DEC-2099
           70420              Contra-Printing                             N        A            13-JUN-2016             31-DEC-2099
             704201             Contra-Printing                           Y        A            13-JUN-2016             31-DEC-2099
         704B               Printing and Duplicating - Budget             N        A            01-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
           704BG              Printing and Duplicating - Budget           N        A            01-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
             704BGT             Printing and Duplicating - Budget         B        A            01-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
       705                Operating Overhead                              N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7050               Operating Overhead                            N        A            26-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           70500              Operating Overhead                          N        A            26-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             705000             Operating Overhead                        Y        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
         705B               Operating Overhead - Budget                   N        A            01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
           705BG              Operating Overhead - Budget                 N        A            01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             705BGT             Operating Overhead - Budget               B        A            01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
       706                Consumable Materials and Supplies               N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7060               Office Supplies                               N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           70600              Office Supplies                             N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706001             Stationery                                Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706002             Toner and Ink                             Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706003             Office Consumables                        Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706004             Office Furnishings - Under $2500          Y        A            01-JUN-2008             31-DEC-2099
             706005             Office Equipment - Under $2500            Y        A            01-JUN-2008             31-DEC-2099
             706007             Paper                                     Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7061               Lab Supplies                                  N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           70610              Lab Supplies                                N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706101             Glassware                                 Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706102             Other Lab Supplies                        Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706103             Experimental Animals                      Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706104             Radioisotopes                             Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706105             Chemicals                                 Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706106             Laboratory Consumables                    Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706107             Lab Equipment - Under $2500               Y        A            01-JUN-2008             31-DEC-2099
             706108             Shop Supplies                             Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706109             Shop Tools                                Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7062               Audio Visual Supplies                         N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           70620              Audio Visual Supplies                       N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706201             Film Purchases                            Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706202             Audio Visual Equip - Under $2500          Y        A            01-JUN-2008             31-DEC-2099
             706203             Bulbs/Lamps                               Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706204             Audio/Video Media                         Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706205             Film Processing                           Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706206             Imaging Supplies                          Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706207             Audio Visual Field Supplies               Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706208             Shop/Maintenance Supplies                 Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7063               Agricultural Supplies                         N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           70630              Agricultural Supplies                       N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706301             Cattle                                    Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706302             Swine                                     Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706303             Chickens                                  Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706304             Feed                                      Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706305             Hay/Straw                                 Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706306             Veterinary Services                       Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706307             Field Supplies                            Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706308             Animal Semen                              Y        A            01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
         7064               Safety Supplies                               N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           70640              Safety Supplies                             N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706401             Safety Supplies                           Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706402             Fire Supplies                             Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706403             Safety Inspections                        Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             706404             Hand Sanitizer Units & Refills            Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
         7065               Sports and Athletic Supplies                  N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           70651              Sports and Athletic Supplies                N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706510             Sports and Athletic Supplies              Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706520             Sports/Athletic Eq - Under $2500          Y        A            01-JUN-2008             31-DEC-2099
         7066               Books and Subscriptions                       N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           70660              Books and Subscriptions                     N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706601             Books GST Rebate                          Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706602             Books GST Tax Credit                      Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706603             Subscriptions and Journals                Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7067               Other Supplies                                N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           70670              Other Supplies                              N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706701             Resident Student Meals                    Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706702             General Equipment - Under $2500           Y        A            01-JUN-2008             31-DEC-2099
             706703             Medals                                    Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706704             Signs/Meters                              Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706705             Team Uniforms                             Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706706             Other Clothing                            Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706707             Flags                                     Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706708             Laundry Supplies                          Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706709             Exam Supplies                             Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706710             Other Materials & Supplies                Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706711             Teaching Supplies                         Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706712             Identification Cards                      Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706713             Security Strips                           Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706714             Barcode Labels                            Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706715             Tobacco                                   Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706716             Food                                      Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706717             Payment to Collaborator                   Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706718             Art Supplies                              Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706719             Standardized Patients                     Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706720             Thin Sections                             Y        A            01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             706721             Student Competition Vehicle Suppl.        Y        A            01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
           70675              Staff Related Supplies                      N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706751             Staff Clothing and Uniforms               Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706753             Water Coffee Drinks etc.                  Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706754             Clothing Allowance                        Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706755             Overtime Staff Meals                      Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7068               Computing Supplies                            N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           70680              Computing Supplies                          N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706801             Computer Hrdwre - Under $2500             Y        A            01-JUN-2008             31-DEC-2099
             706802             Computer Software - All                   Y        A            29-APR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             706803             Networking Hrdwre - Under $2500           Y        A            01-JUN-2008             31-DEC-2099
             706804             Int Leased - Computing Equip              Y        A            19-SEP-2011             31-DEC-2099
         7069               Maintenance and Cleaning Supplies             N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           70690              Maintenance Supplies                        N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706901             Gasoline                                  Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706902             Diesel                                    Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706903             Maintenance Equip - Under $2500           Y        A            01-JUN-2008             31-DEC-2099
             706904             Swimming Pool Supplies                    Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706905             Lights                                    Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706906             Ice Rink Supplies                         Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706907             Cleaning Equipment Parts                  Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706908             Floor Finishing Supplies                  Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706909             Backflow Prevention Materials             Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             706916             Drain Cleaning Products & Equipment       Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             706917             Glycol Heating Materials                  Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             706918             Insulation Materials                      Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             706919             Laboratory Drainage Materials             Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             706921             Miscellaneous Metals                      Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             706922             Plumbing Fixtures                         Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             706923             Welding Supplies                          Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             706924             Fire Protection Materials                 Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
           70691              Cleaning Supplies                           N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706910             Cleaning Supplies                         Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706911             Garbage Bags                              Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706912             Caretaking Paper Products                 Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706913             Vacuum Bags                               Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706914             Cleaning Chemicals                        Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             706915             Hand Soap                                 Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             706920             Cleaning Equipment - Under $2500          Y        A            01-JUN-2008             31-DEC-2099
         706B               Consumable Materials/Supplies Budgt           N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
           706BG              Consumable Materials/Supplies Budgt         N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             706BGT             Consumable Materials/Supplies Budgt       B        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7070               Dental Supplies                               N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           70700              Dental Supplies                             N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             707001             Dental Consumable Supplies                Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             707002             Dental Instruments/Equipmt (<$2500)       Y        A            01-JUN-2008             31-DEC-2099
