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Claiming your computer accounts JUMP and WebCT
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    SAVE your work! MAKE 2 Copies! Help!

    Computer Accounts

    As a current student at the U of M you are entitled to two computer accounts:

    1. UMnetID - Account used for:
      - U of M E-mail, Dial-up, and Wireless Internet Acccess
      - Unix, file storage, and software.
      - Student Portals / Online instruction: JUMP and WebCT.
    2. Novell INS  - Account used for:1
      - The Microsoft Windows lab and library PCs
      - USB and memory stick ports, network files storage, printing, access to course materials and programs, etc.

    Note: All students can claim their ID up to 2 weeks prior to a new session, providing they are registered for at least one course for the upcoming term.

    For more information on computer accounts click here.

    Jump is an on-line desktop that any current U of M student can access from any computer that is connected to the Internet. Jump provides direct access to various services that students may want to use such as WebCT, Library resources, U of M e-mail accounts, and course homepages that are complete with message boards and chat rooms for people involved in that course.

    The University of Manitoba has adopted WebCT as its learning management system (LMS). WebCT is often used to complement a classroom-based course, but it can be used to deliver a course completely online. Access to WebCT is through a web browser, like Netscape or Internet Explorer.

    You can use WebCT to:

    • view course materials, including text, images, video, and audio;
    • discuss course content and issues online with other students and the course instructor;
    • take online tests and quizzes;
    • submit assignments;
    • view returned assignments; and
    • view grades.
    • Accessed through

    Internet Access (Web-browsing, Aurora, JUMP, WebCT, e-mail, news, etc.)

    Access to the Internet is provided through 3 main facilities. Please click on the links below for more information regarding:


    • In order to access the Internet through our facilities you must have a computer account (see above). 
    • Students are entitled to 30 free hours of dial-up Internet per month. Each additional hour per month is 75 cents

    Students are encouraged to claim their U of M email account.  Your address will be based on your name. 
    Example:  Jamie Smith >

    You can access your email in the following ways:

    Instruction (non-credit)

    Non-credit courses are offered three times per year on topics such as word processing and data base creation. Some courses are free, while others are offered for a small charge.

    Download Free software (Web Browsers, Email Clients, FTP and Telnet utilities), as well as free Antivirus Software from Software Express.

    BISON, On-line Libraries' Catalogue

    BISON online catalogue allows you to search for titles, authors and subjects. You can access it from terminals in the labs, from the Libraries, or from home.


    For Internet Clients (web browsers, email, Teraterm and FTP) please visit SoftwareExpress, the software download page.


    There is free dot matrix printing in all the computer labs. Laser printing floppies/unix  is available for a fee per page from the the Campus Copy Centre, 118 University Centre, as well as in most libraries.

    SAVE your work! MAKE 2 COPIES!

    When working on a computer in the labs it's always a good idea to save a second copy of your work on a floppy disk or usb memory stick(preferably).
    Your files can be saved in your home-folder which is available to access from any computer, however, it's prudent to make a second copy of your work. We also recommend that you test saving and then re-opening a small file before you commence work on an assignment or paper.
    Many students who did not save their work in either their home folder or usb flash drive have accidentally lost time and work. Don't let this happen to you!


    The Consulting Team wants to help you. There is a Support Line (474-8600) staffed every week day! (Check the on-line schedule for up to date information on hours.) Voice mail messages are normally returned within one business day. If we cannot leave a message at your home number, please include your email address with your message, or send us email (

    Phones are available in the computing labs for your convenience.

    For ACN account problems, call (204) 474-9788.
    Info line: lab hours and dial-in information are recorded on a menu system at (204) 474-8600.

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