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4. Error Messages


  • STUDENT NOT FOUND: The student number given is syntactically correct, but is not in the Aurora Student database or the student number given is syntactically incorrect. For example, the student may have filled in two digits on the same line.

  • STUDENT NOT IN COURSE: The student number exists in the student record database, but is not registered in the given Term/CRN or Term/Subject/Course/Section.


  • ID - If the optical mark reader detects an error in the Student Number field, it will print the letters "ID" beside the serial number (which appears beside the timing marks in the upper left portion of the form). An error can occur if the student left a bubble blank or filled in two bubbles on the same line. This error will be reflected on the exam scoring report as a "STUDENT NOT FOUND".

  • Q1-40 - If the optical mark reader detects a multiple mark in any question between 1 and 40 it will print "Q1-40" beside the serial number. The same holds true for multiple marks found in questions 41-80, 81-120 or 121-160. The student number and exact question number will be listed in the Summary Invalid Questions section of the exam scoring report.

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