             707003             Implant Components                        Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             707004             Gold                                      Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             707005             Clinical Drugs                            Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             707006             Orthodontic Components                    Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             707007             Orthodontic Clinical Supplies             Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7071               Equipment Foreign Operations                  N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           70710              Equipment Foreign Operations                N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             707100             Equip Foreign Operations- Computers       Y        A            18-JAN-2008             31-DEC-2099
             707101             Equip Foreign Operations-Vehicles         Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7072               Supplies Foreign Operations                   N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           70720              Supplies Foreign Operations                 N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             707200             Supplies Foreign Oper-Medical & Lab       Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             707201             Supplies Foreign Operations- Other        Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             707202             Experimental Subject Meals-Foreign        Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7075               Contra-Mat & Supplies                         N        A            13-JUN-2016             31-DEC-2099
           70750              Contra-Mat & Supplies                       N        A            13-JUN-2016             31-DEC-2099
             707501             Contra-Mat & Supplies                     Y        A            13-JUN-2016             31-DEC-2099
       708                Telecommunications                              N        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7080               IST  Telecommunications                       N        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           70800              IST Lines                                   N        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708001             IST Toll Free                             Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708002             IST - PBX Parts                           Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708003             IST - Local PRI's                         Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708004             IST Long Distance                         Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708005             IST Cabling                               Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708006             IST - PBX software                        Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708007             IST - PBX maintenance                     Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708008             IST - MTS/Bell lines non PBX              Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708009             IST Special Circuits                      Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708010             IST Data Circuits                         Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708011             IST –Internet/Internet devices            Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708012             IST Cell Phones                           Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708013             IST Pagers                                Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708014             IST Vendor Provided Service Chrgs         Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708015             IST Remote Site Charges                   Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708016             IST - Set refurbishing/cleaning           Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708017             Modem Pools                               Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708018             IST - Misc telecomm                       Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708020             IST - PBX Programming                     Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708021             IST - Software Renewal/Maint              Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708023             IST IPADs                                 Y        A            31-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708024             IST MTS Charges                           Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708025             IST Rogers Charges                        Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           70810              IST Sets                                    N        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708101             IST - Set Purchasing/Parts                Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708102             IST-Licenses                              Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708103             IST Remote site charges - vid conf        Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708104             IST - Advertising                         Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7082               Physical Plant Postage                        N        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           70820              Physical Plant Postage                      N        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708201             Physical Plant Postage                    Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7085               Departmental Communications                   N        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           70850              Departmental Communications                 N        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708501             Telephone Line Rental                     Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708502             Long Distance-IST Provided                Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708503             Cell Phone rental                         Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708504             Pager                                     Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708506             Courier                                   Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708507             Line to Downtown (CED)                    Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708508             Voice Mail                                Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708509             Fax - Line Rental                         Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708510             Remove/Add Phones-Vendor Provided         Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708511             Directory Ads/Purch of Directories        Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708512             Miscellaneous Phone Expenses              Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708513             Telephone Line Rntl-Vendor Provided       Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708514             Long Dis-Vendor/Calling Card Prvded       Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708515             Remove/Add Phones-IST Provided            Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708516             Internet devices                          Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708517             Data Circuit - Vendor Provided            Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708518             Network Access Fees                       Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708519             Phone Set Fee                             Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708520             Phone Licenses                            Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708521             Ipads                                     Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           70855              Departmental Postage                        N        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708550             Postage                                   Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708551             US Postage & Shipping                     Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708552             International Postage & Shipping          Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708553             Business Reply Mail                       Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708554             Postage Due                               Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708555             Parcels                                   Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708556             Campus Courier                            Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708557             Other Postage                             Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708558             Postage Library Books                     Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708559             US Lettermail                             Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708560             International Lettermail                  Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708561             Oversize Letter                           Y        A            22-FEB-2016             31-DEC-2099
             708562             Convocation Mailings                      Y        A            25-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
         708B               Telecommunications - Budget                   N        A            01-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
           708BG              Telecommunications - Budget                 N        A            01-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
             708BGT             Telecommunications - Budget               B        A            01-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7090               Contra-Telecommunications                     N        A            13-JUN-2016             31-DEC-2099
           70900              Contra-Telecommunications                   N        A            13-JUN-2016             31-DEC-2099
             709001             Contra-Telecommunications                 Y        A            13-JUN-2016             31-DEC-2099
       710                Other Expenses (Non consumables)                N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7100               Affiliated Personnel Costs                    N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           71000              Affiliated Personnel Costs-Academic         N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710001             Affiliated Personnel Costs-Acad           Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710002             Affiliated Prsnl Cost-Acad Benefits       Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           71001              Affiliated Personnel Cost-Spec Acad         N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710011             Affiliated Personnel Cost-Spec Acad       Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710012             Affiliated Prsnl Cost-Sp Acad Benft       Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           71002              Affiliated Personnel Cost-Support           N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710021             Affiliated Personnel Cost-Support         Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710022             Affiliated Prsnl Cost-Supp Benefits       Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           71003              Affiliated Personnel Cost-Foreign           N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710031             Affiliated Personnel Cost-Foreign         Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710032             Affil. Prsnl Costs-Foreign Benefits       Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           71004              Preceptor Fees                              N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710004             Preceptor Fees                            Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7101               Professional Development                      N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           71010              Professional Development                    N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710101             PD-Degree courses                         Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710102             PD-Non-degree courses                     Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710105             PD-Workshop/Seminar/Conference Reg        Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710106             PD-In-house Professional Devlpmt          Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7102               Professional Memberships                      N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           71020              Institutional Memberships                   N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710201             Institutional Memberships                 Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           71021              Employee Memberships                        N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710211             Professional Memberships - Bill 57        Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710212             Professional Memb - Non-bill 57           Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7103               Conferences/Events Hosted by U of M           N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           71030              Conferences/Events Hosted by U of M         N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710301             Meals                                     Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710302             Accommodations                            Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710303             Travel assistance                         Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710304             Other Conference Supplies                 Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710305             Room Rental                               Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7104               Other Services                                N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           71040              Other Services                              N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710401             Facilities Rental                         Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710402             Classroom Rentals                         Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710403             Other Services                            Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710404             Lab Charges                               Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710405             Experimental Subjects                     Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710407             Policy Infraction                         Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710408             Guest Speakers                            Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710409             Computer Services                         Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710410             Document Delivery (Libraries)             Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710411             Police/Security                           Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710412             Classroom Food Services                   Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710414             Off-Site Data Storage                     Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710416             Parking Handheld Devices                  Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710417             Laundry Services                          Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710419             Picture Framing                           Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710435             Conference sponsorships                   Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710436             Sampling                                  Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710437             Swim Canada Fees                          Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710438             Caretaking Services                       Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710439             Audio Visual Rentals/Services             Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710440             Pest Control                              Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710441             Event Set Up                              Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710442             Background Checks                         Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710443             Land Rental/Lease                         Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710444             Guard Dogs                                Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710445             Course Leases                             Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710446             Delivery Charges - Physical Plant         Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710447             Rush Cheque Fee                           Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710448             Equipment Restoration Services            Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710449             Building Restoration Services             Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710450             Environmental Clean-Up Services           Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710451             Document Recovery                         Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710452             Moving and Storage                        Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710453             Book Distribution Fees                    Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710454             Deposit                                   Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710455             Lab Equipment Rental                      Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710456             Levy (i.e. Environment)                   Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710457             Internal Admin Fee                        Y        A            01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             718514             Collection Agency Fees                    Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           71042              Student Services                            N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710421             Student Housing                           Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710422             Homestay Housing                          Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710423             Student Testing                           Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           71043              Duty and Shipping                           N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710431             Customs                                   Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710432             Brokerage                                 Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710433             Freight - Outbound                        Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710434             Freight - Inbound                         Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710517             Fuel Surcharge                            Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7106               Bad Debts                                     N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           71060              Bad Debts                                   N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710601             Bad Debts                                 Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710602             Tuition Write-Off                         Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710603             Grant Write Offs                          Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7107               Advertising and Promotion                     N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           71070              Advertising and Promotion                   N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710701             Recruitment Advertising                   Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710702             Purchasing Tenders                        Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710703             Television Advertising                    Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710704             Radio Advertising                         Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710705             Newsprint Advertising                     Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710706             Billboard Advertising                     Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710707             Advertising and Promotion-Other           Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710708             Calendars - Advertising                   Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710709             In-house Promotional Development          Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710710             Bulk Mail                                 Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710711             Sponsorships                              Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710712             On-Line Web Advertising                   Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710713             Award Entry Fees                          Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710714             Conference Display Fees                   Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710715             Book Launches                             Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7108               Licenses and Permits                          N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           71080              Licenses and Permits                        N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710801             Licenses                                  Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710802             Permits                                   Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7109               Software Maintenance                          N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           71090              Software Maintenance                        N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710901             Software Maintenance                      Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710902             Annual Licence Fees                       Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710903             Travel Service Charges                    Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
         710B               Other Expenses (Nonconsumble) Budgt           N        A            01-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
           710BG              Other Expenses (Nonconsumble) Budgt         N        A            01-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710BGT             Other Expenses (Nonconsumble) Budgt       B        A            01-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7110               Staff Benefits                                N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           71100              Staff Benefits                              N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711001             Rehabilitation                            Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711002             Medical/Monitor                           Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711003             Indemnity                                 Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711004             A.S.O.                                    Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711005             Benefit Recovery                          Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711006             GST Paid                                  Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711007             GST Recovery                              Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711008             Settlements                               Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711009             Catastrophe                               Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711010             Experienced Loss                          Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711011             Other ER Pension and USB Dental           Y        A            11-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
         7111               Other Non-Consumable Expenses                 N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           71110              Other Non-Consumable Expenses               N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711101             Royalties                                 Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711102             Commissions                               Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711103             Agency Commission                         Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711104             Honorariums                               Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711106             Legal Settlements                         Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711107             Vacation Pay Accrual                      Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711108             "Rush" Payroll Cheques                    Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711109             Elder                                     Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711110             Tobacco                                   Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711111             Cultural Performers                       Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711112             Other Cultural Expenses                   Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711113             Sick Leave                                Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711114             Graduate Student Immigration Fee          Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711115             Ext Ed Division Expense Allocation        Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711116             External Shared Overhead                  Y        A            01-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711117             Non Resident Honor.-Guest Speaker         Y        A            01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
             711118             International Stdt Healthcare Ins.        Y        A            01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             718513             Redistribution of Donation                Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7112               Sub-Grants Foreign Operations                 N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           71120              Sub-Grants Foreign Operations               N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711200             Sub-Grants Foreign Operations             Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7114               Internal Financing Expense                    N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           71140              Internal Financing Expense                  N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711401             Intl Expense-Ancillary FG Parkade         Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711402             Internal Expense – Smartpark #1           Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711403             Internal Expense – Smartpark #2           Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711404             Internal Expense – Copiers                Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711405             Internal Expense – Computers              Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711406             Internal Expense – Other Equipment        Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711407             Internal Expense - Renovations            Y        A            01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
         7115               Contra-Oth OP Expenses                        N        A            13-JUN-2016             31-DEC-2099
           71150              Contra-Oth OP Expenses                      N        A            13-JUN-2016             31-DEC-2099
             711501             Contra-Oth OP Expenses                    Y        A            13-JUN-2016             31-DEC-2099
         7116               Internal Services Expense                     N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           71160              Internal Services Expense                   N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711601             Internal Expenses for FFSA                Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
       720                Cost of Goods Sold                              N        A            31-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7200               Cost of Goods Sold                            N        A            31-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           72000              Cost of Goods Sold                          N        A            31-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             720001             Opening Inventory                         Y        A            31-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             720002             Ancillary Purchases                       Y        A            31-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             720003             Handling Fees                             Y        A            06-NOV-2015             31-DEC-2099
             720004             Licensing Fee                             Y        A            13-OCT-2015             31-DEC-2099
             720005             Other Direct Costs                        Y        A            31-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             720006             Closing Inventory                         Y        A            31-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             720007             Telephone Cost of Goods Sold              Y        A            31-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             720008             Contra-Cost of Goods Sold                 Y        A            13-JUN-2016             31-DEC-2099
