VersaMail Instructions for Palm OS

VersaMail on your Treo or similar device with internet connectivity can be used to download your email from the U of M email server from wherever you happen to be!

Basic Settings
To begin setting up your account, open VersaMail from the home screen by selecting its icon.

Type in a name for what you would like to call the account. Eg: U of M

Select Other as the Mail Service

For Protocol select IMAP


Enter in your UMnetID.

Eg: the first part of your email address

Enter your Password


Type in your Email Address

Type in for both the incoming and outgoing mail server


Click on the Advanced button  
Leave these settings as is. Click Next  

Change the Port Number from 25 to 587

Put a checkmark in the box for Use Authentication (ESMTP)

Click Done



Click on the OK button

You should now be able to download your email by clicking on the Get button  

Changing the Auto-Synchronization Options

It may be useful to set VersaMail to synchronize your email at certain intervals:

The settings for VersaMail can be found from the Options menu and then by selecting Preferences  
Select Auto Sync from the preferences menu  

Here you can set between what time, what days, and how often your email is synchronized automatically.

To conserve bandwidth you may want to even disable Auto Sync entirely. 


Changing the messaging home button

You might find it convenient to change your home messaging button on your palm to open VersaMail rather than the standard messaging application

Select Prefs from the home screen  
In the Buttons section, select VersaMail as the default application for the mail key  

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