Information Security & Compliance Policies and Procedures

Safeguarding the University of Manitoba's IT resources, technology and data requires a team effort. True information security asks that all our stakeholders including students, staff and faculty make a commitment to being aware of and following our Policies, Usage Agreements and Procedures.

Your access and usage privileges to University resources requires that you act responsibly, legally and respect the integrity of other people and university systems. These policies and procedures lay out the standards and responsibilities you must follow:

All Employees, External Parties and Students

  • Information Security Policy (coming soon)
  • Information Security Procedure (coming soon)
  • Mobile Encryption Standard (coming soon)
  • Password Standard
  • Use of Non-University Owned Devices Standard (coming soon)
  • Electronic Transmission of Data Standard (coming soon)

For information on how to protect data when transferring ownership, or disposing of, an electronic device or media, click here: Custody and Control of Electronic Devices and Media

For additional information on access and privacy, click here

Information and Resources:

► What is malware or spyware?
► What is spam?
► What is phishing?
► What is the University doing about phishing and spam?







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