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Key Features and Benefits
New tablets provided by the university can be configured to give you access to e-mail and Wi-Fi services.  Please submit a service request for assistance with tablet setup and configuration.

Getting Started
Create an IT Ticket to request assistance.

To configure email on your Apple device:

  1. Select "Settings"
  2. Select "Mail, Contacts, and Calendar"
  3. Select "Add Account"
  4. Select "Microsoft Exchange"
  5. Enter your email address and password
  6. Select "Next" and "Save"

To configure email on Android:

  1. Select "Settings"
  2. Select "Add Account"
  3. Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync"
  4. Enter your email address and password
  5. Select "Next" and "Ok"

To configure email for Windows8:

  1. Open "Mail"
  2. Open the Charms Bar"
  3. Select "Settings"
  4. Select "Add an Account"
  5. Select the "Outlook" Option
  6. Enter your email and password
  7. Select "Connect"

Available to
Students, Faculty, Staff


No charge


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