Add Website Links to the My Links Menu in Banner

  1. Select any of the “Personal Link” options in the right-hand My Links menu.
  2. The General User Preferences Maintenance (GUAUPRF) form will appear. Select the My Links tab at the top of the form.
  3. For each personal link you want to create, you will have two sections to add information to: one for the description in the My Links menu and one for the website URL.
    For the first link that you want to personalize:
    • In the Description: field, enter the description you want to appear in the My Links menu.
    • In the User Value: field, enter the URL of the website you want it to link to.

  4. Once complete, select the Save icon. You will get a warning advising that you will need to log off to see the changes to your My Links menu. Select OK  to exit the form.
  5. The next time you log in to Banner, your changes to the My Links menu will display.