Exam Scoring
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2. Reports

  • Summary Exam Scoring Reports
  • Course Evaluation/Data Analysis Reports
  • Other Reports

    Summary Exam Scoring Report

    The OS system provides a summary exam scoring report broken into 4 sections:

    1. Scoring by Student: This part of the report provides various statistics on how each student did on the exam as a whole.

      • The student number, serial number of response sheet, and student's name (if requested).
      • The number of questions attempted.
      • The number of questions answered correctly.
      • The score obtained based on the given scoring factors.
      • The percentage of the questions answered correctly.
      • The percentage score the student received based on the given scoring factors.

    2. Scoring by Question: This part of the report provides various statistics on how each question was answered on the exam.

      For the exam as a whole:

      • Number of students in the section.
      • Number of questions scored.
      • Number of questions attempted, by mean and standard deviation.
      • Number of questions correct, by mean and standard deviation.
      • Score, by mean and standard deviation.

      For each question:

      • Question number.
      • Total number of responses for each possible answer to the question (from 1 to 10).
      • Total number of missing responses.
      • Total number of invalid responses (includes multiple responses for the question).
      • Correct response(s) as given by the key sheet.
      • Percentage of correct responses for the question.
      • Point Biserial for the question.

    3. Summary Invalid Questions: Summary of invalid responses by student.

      • Student number.
      • Serial number of the OMR scoring sheet.
      • Total number of invalid responses.
      • List of question numbers with invalid responses.

    4. Exam Scoring Frequency Distribution: This report also provides a general frequency distribution chart and bar graph for the score obtained (Score), the percentage score (%Score), and the percentage correct (% Correct). The distribution reports do not provide any new information. They simply re-list the given information in a different format to assist in the analysis of the exam. Note: exams which have scores over 100 will not produce a meaningful Score distribution, however the percentage distributions will still be valid.

    Course Evaluation/Data Analysis Report

    This report provides an analysis of the responses to each question. The report lists:

    • Question number.
    • Total number of responses for each possible answer to the question (from 1 to 10, no reply, and multiple responses).
    • Percentage of total responses for each answer.
    • The average answer for each question. (This average is the mean of the responses).

    Other Reports

    The OS system does not provide any other types of reports, but the given reports can be used in various other ways to meet your requirements. For example, the course evaluation/data analysis report is useful for simple surveys for research projects, as it gives the number of responses per answer for each question. Data analysis can also be done with the exam reports. An example would be if a predicted pattern is expected, the pattern can be entered on a key sheet as the correct answers and the responses 'corrected' against this key sheet. The reports would provide percentages of those who did not follow the pattern.

    More complicated or specific analysis would require that programs be developed by the client to process the data using the computer files produced by the system. See the Computer File Output section on how to use the files.

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