@umr Setup Information for iPhone, iPad and iPod

Instructions on how to setup your @umr Retiree Email account for iPhone, iPad or iPod

Click Settings

Then Click Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Click Add Account

Click Exchange

In Email, type in your U of M email address (umnetid@umr.umanitoba.ca)

In Password type in your U of M password

In the Description type in U of M Retiree
UMR exchange iOS password


UMR retiree email iOS verifying image

Server name: outlook.office365.com
Domain: leave blank

Username: type in your U of M email address (umnetid@umr.umanitoba.ca)

UMR iOS password checked image

Click Save

Congratulations, your U of M retiree email account (@umr) has now been setup!


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