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5. Glossary

  • % Correct - Percentage correct is given in two ways:

      1. For the individual breakdown, it is the percentage of correct answers each student obtained for the exam. The value is based on the maximum number of exam questions and not the maximum possible score.
      2. For the evaluation of the exam itself, it is the percentage of students obtaining the correct answer for each question.

  • % Score - The percentage score each student obtained for the exam. This value is the score obtained out of a hundred. It is based on the scoring factors and is not the same as the % Correct. Where the scoring factor of 1-0 is used, the % Correct and % Score will be the same.

  • Point Biserial - Point biserial is a correlation coefficient and is used to indicate whether or not the students doing well on a particular question were, in general, the students doing well on the exam as a whole. A positive value indicates questions for which this pattern exists and the closer the value is to +1.0, the more marked the pattern. A value close to zero indicates questions for which no such pattern existed. A negative value (between 0.0 and -1.0) indicates questions on which the weaker over-all students did better than stronger students.

  • Questions Attempted - The total number of questions each student answered. This value includes all right and wrong answers given but does not include questions unanswered (i.e. left blank).

  • Score - The value each student obtained for the exam based on the scoring factor(s). This value is based on the number of questions for the exam and therefore is not necessarily out of a hundred.

  • Scoring Factor - The scoring formula(s) used to calculate the exam scores. This value is multiplied by the number of correct and/or wrong answers. An exam can have up to nine sections, each having a different scoring factor. If no formula is given, a right-minus-wrong factor of 1-0 is assumed (i.e. one point for each correct answer and zero for each wrong answer). The scoring factors are listed on the reports as SCORE1, SCORE2, ... SCORE9 as given for each section of the exam.

  • Sheet Serial Number - The number stamped on each score sheet by the Optical Mark Reader as each sheet is processed. This number is listed with the student number on the exam scoring reports to provide an additional reference if needed. This number also appears on each record of the computer file.

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