Windows Remote Desktop Connection Client Installation

Using your web browser, connect to the following URL

Click on the Download msrdpcli.exe link to download the Remote Desktop Connection client software installer and the following window will appear.

Click on Save then the following windows will appear. Select an appropriate temporary directory to save the installer file into, in this example I have used C:\DEMOAREA. Then click on the Save button.

The file will be downloaded showing a window similar to the following:

Run the installer from the directory where you saved it.

  1. Click on Next to continue.
  2. Read the licence agreement shown in the window. If you agree with the terms of the agreement, then select I accept the terms in the licence agreement. Then click on Next.
  3. In the Box labelled User Name: type in your full name. In the box labelled Organization: type in the name of your organization, this would generally be University of Manitoba. Typically you should then select Anyone who uses this computer (all users). If you share your workstation with others, you may want to consult with your LAN Coordinator before proceeding further if you are uncertain. Finally, click on Next to continue.
  4. You are now ready to start the product installation, Click on Install.
  5. A window will appear to show the progress of the installation.

Once the installation process is complete, the following window will appear. You can click Finish to complete the installation process.