Using ALPINE Filters
This document will show you how to set up Alpine to filter your email.

This maybe useful for placing messages from people into individual folders, or even placing the messages into a folder that you frequently delete. It is not a good idea to set up a filter to delete messages, because the filter that you set up may not filter the messages exactly the way you want it to. If you move the messages into a folder, then you can quickly scan them in your spare time to make sure that you have not missed any important messages that were filtered by accident.
  • Start Alpine
  • Once Alpine has started, use the arrows to go to Setup on the menu.

  • Alpine will prompt you for the task you wish to preform. Select Rules by pressing the letter r.

  • Alpine will then prompt you for what type of Rule you want to set up. Select Filters by pressing f

  • If you already have filters set up, you will see a list of them, otherwise your screen will look like the one below. Press a to add a Filtering Rule.

  • While setting up a filter:
    • To change any of the values, press c while the option you want to change is selected.
    • It is a good idea to only filter the INBOX. To do this, place your cursor in the brackets beside Specific and type a *. Then to the option directly below named Folder. Press t and select the INBOX in the list.
    • To select the folder where the mail is going, highlight the line at the bottom that says Folder, and press t to choose a folder to place the mail into.

  • Press e to exit the set up of the filter. Alpine will then ask you if you want to save the settings. Answer yes by pressing y. Press e once more to exit the Filtering Rules Setup. Alpine will then ask if you want to commit the changes. Answer yes by pressing y.


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