Report View Options

FAST reports provide many different views of the same data. The standard or default view is the Current Year report (shown below), which displays year to date.

Note the Report Selection drop-down field in the upper left of the screen, which enables you to change the way you view the data selected.

To view a report which compares the period currently selected with the same period last year, select the Comparative option.


To view budget changes made to your FOAP, select either the Fiscal Budget Changes or Baseline Budget Changes view option.

The resulting report:

Current Month Opening Budget: The ending budget for the prior period. In the above example, this column would represent the ending budget for Jan. 2007 which is also the opening budget for Feb. 2007.

Current Month Budget Changes: The budget changes made in the current period selected.

Ending Adjusted Budget: The ending budget for the period selected, which is calculated by combining the opening budget and any changes made throughout the period selected.


To view a monthly trend report, select the Monthly Trend option.