Quick Data Entry (FGAJVCQ)

When using the FGAJVCQ form, all the regular Banner navigation features work as usual. To move between fields, you can either:

  • use the Tab key, and Shift+Tab to go backwards, or
  • use the mouse to select the desired field

Key Block Information

Document Number - Leave this field blank to have the system automatically generate a new document number.

Important Note: If you enter any character or just press the space bar, then that entry becomes your journal voucher number. Only by leaving the field blank will the appropriate sequential “Jxxxxxxx” journal voucher number be assigned.

Tip: The Document number will be visible once you access the Transaction Detail block or the Text Entry form.

Note re ID Charges:
When entering an ID charge, keep in mind that the document will be mailed to the organization being charged. To accommodate this process, please enter only one ID charge per JV document. If an ID charge has several lines that use Journal Type ID1D, each line has to reference the same Org code. If you need to charge multiple Org codes, you will need to create a separate ID charge for each Org code.

E.g.: You need to charge both the department of Psychology and the department of Philosophy. They both fall under the Faculty of Arts, but have different Org codes in their FOP. You must do the following:

- enter one ID charge to the Psychology department

- enter another ID charge to the Philosophy department

Click the Next Block icon   (or press Ctrl+Page Down) to continue.

Document Header

Transaction Date - Defaults to the current date, and indicates the date a transaction will be posted. You can override it to backdate for month end or year end purposes as long as these periods are still open. Posting is only permitted to open periods.

Enter the transaction date, in YYMMDD format - e.g. 070415 for 15-Apr-2007.

Document Total - Enter the absolute value of the total of debits plus credits. To calculate this figure, add all of your debits and multiply by 2. The document total should always equal an even amount - e.g. 105.24, but never 105.25.

NSF Checking - By default this box is checked. Insufficient funds checking occurs as the JV is being entered.

Deferred Edit - Leave this box blank.

Document Text Exists - This box will initially be blank; only system generated entries appear in this box.

     Y (Yes) indicates that text exists for the JV

     N (No) indicates that there is no text associated with the JV