Use the External Invoice Tracking System (EITS)

In Aurora, all of the functions related to recording and tracking invoices to external customers are included in the External Invoice Tracking System (EITS). EITS is used for recording and tracking invoices to external customers.

To access EITS:

On the Aurora home page, click on the Aurora Internet Native Banner link on the right-hand side of the page.

Enter your User ID and password; click Connect.

This will bring you to the Banner Main Menu.

All invoice maintenance and queries are done using the EITS  Maintenance Form (FYAINVO). FYAINVO can be accessed in either of two ways:

  • In the Direct Access field, type FYAINVO, then press the Enter key, or
  • Use the menu in Banner Finance:

      Banner → Financial → University of Manitoba Finance Apps →

            External Invoice Tracking System (EITS)


Double-click on EITS (Ver 2.2) Maintenance Form [FYAINVO] to access FYAINVO.
Note: The first time you access this form, the Printer Destinations screen [TOADEST] will display. Close this screen by clicking the Exit button  (It is not used in the U of M environment.)

When you go to FYAINVO, the form opens to display the last invoice entered for that user’s organization, based on the user’s security access.

Note the five buttons near the middle of the screen on the right:

  • Cancel
  • Complete
  • Comment
  • NEW Invoice
  • Enter Query