Use FAST Reporting

The following selection fields appear at the top of every FAST report screen:

You can use the drop-down lists to choose the data for the report and/or the format of the report.

Current Year: Select one of the following to change the format of the Operating Statement:

  • Current Year: Displays the data for the fiscal year of the selected period.
  • Comparative: Displays the data for the previous and current fiscal years.
  • Date Range: Displays all data found between the beginning of the first selected period to the end of the second selected period.

Period: Select the desired reporting period for the statement.

By: Display the report sorted by the FOAPAL code selected.

Budget: Select one of the following to change the data in the Budget column.

  • YTD Fiscal: Displays the Fiscal budget.
  • YTD Base: Displays the Base budget.

Display: Display dollar amounts as a whole number or decimal.

The Operating Statement also contains the following:

You Are Viewing line: Shows which Chart and FOAPAL filters you currently have selected. This line changes whenever you display a different view.

Last Updated displays the date of the last update from Banner.


Code: Depending on how you view the report, the code can be any FOAPAL element. Click any blue hyperlink to drill down to the next level of code.

Title: The description for the Code in the first column.

Current Month: The transactional activity for the month selected.

YTD Actual: A total of all transactional activity from April 1 to the month selected.  When viewing an Expenditure Account, this column would represent all expenses made to the Account from the beginning of the year to the current period selected.

O/S Commitments: Represents your commitment to purchase something or to pay a salary to someone. It includes items such as outstanding commitments for purchase orders and salary commitments.

YTD Total Activity: A sum of the YTD Actual and the O/S Commitments columns.

YTD Fiscal or YTD Base Budget: The column displays either the Year to Date Fiscal Budget or the Year to Date Base Budget, depending on the type of budget you select from the Budget drop-down list located at the top of the screen.

$ Budget Available: Amount remaining to be spent after YTD Actual Expenses and Commitments have been deducted from the YTD Fiscal or Base Budget.

% Budget Available: Displays an F for a Favourable variance or a U for an Unfavourable variance.

  • Favourable - there are funds left to be spent
  • Unfavourable - overspent