Outlook 2007 Instructions for Windows (POP)

Basic Settings

To configure an email account in Outlook 2007 it is required that the setup wizard is used.

To begin the setup wizard, click Tools and click Account Settings...

Click on  to create a new Email account

Select 'Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP' then click Next

Do not fill out any of these boxes on this screen. Place a checkmark in the box manually configure server settings...

Click Next. Select Internet E-mail

Click Next

  • Enter your name the way you wish others to see it
  • Enter your U of M email address
  • In the Account Type box select POP
  • For both the incoming mail and outgoing mail server enter:
  • Enter your UMnetID as username and your password (WebCT, JUMP, etc)

    Optional Step:
    If you would to keep a copy of your emails on the server (so they can be accessed via webmail), do the following:

    Click on the More Settings.. button and select the Advanced tab

    Fill out the boxes below as desired

    Important Step:
    If you are are connecting from MTS or Shaw, or an internet connection which blocks Outgoing SMTP email, be sure to follow the Alternate Port Setting instructions in the next section.

    Otherwise, click Next and then Finish to complete the setup. You can now close the Account Settings window and return to your email screen.

    Alternate Port Settings (Outgoing only)

    If you're having trouble sending email while off campus, try these settings:

    To begin, open your U of M email account settings. (You may have them already open if you're coming from the previous section).

    Click on your U of M email account and click

    Click on the button

    Click on the Outgoing Server tab and place a checkmark in the box:
    My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication

    Click on the Advanced tab
    In the Outgoing Server (SMTP) box change the number 25 to 587

    Optional: If you would like to enable encryption:
    In the boxes labeled Use the following type of encrypted connection select SSL.
    Note that encryption may slow down your connection slightly.

    Click OK
    Click Next and then Finish

    Close the Account Settings window to return to Outlook

    LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

    Configuring an email client to use the U of M LDAP server provides quick and easy access to U of M student and employee email addresses.

    Click Tools and click Accounts Settings...

    Click on the  tab.

    Click on the  button

    Select Internet Directory Service (LDAP)|

    In the Server Name box, enter direct.cc.umanitoba.ca

    Click on the More Settings button.
    You will get a pop-up indicating you must restart Outlook after are are finished these instructions.

    Should you wish you can enter a name you'd like to call the U of M address book

    Click on the Search tab

    Under Search Base select Custom and enter exactly:
    o=University of Manitoba,c=CA

    Click OK

    Click Next and then Finish

    Close the Account Settings Window

    Close and reopen Outlook. You can now Search the U of M Public directory while composing emails as shown below:

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