             720009             Freight-in inventory                      Y        A            01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             720010             Royalties-Inventory                       Y        A            01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
         720B               Cost of Goods Sold - Budget                   N        A            15-FEB-2016             31-DEC-2099
           720BG              Cost of Goods Sold - Budget                 N        A            15-FEB-2016             31-DEC-2099
             720BGT             Cost of Goods Sold - Budget               B        A            15-FEB-2016             31-DEC-2099
       723                Interest and Late Payment Fees                  N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7230               Interest and Late Payment Fees                N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           72300              Interest and Late Payment Fees              N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             723001             Interest and Late Payment Fees            Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
         723B               Interest & Late Pmts Fees - Budget            N        A            18-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
           723BG              Interest & Late Pmts Fees - Budget          N        A            01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             723BGT             Interest & Late Pmts Fees - Budget        B        A            01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
       724                Bank Charges                                    N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7240               Bank Charges                                  N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           72400              Bank Charges                                N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             724001             TD Bank Fees                              Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             724002             VISA Discounts & Charges                  Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             724003             MasterCard Discount                       Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             724004             Royal Bank Fees                           Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             724005             Merchant Account Charges                  Y        A            01-OCT-2018             31-DEC-2099
             724006             A/P EDI Charges                           Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             724007             Payroll EDI and Transaction Fees          Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             724008             Bank of Montreal Fees                     Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             724009             Funds In Charges (Private Funding)        Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             724011             Global Processing Charges                 Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             724014             Interac Transaction Fees                  Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             724015             Miscellaneous Charges                     Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             724016             Returned Cheque Charge                    Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             724017             Night Deposit Bag Charge                  Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             724018             TD Maintenance Charge                     Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             724019             Cashed Cheque Processing Fees             Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             724020             POS Devices - Equipment Rental            Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             724021             Active Network Online Fees                Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             724022             Active Network Elec Trans Fees            Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             724023             Wire Transfer Fee                         Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             724024             Draft Fee                                 Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
         724B               Bank Charges - Budget                         N        A            01-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
           724BG              Bank Charges - Budget                       N        A            01-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
             724BGT             Bank Charges - Budget                     B        A            01-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
       775                Foreign Exchange                                N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7750               Foreign Exchange                              N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           77500              Foreign Exchange                            N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             775000             Foreign Exchange                          Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             775001             Month End - Foreign Exchange              Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             775003             Foreign Exchange-Stmt Remeasurement       Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
       777                VISA Default Transactions                       N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7770               VISA Default Transactions                     N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
           77700              VISA Default Transactions                   N        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
             777000             VISA Default Transactions                 Y        A            26-AUG-2015             31-DEC-2099
  7E                    Telecommunications                                                      01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
  7F                    Other Operational Expenses                                              01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
       BAVL               Account for FGIBAVL use                         N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
  7G                    Utilities, Taxes and Insurance                                          01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
       712                Utilities                                       N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7120               Utilities                                     N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           71200              Utilities                                   N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             712001             Heating Gas                               Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             712002             Water                                     Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             712003             Electricity                               Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             712004             Heating Oil                               Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             712005             Steam                                     Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             712006             Cable Television                          Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             712007             Chilled Water                             Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             712008             Propane                                   Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             712009             Sewage Treatment Plant                    Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             712010             Medical Rehab Utilities                   Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             712011             Utilities Purchased from HSC              Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             712015             Contra-Utilities                          Y        A            13-JUN-2016             31-DEC-2099
         712B               Utilities - Budget                            N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
           712BG              Utilities - Budget                          N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             712BGT             Utilities - Budget                        B        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
       713                Insurance                                       N        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7105               Insurance                                     N        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
           71050              Insurance                                   N        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710501             CURIE - General Liab and Property         Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710502             Limited Property                          Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710503             Comprehensive Crime                       Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710504             Fine Arts                                 Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710505             Boiler and Machinery                      Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710506             Automobile                                Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710507             Miscellaneous                             Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710508             Environmental Impairment                  Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710509             Annuities                                 Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710510             Marine Cargo                              Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710511             Marine Hull Insurance Policy              Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710512             Excess Auto                               Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710513             Non Owned Auto                            Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710514             Construction-Builder's Risk/Wrap-up       Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710515             Travel Accident Insurance                 Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             710516             Contractors Equipment Insurance           Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
         713B               Insurance - Budget                            N        A            01-JUL-2015             31-DEC-2099
           713BG              Insurance - Budget                          N        A            01-JUL-2015             31-DEC-2099
             713BGT             Insurance - Budget                        B        A            16-FEB-2016             31-DEC-2099
       750                Property Taxes                                  N        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7500               Property Taxes                                N        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
           75000              Property Taxes                              N        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             750001             Property Taxes - City of Winnipeg         Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             750002             Property Taxes - RM of Portage            Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             750003             Property Taxes - RM of Dufferin           Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             750004             Property Taxes - RM of Richot             Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
         750B               Property Taxes - Budget                       N        A            01-JUL-2015             31-DEC-2099
           750BG              Property Taxes - Budget                     N        A            01-JUL-2015             31-DEC-2099
             750BGT             Property Taxes - Budget                   B        A            01-JUL-2015             31-DEC-2099
  7H                    Renovations and Alterations                                             01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
  7I                    Professional and External Services                                      01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
       716                Externally Contracted Services                  N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7160               Externally Contracted Services                N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           71600              Externally Contracted Services              N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             716002             Music Instructors                         Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             716003             Externally contracted services            Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             716004             Shredding Services                        Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             716005             Alarm                                     Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             716007             Libraries                                 Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             716008             Snow Removal                              Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             716009             Garbage and Recycling                     Y        A            26-JAN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             716010             Contracts - Academic                      Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             716011             Contracts - Administration                Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             716012             Commissionaires                           Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             716013             Contracts Other                           Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             716014             Music Services                            Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             716015             Dentist ICA's                             Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             716016             Outside Dental Laboratory Services        Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             716017             Audio Visual Installations                Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             716018             Armoured Car                              Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             716019             Drain Cleaning Services                   Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             716020             Underground Utility Services              Y        A            01-APR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             716023             Graduate Expenses - Gown Rental           Y        A            01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             716024             WRHA External Contracts                   Y        A            01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
