Wireless "N" Project

Wireless Connectivity Expands Across Campus

The Wireless N Initiative Continues to Enhance Wireless Services

Because of an ever-evolving need for improved internet connectivity, the University of Manitoba’s IST Department is continuing to install enhanced ‘Wireless N’ technology across campus. Wireless 802.11N, the most current wireless technology available, provides a wider range and capacity to better support an increase in wireless users.

The Wireless N Initiative is a multi-year program aimed at upgrading and enhancing wireless internet connectivity to all University of Manitoba buildings. As a core component of the “Student First Initiative”, IST will continue to upgrade and enhance Wireless N technology throughout this multi-year program. These upgrades are part of an approximately $2.6 million-to-date enhancement to wireless network services offered at the University of Manitoba.

University President, David Barnard, stresses that “Keeping our campus connected is imperative to the success of our students, staff and faculty.” Dr. Barnard acknowledged that collaboration between UMSU and University Administration has resulted in benefits for the entire university community.

Mike Langedock, Chief Information Officer, supports Dr. Barnard’s statement. “Based on the significant progress that was made last year when over 10 buildings went live with the new wireless service, we built on that success by setting our sights on doing 19 more buildings this year. We wouldn’t have achieved that if not for the cooperation we received from Student Affairs, Purchasing, Office of Continuous Improvement, and Physical Plant departments … and of course the great technical team in IST/Networking.”

UMSU President, Al Turnbull, is extremely pleased with the Wireless N Initiative progress. Al applauds the University’s approach to wireless connectivity enhancement, supported by the Student First Initiative. “The University of Manitoba is asking what students need and is making student-driven decisions. The University is driving this change to enhance the students’ experience here.” 

Wireless N Connectivity was first activated on July 3, 2012 in the Biological Sciences Building. By the end of this year, over thirty buildings across Fort Garry and Bannatyne campuses will be upgraded with enhanced technology. Four student residences are also targeted for Wireless N service enhancements and are expected to be completed early in 2014. Looking ahead, the University is currently collaborating with UMSU to plan the Wireless N upgrades for the next 19 buildings.

For more information about Wireless Connectivity or for help connecting to the Wireless networks, visit the following link or call the Help & Solutions Centre at 204-474-8400. Door signs will also be posted on buildings that have enhanced Wireless N connectivity to provide more information about IST support.

Buildings Now Offering Enhanced Wireless N Connectivity:

Fort Garry Campus
•    Administration
•    Agriculture Lecture Block
•    Allen
•    Armes
•    Art Barn
•    Art Lab
•    Arthur Mauro
•    Buller
•    Ceramics Lab
•    Chancellor’s Hall
•    Dafoe Library
•    Dairy Science
•    Drake Centre
•    Duff Roblin
•    Duff Roblin Trailers
•    E1-EITC
•    E2-EITC
•    E3-EITC
•    Education
•    Fletcher Argue
•    Grains Storage
•    High Voltage Lab
•    Investor’s Field – Bison/University Facilities only
•    Isbister
•    Machray Hall
•    Mary Speechly
•    Parker
•    Pembina Hall
•    Pembina Residence
•    Physical Plant
•    Plant Science Field Station
•    Powerhouse
•    RCFFN
•    Robson Hall
•    Russell
•    Sinnott
•    Smart Park Meeting Centre
•    St Andrew’s College
•    St John's Residence
•    Stores Building
•    Tier
•    Univ. College Residence
•    University Centre
•    Wallace
•    Welcome Centre

Bannatyne Campus
•    Apotex
•    Basic Medical Sciences
•    Brodie/Buhler
•    Cancer Care (700 level)
•    Dentistry
•    Kleysen (400 level)
•    Med Services
•    Pathology
•    Rehab Hospital (300 level)

Buildings Currently Offering Other Wireless Coverage:

Fort Garry Campus
•    Aboriginal House
•    Agriculture Lecture Block
•    Agriculture
•    Agriculture Engineering
•    Animal Science
•    Architecture II
•    Buller
•    CAST
•    Crop Technology
•    Education
•    Ellis
•    Extended Education
•    E3-EITC
•    Education
•    Fitzgerald
•    Frank Kennedy
•    Helen Glass
•    Human Ecology
•    Investor's Group Athletic Centre
•    Maxbell
•    Music
•    Plant Science
•    St. John's College
•    St. Paul's College
•    Univ. College Lecture Block

Bannatyne Campus
•    Old Basic Science
•    Chown
•    Med Rehab


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