Key Features and Benefits
A Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA) provides a tailored, client centric view into the security posture of an Information System based on existing controls, vulnerabilities and technology related threats to information, processes supporting the system and technology used to implement it. A TRA report may include:

  • Assessment of current controls
  • Technical vulnerability assessment
  • Recommendations to remediate risk

Getting Started
Create an IT Ticket to request a Threat and Risk Assessment consultation. Please provide the following information in your ticket:

  • Name, Position and Contact information for the person requesting the TRA
  • Name, Position and Contact information for the business owner of the system
  • Name of the system
  • Brief description of the system
  • If this is part of a project, name of the project and project manager assigned
  • Provide the target date for completion of the TRA and describe the constraints that require this date.

Available to
Faculty, Staff


No charge


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