           71610              Athletic Services                           N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             716101             Referees                                  Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             716102             Fitness Leaders                           Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           71620              Programming                                 N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             716201             Software Development                      Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             716202             Web Design                                Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             716203             Graphic design                            Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             716204             Satellite Programming                     Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             716205             E-book Production                         Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           71630              Contracted Svcs- Foreign Operations         N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             716300             Contracted Svcs- Foreign Operations       Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           71640              Consultants- Foreign Operations             N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             716400             Consultants- Foreign Oper- Intrnl         Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             716401             Consultants- Foreign Oper- National       Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             716402             Consultants- Foreign Oper- State          Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           71650              NMU Externally Contracted Services          N        A            01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             716001             Northern Medical Unit Physicians          Y        A            21-JAN-2011             31-DEC-2099
             716501             NMU Physicians Call - On-site             Y        A            01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             716502             NMU Physicians Call - Off-site            Y        A            01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             716503             NMU Physicians Additional Hours           Y        A            01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             716504             NMU Specialists                           Y        A            01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             716505             NMU Specialist Teleconference             Y        A            01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             716506             NMU Physician Travel Time                 Y        A            01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
           71660              Contra-Externally Cak Srvs                  N        A            13-JUN-2016             31-DEC-2099
             716601             Contra-Externally Cak Srvs                Y        A            13-JUN-2016             31-DEC-2099
         716B               Externally Contracted Serv - Budget           N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
           716BG              Externally Contracted Serv - Budget         N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             716BGT             Externally Contracted Serv - Budget       B        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
       718                Professional Fees                               N        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7180               Professional Fees                             N        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
           71800              Professional Fees                           N        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718001             Legal Fees                                Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718002             Audit Fees                                Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718003             Consulting Fees                           Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718004             Arbitration                               Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718005             Actuarial Consulting                      Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718006             Computer Consulting                       Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718007             Actuarial Valuations                      Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718008             Search Consultants                        Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718009             Marketing Surveys                         Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718010             Legal Search                              Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718012             Human Resource Fees                       Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718013             Media Surveys                             Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718014             Copyright Clearance Fees                  Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7185               Investment Management Expenses                N        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
           71850              Investment Management Expenses              N        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718501             Cidel Management                          Y        A            21-FEB-2017             31-DEC-2099
             718502             AMI Consulting                            Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718503             Commonfund Administration                 Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718504             CIBC Custodian - Cidel                    Y        A            21-FEB-2017             31-DEC-2099
             718505             CIBC Custodian - Commonfund               Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718506             BNY Mellon Investment Reporting           Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718507             Internal Allocation                       Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718508             Fund Manager Staff Benefits               Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718509             Investment Custodian - Staff Ben          Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718510             Performance Measurement - Staff Ben       Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718511             Misc Brokerage Collection Sundry          Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718512             UIT Consulting Fees                       Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718515             GWL Realty Management Fees                Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718516             CIBC Custodian - GWL                      Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718517             Burgundy Management Fees EAFE             Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718518             CIBC Custodian - Legg Mason               Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718519             Jarislowsky Fraser Fees                   Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718520             CIBC Custodian - Jarislowsky              Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718521             Burgundy Management Fees Cdn              Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718522             CIBC Custodian - Burgundy                 Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718523             JP Morgan Management Fees                 Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718524             CIBC Custodian - JP Morgan                Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718525             Brookfield Infrastructure Fees            Y        A            01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             718526             CIBC Mellon - Brookfield                  Y        A            01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
         718B               Professional Fees - Budget                    N        A            01-JUL-2015             31-DEC-2099
           718BG              Professional Fees - Budget                  N        A            01-JUL-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718BGT             Professional Fees - Budget                B        A            01-JUL-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7190               Contra-Professional Fees                      N        A            13-JUN-2016             31-DEC-2099
           71900              Contra-Professional Fees                    N        A            13-JUN-2016             31-DEC-2099
             719001             Contra-Professional Fees                  Y        A            13-JUN-2016             31-DEC-2099
  7J                    Professional Fees                                                       01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
  7K                    Cost of Goods Sold                                                      01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
  7L                    Interest                                                                01-DEC-2015             31-DEC-2099
       722                Interest on Long Term Debt                      N        A            04-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
         7220               Interest on Long Term Debt                    N        A            04-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
           72200              Interest on Long Term Debt                  N        A            04-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             722000             Energy Savings Loan Interest              Y        A            20-MAR-2006             31-DEC-2099
             722001             Interest on Parkade Loan                  Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             722002             Residence Loan                            Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             722003             Capital Interest                          Y        A            04-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             722006             UMSU Loan                                 Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             722007             Capital Leases                            Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             722008             Debt Servicing                            Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             722009             Overdraft Interest                        Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             722010             Int Exp-Prov Capital Loan                 Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             722011             Interest Adjustment on Swap Loans         Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             722012             MET Critical Funding Interest             Y        A            08-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
             722013             MET Critical Funding Reimbursement        Y        A            09-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
             722014             PHR Loan                                  Y        A            01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             722015             Province of MB Loan Interest - Ph I       Y        A            04-JUN-2012             31-DEC-2099
             722016             RTDS Swap Interest                        Y        A            01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             722017             Monsanto Swap Interest                    Y        A            01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             722018             Prov of MB Loan Interest-Ph II            Y        A            26-MAR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             722019             Construction Loan - ALC                   Y        A            26-MAR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             722020             ALC Loan Interest                         Y        A            01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             722021             MET Critical Funding Principal            Y        A            08-APR-2019             31-DEC-2099
         722B               Interest on Long Term Debt - Budget           N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
           722BG              Interest on Long Term Debt - Budget         N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             722BGT             Interest on Long Term Debt - Budget       B        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
       725                Interest on Internal Loans                      N        A            01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
         7250               Interest on Internal Loans                    N        A            01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
           72500              Interest on Internal Loans                  N        A            01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             725001             Interest on Internal Loans                Y        A            24-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
         725B               Interest on Internal Loans - Budget           N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
           725BG              Interest on Internal Loans - Budget         N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             725BGT             Interest on Internal Loans - Budget       B        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
  7M                    Capital Asset Acquisitions                                              30-MAR-2006             31-DEC-2099
       702                Library Acquisitions                            N        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7020               Library Acquisitions                          N        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
