iclicker Classroom Response System

The iClicker is a classroom response system supported by Audiovisual and Classroom Technology Support.  iClickers are a reliable way to periodically assess how well students understand concepts presented throughout lectures.  It is a means to encourage classroom discussion, with the potential to better engage students in what they are being taught. 

Currently, at the University of Manitoba, iClicker base receivers are installed in over 50 rooms on the Fort Garry campus and 10 rooms on the Bannatyne campus. 

Who can use this service?


How do I request the service?

When instructors adopt iClickers as part of their course, students are required to purchase an iClicker remote, available at the U of M Bookstore at a cost of $53.95. Any clicker that is purchased used will have an addition fee of approximately $7.00 charged when it is registered at the i>Clicker website.
New instructors can arrange for a training/orientation session near the start of each term by contacting the Help and Solutions Centre @ 204-474-8600 or emailing servicedesk@umanitoba.ca.

When is this service available?
Support for instructors using iClickers is available during regular business hours, Monday to Friday 8:30 to 16:30

How do I get help with this service?
Contact the Help and Solutions Centre @ 204-474-8600 or email servicedesk@umanitoba.ca.
Use one of the classroom phones; select ‘AV Help’ which will connect you directly to the AV Help Line

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iClicker Software

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