Query FORS and FARS

In the top left-hand corner of the form, there are fields that you can use for your query.  They are:

Enter your 6 digit data-enterable Fund code
Enter your 6 digit data-enterable Organization code
Enter the 6 digit data-enterable Account code
Resp Code
Choices are PS, AS, PM, XC or FS
Defaults to checked to display only active records
Emp. Number
Enter E and then the employee number

In your search, you can utlize all or just some of the fields. Enter the codes you wish to query.

Click the Execute Query icon (or press the F8 key) to run the query.  The results of your query will display in the table below.

To view further detail, click the Next Block icon (or press [Ctrl] + [Page Down]).   Tab side-to-side or up/down to view details of each record in the table.

Note: To perform another query in the form, click the Rollback icon to return to the beginning of the form.