           70200              Library Acquisitions                        N        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702001             Binding                                   Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702002             Serials                                   Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702003             Monographs                                Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702004             Monos - Approval Plan                     Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702005             Postage and Handling - Acquisitions       Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702006             GST - Acquisitions                        Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702007             PST - Acquisitions                        Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702008             Rare Books and Manuscripts                Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702009             Electronic Serials                        Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702010             Dafoe Allocated                           Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702011             Asian Studies Allocated                   Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702012             Arts Allocated                            Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702013             Education Allocated                       Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702014             Environment Allocated                     Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702015             Human Ecology Allocated                   Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702016             Icelandic Allocated                       Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702017             Kinesiology Allocated                     Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702018             Nursing Allocated                         Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702019             Native Studies Allocated                  Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702020             Social Work Allocated                     Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702021             Womens Studies Allocated                  Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702022             Medicine Allocated                        Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702023             Dental Allocated                          Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702024             Hospital Allocated                        Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702025             Rehabilitation Sciences                   Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702026             Pharmacy Allocated                        Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702027             Agriculture Library Allocated             Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702028             Archives Allocated                        Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702029             Arch/Fine Arts Library Allocated          Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702030             Engineering Library Allocated             Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702031             Other General Allocated                   Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702032             Law Library Allocated                     Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702033             Management Library Allocated              Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702034             Music Library Allocated                   Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702035             Science & Tech Library Allocated          Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702036             St Johns College Library Allocated        Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702037             St Pauls College Library Allocated        Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702038             Contingency                               Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702039             Print Serials                             Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702040             Aboriginal Health Allocated               Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702041             E-Book Subscriptions                      Y        A            02-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702042             Electronic Serials - Special              Y        A            01-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
         702B               Library Acquisitions - Budget                 N        A            01-JUL-2015             31-DEC-2099
           702BG              Library Acquisitions - Budget               N        A            01-JUL-2015             31-DEC-2099
             702BGT             Library Acquisitions - Budget             B        A            01-JUL-2015             31-DEC-2099
       726                Capital Asset Acquisitions                      N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7260               Works of Art                                  N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           72600              Works of Art                                N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             726001             Works of Art                              Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7261               Computer/Electronic Equipment                 N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           72610              Computers & Related Hardware                N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             726101             Computer Systems & Related Hardware       Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             726102             Laptops                                   Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             726103             Networking Hardware                       Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             726105             Int Leased - Computer Network HW          Y        A            19-SEP-2011             31-DEC-2099
           72616              Audio Visual Equipment                      N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             726161             Audio Visual Equipment                    Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             726162             Int Leased - A/V Equipment                Y        A            19-SEP-2011             31-DEC-2099
         7262               Vehicle/Farm Implements                       N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           72620              Vehicle/Farm Implements                     N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             726201             Vehicles                                  Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             726202             Farm Equipment                            Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             726203             Int Leased - Vehicles/Farm Equip          Y        A            19-SEP-2011             31-DEC-2099
         7263               Capital Leases                                N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           72630              Capital Leases                              N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             726301             Equipment Under Capital Lease             Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7264               Other Equipment and Furnishings               N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           72640              Office Furnishings & Equipment              N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             726401             Office Furnishings                        Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             726402             Office Equipment                          Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             726403             Int Leased - Office Equip & Furnish       Y        A            19-SEP-2011             31-DEC-2099
           72641              Scientific & Rsrch Equipment                N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             726411             Scientific & Rsrch Equipment              Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             726412             Int Leased - Scientific & Res Equip       Y        A            19-SEP-2011             31-DEC-2099
           72642              General Equipment                           N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             726421             General Equipment                         Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             726422             Int Leased - General Equip                Y        A            19-SEP-2011             31-DEC-2099
           72643              Maintenance Equipment                       N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             726431             Ground Mtce Equipment                     Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             726432             Building Mtce Equipment                   Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             726433             Int Leased - Maint Equip                  Y        A            19-SEP-2011             31-DEC-2099
           72644              Sports and Athletic Equipment               N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             726441             Sports and Athletic Equipment             Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             726442             Int Leased - Athletic Equip               Y        A            19-SEP-2011             31-DEC-2099
         726B               Capital Asset Acquisitions - Budget           N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
           726BG              Capital Asset Acquisitions - Budget         N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             726BGT             Capital Asset Acquisitions - Budget       B        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
       730                Land & Bldg Acquistions & Improve               N        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7301               Land and Land Improvements                    N        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
           73001              Land                                        N        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             730011             Land                                      Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
           73002              Landscaping                                 N        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             730021             Construction Costs - Landscaping          Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             730022             Profssnl Fees - Landscaping               Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             730023             PP Construct Costs-Landscaping            Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             730024             Addit Svc (no fees)-Landscaping           Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
           73003              Sewers                                      N        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             730031             Construction Costs - Sewers               Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             730032             Profssnl Fees - Sewers                    Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             730033             PP Construct Costs-Sewers                 Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             730034             Addit Services (no Fees)-Sewers           Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
           73004              Capital Road Improvement                    N        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             730041             Construction Costs - Cap Rd Improve       Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             730042             Profssnl Fees - Cap Rd Improve            Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             730043             PP Construct Costs-Cap Rd Improve         Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             730044             Addit Services (no fees)-Rd Improve       Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7305               Buildings (New Construction)                  N        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
           73005              Construction and Major Renovations          N        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             730051             Construct Cost-Bldgs & Maj Reno           Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             730052             Profssnl Fees - Bldgs & Maj Reno          Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             730056             PP Construct Costs-Bldg & Maj Reno        Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             730057             Site and Utility Costs                    Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             730058             Addit Svc (no fees)-Bldg & Maj Reno       Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             730059             Card Access Installations                 Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7307               Parking Lots                                  N        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
           73007              Parking Lots                                N        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             730071             Construction Costs - Parking Lots         Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             730072             Profssnl Fees - Parking Lots              Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             730073             PP Construct Costs-Parking Lots           Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             730074             Addit Svc (no fees)-Parking Lots          Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
         730B               Land & Bldg Acq & Improve - Budget            N        A            01-JUL-2015             31-DEC-2099
           730BG              Land & Bldg Acq & Improve - Budget          N        A            01-JUL-2015             31-DEC-2099
             730BGT             Land & Bldg Acq & Improve - Budget        B        A            01-JUL-2015             31-DEC-2099
       793                Year End Contra's - Capital                     N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7270               Year End Contra - Capital                     N        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
           72700              Year End Contra - Capital                   N        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             727001             Year End Contra - Cap Fund Exp.           Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             727017             Year End Contra- General                  Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             727019             Year End Contra- Research                 Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             727020             Year End Contra- Academic                 Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             727021             Year End Contra- Other Academic           Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             727022             Year End Contra- Libraries                Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             727023             Year End Contra- Student Services         Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             727024             Year End Contra- Admin                    Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             727025             Year End Contra-Physical Plant            Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
             727026             Year End Contra- Ancillary                Y        A            01-JUN-2015             31-DEC-2099
         793B               Year End Contra's - Capital - Budgt           N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
           793BG              Year End Contra's - Capital - Budgt         N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             793BGT             Year End Contra's - Capital - Budgt       B        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
  7N                    Repairs and Maintenance                                                 01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
       740                Repairs and Maintenance                         N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7400               Equipment Repairs & Maintenance               N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           74000              Equipment Repairs & Maintenance             N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740001             R & M - General Equipment                 Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740002             R & M - Vehicles                          Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740003             R & M - Computer Hardware                 Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740004             R & M - Computer Networks                 Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740005             R & M - Office Equipment                  Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740006             R & M - Telecommunications Equip          Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740007             R & M - Office Furnishings                Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7401               Building Repairs & Maintenance                N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           74010              Building Repairs & Maintenance              N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740101             R & M - Buildings                         Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740102             R & M - Roofs                             Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740103             R & M - Roads                             Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740104             R & M - Parking lots                      Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740105             R & M - Doors and Windows                 Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740106             R & M - Painting and Decorating           Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740107             R & M - Architectural                     Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740108             R & M - Plumbing                          Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740109             R & M - Heating                           Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740110             R & M - Electrical                        Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740111             R & M - Controls                          Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740112             R & M - Refrigeration                     Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740113             R & M - Machine Shop                      Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740114             R & M - Steam                             Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740115             R & M - Chilled Water                     Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740116             R & M - Compressed Air                    Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740117             R & M - Natural Gas                       Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740118             R & M - Cathodic Protection               Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740119             R & M - Domestic Water                    Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740120             R & M - Storm Sewer                       Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740121             R & M - Sanitary Sewer                    Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740122             R & M - Reverse Osmosis                   Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740123             R & M - Grounds                           Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740124             R & M - Elevator Contract                 Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740125             R & M - Filters                           Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740126             R & M - Lab Equipment Repairs             Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740127             R & M - Lab Equipment Parts               Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740128             R & M - Code Blue Maintenance             Y        A            01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             740129             R & M - Card Access Repairs               Y        A            01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             740130             R & M - Building Life Satety System       Y        A            01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
         7402               Equipment Rental                              N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           74020              Equipment Rental                            N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740201             Tools                                     Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740202             Faxes                                     Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740203             Equipment Rental                          Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740204             Computer Rental                           Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7403               Grounds Maintenance                           N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           74030              Grounds Maintenance                         N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             740301             Grounds Maintenance                       Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7405               Contra-R & M                                  N        A            13-JUN-2016             31-DEC-2099
           74050              Contra-R & M                                N        A            13-JUN-2016             31-DEC-2099
             740501             Contra-R & M                              Y        A            13-JUN-2016             31-DEC-2099
         740B               Repairs and Maintenance - Budget              N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
           740BG              Repairs and Maintenance - Budget            N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             740BGT             Repairs and Maintenance - Budget          B        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
  7O                    Amortization Expense                                                    01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
       745                Amortization Expense                            N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7450               Amortization Expense                          N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           74500              Amortization Expense                        N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             745001             Amort Exp - Buildings                     Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             745002             Amort Exp - Major Renov 25 yrs            Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             745003             Amort Exp - Building Roofs                Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             745004             Amort Exp - Furniture & Equipment         Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             745005             Amort Exp - Computer Equipment            Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             745006             Amort Exp - Vehicles                      Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             745007             Amort Exp - Capital Leases                Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             745008             Amort Exp - Library Books                 Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             745009             Amort Exp - P. Lots & Road Improve        Y        A            01-MAY-2007             31-DEC-2099
             745010             Amort Exp - Major Renov 15 yrs            Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             745011             Amort Exp - Systems Renewal               Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             745012             Amort Exp - Sewer & Outfalls              Y        A            01-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
         745B               Amortization Expense - Budget                 N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
           745BG              Amortization Expense - Budget               N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             745BGT             Amortization Expense - Budget             B        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
  7P                    Property Taxes                                                          01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
  7Q                    Accountable Advances                                                    01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
       760                Accountable Advances                            N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7600               Accountable Advances                          N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           76000              Accountable Advances                        N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             760001             Accountable Advances                      Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             760002             Operating Advances                        Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             760003             Foreign Operating Advances                Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             760004             Study Participant Advance                 Y        A            19-MAR-2013             31-DEC-2099
             760005             Concur Cash Advance                       Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             760006             Gift Card Advance                         Y        A            01-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
             760007             Funds Committed to PHDA                   Y        A            01-APR-2013             31-DEC-2099
         760B               Accountable Advances - Budget                 N        A            01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
           760BG              Accountable Advances - Budget               N        A            01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             760BGT             Accountable Advances - Budget             B        A            01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
  7R                    Student Awards                                                          01-DEC-2015             31-DEC-2099
       670                Fellowships Bursaries & Other                   N        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
         6700               Fellowships Bursaries & Other                 N        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           63500              Post Doc Fellowships - Canadian             Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           63501              Post Doc Fellowships - Foreign              Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67000              Post Doctoral Fellowship Can                Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67001              Fellowship for Educ Purp Bach Can           Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67002              Fellowship for Res Purp Bach Can            Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67003              Bursaries                                   Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67004              Scholarships Bachelor Canadian              Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67005              Foreign Trustee Payments                    Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67006              Resrch Grant: Rsrcher to Co-Rsrcher         Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67007              Res Grant: Rsrcher to Stud Bach Can         Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67008              Grad Studies Fellowship                     Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67009              Prize/Award (For Student)                   Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67010              Post Doctoral Fellowship For                Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67011              Fellow for Educ Purp Bach For               Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67012              Fellow for Educ Purp Mast Can               Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67013              Fellow for Educ Purp Mast For               Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67014              Fellow for Educ Purp Doct Can               Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67015              Fellow for Educ Purp Doct For               Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67016              Fellow for Educ Purp Post Doct Can          Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67017              Fellow for Educ Purp Post Doct For          Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67018              Fellow for Educ Purp Other                  Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67021              Fellow for Res Purp Bach For                Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67022              Fellow for Res Purp Mast Can                Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67023              Fellow for Res Purp Mast For                Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67024              Fellow for Res Purp Doct Can                Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67025              Fellow for Res Purp Doct For                Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67026              Fellow for Res Purp Post Doct Can           Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67027              Fellow for Res Purp Post Doct For           Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67028              Fellow for Res Purp Other                   Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67041              Scholarships Bachelor Foreign               Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67042              Scholarships Masters Canadian               Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67043              Scholarships Masters Foreign                Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67044              Scholarships Doctoral Canadian              Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67045              Scholarships Doctoral Foreign               Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67046              Scholarships Other                          Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67050              Intl Trainee non-resident payment           Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67071              Res Grant: Rsrcher to Stud Bach For         Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67072              Res Grant: Rsrcher to Stud Mast Can         Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67073              Res Grant: Rsrcher to Stud Mast For         Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67074              Res Grant: Rsrcher to Stud Doct Can         Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67075              Res Grant: Rsrcher to Stud Doct For         Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67076              Res Grant: Rsrcher to Stud Other            Y        A            13-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           67077              Contra-Fellowships & Burs                   Y        A            13-JUN-2016             31-DEC-2099
         670B               Fellowships Bursaries & Oth - Budgt           N        A            14-APR-2016             31-DEC-2099
           670BGT             Fellowships Bursaries & Oth - Budgt         B        A            05-MAY-2016             31-DEC-2099
       770                Scholarships Bursaries and Awards               N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7700               Scholarships                                  N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           77000              Scholarships                                N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             770001             Undergraduate Scholarships                Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             770002             Graduate Scholarships                     Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             770003             Entrance Scholarships                     Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             770004             Discretionary Scholarships                Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             770005             Other Institution Scholarships            Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             770006             Convocation Award Scholarships            Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             770007             Mixed or Undefined Scholarships           Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         770B               Scholarships Bursaries Awards Budgt           N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
           770BG              Scholarships Bursaries Awards Budgt         N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             770BGT             Scholarships Bursaries Awards Budgt       B        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7710               Bursaries                                     N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           77100              Bursaries                                   N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             771001             Undergraduate Bursaries                   Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             771002             Graduate Bursaries                        Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             771003             Emergency Bursaries                       Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7720               Awards                                        N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           77200              Awards                                      N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             772000             Medal Awards                              Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             772001             Prize Awards                              Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             772002             Combined Medal and Prize Awards           Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             772003             Athletic Awards                           Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             772004             Provincial Athletic Awards                Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             772005             University Athletic Awards                Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             772006             Book (and other goods) Awards             Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             772007             Summer Research Awards                    Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             772008             Nursing Forgivable Loans                  Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             772009             Award Entry Fees                          Y        A            01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
  7S                    CDA and Other Contras                                                   11-APR-2014             31-DEC-2099
       773                Staff Benefits  - Contra                        N        A            18-JAN-2012             31-DEC-2099
         7730               Campus Development Assessment                 N        A            22-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
           77300              Campus Development Assessment               N        A            22-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             773001             CDA Contra                                Y        A            22-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
             773002             Campus Development Assessment             Y        A            22-MAR-2010             31-DEC-2099
         7731               ER Pymts to Staff Benefits - Contra           N        A            18-JAN-2012             31-DEC-2099
           77310              ER Pymts to Staff Benefits - Contra         N        A            18-JAN-2012             31-DEC-2099
             773100             ER Pymts to Staff Benefits - Contra       Y        A            18-JAN-2012             31-DEC-2099
         7732               Staff Benefits Refund                         N        A            18-JAN-2012             31-DEC-2099
           77320              Staff Benefits Refund                       N        A            18-JAN-2012             31-DEC-2099
             773200             Staff Benefits Refund                     Y        A            18-JAN-2012             31-DEC-2099
         773B               Staff Benefits  - Contra - Budget             N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
           773BG              Staff Benefits  - Contra - Budget           N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             773BGT             Staff Benefits  - Contra - Budget         B        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
       774                Actuarial Pension Expense                       N        A            01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
         7740               Actuarial Pension Expense                     N        A            01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
           77400              Actuarial Pension Expense                   N        A            01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
             774001             Actuarial Pension Expense                 Y        A            01-APR-2008             31-DEC-2099
         774B               Actuarial Pension Expense - Budget            N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
           774BG              Actuarial Pension Expense - Budget          N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             774BGT             Actuarial Pension Expense - Budget        B        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
       776                Actuarial EE Future Benefits                    N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7760               Actuarial EE Future Benefits                  N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           77600              Actuarial EE Future Benefits                N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             776000             Actuarial EE Future Benefits              Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         776B               Actuarial EE Future Benefits - Bdgt           N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
           776BG              Actuarial EE Future Benefits - Bdgt         N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             776BGT             Actuarial EE Future Benefits - Bdgt       B        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
  7T                    Research Overhead                                                       30-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
       785                Research Overhead                               N        A            05-OCT-2015             31-DEC-2099
         7850               Research Overhead                             N        A            05-OCT-2015             31-DEC-2099
           78500              Research Overhead                           N        A            05-OCT-2015             31-DEC-2099
             711105             Overhead                                  Y        A            30-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
             718011             Administration Fees                       Y        A            30-SEP-2015             31-DEC-2099
         785B               Research Overhead - Budget                    N        A            01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
           785BG              Research Overhead - Budget                  N        A            01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             785BGT             Research Overhead - Budget                B        A            01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
  7U                    Year End Contra's                                                       01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
       794                Year End Contra's                               N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7280               Staff Benefits Contra                         N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           72800              Staff Benefits Contra                       N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             728000             Staff Benefits Contra                     Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7290               Overhead Contra                               N        A            25-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
           72900              Overhead Contra                             N        A            25-APR-2007             31-DEC-2099
             729000             Overhead Contra                           Y        A            01-MAY-2007             31-DEC-2099
         794B               Year End Contra's - Budget                    N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
           794BG              Year End Contra's - Budget                  N        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
             794BGT             Year End Contra's - Budget                B        A            01-APR-2015             31-DEC-2099
  7X                    Reserves - Budget Only                                                  01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
       796                Reserves - Budget Only                          N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7960               Reserves - Budget Only                        N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           79600              Reserves - Budget Only                      N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             796000             Reserves-Academic Salaries                B        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             796001             Reserves-Special Academic Salaries        B        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             796002             Reserves-Other Salaries                   B        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             796003             Reserves-Benefits                         B        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             796004             Reserves-Pay Levy                         B        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             796005             Reserves-Supplies                         B        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             796006             Research Study Leave                      B        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             796007             Small Faculty Leave                       B        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         796B               Reserves - Budget                             N        A            01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
           796BG              Reserves - Budget                           N        A            01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             796BGT             Reserves - Budget                         B        A            01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
  7Y                    Budget Only Accounts                                                    01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
       797                Budget Only Accounts                            N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7970               Budget Only Accounts                          N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           79700              Budget Only Accounts                        N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             797000             Authorized Research Budget                B        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             797001             Current Year Unallocated Budget           B        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             797002             Tuition Threshold Changes                 B        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             797003             Budget Carryover                          B        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             797004             Budget Only Special Funds/Savings         B        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             797005             Budget Reduction                          B        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             797006             Authorzed Capital Expendture Budgt        B        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             797007             Capital Budget Provincial Debt            B        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             797008             Capital Budget Auth Internal Loans        B        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             797009             Budget Only Special Projects              B        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             797010             Pooled & Individual Travel                B        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         7979               Budget Only accounts-opening budget           N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
           79799              Budget Only accounts-opening budget         N        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
             797998             Budg Only Acct- Bal Entry Open Budg       B        A            01-APR-2009             31-DEC-2099
             797999             Budget Only accounts-opening budget       B        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
         797B               Budget Only Accounts - Budget                 N        A            01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
           797BG              Budget Only Accounts - Budget               N        A            01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             797BGT             Budget Only Accounts - Budget             B        A            01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
  7Z                    Expenditures Other                                                      23-MAR-2018             31-DEC-2099
       799                Expenditures Other                              N        A            23-MAR-2018             31-DEC-2099
         7999               Expenditures Other                            N        A            23-MAR-2018             31-DEC-2099
           79999              Expenditures Other                          N        A            23-MAR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             799997             Loss on Ph 2 Loan Receivable Allow.       Y        A            01-APR-2018             31-DEC-2099
             799998             Loss on Ph I Loan Receivable Allow.       Y        A            01-APR-2017             31-DEC-2099
             799999             Expenditures- Interface Only              Y        A            01-APR-1995             31-DEC-2099
                                               * * * REPORT CONTROL INFORMATION * * *
AS OF DATE: 16-AUG-2019