OS X - Address Book LDAP Configuration

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You can set up the OS X Address Book to access the University's LDAP server, in order to search for phone numbers or email addresses of employees and students. This makes it easy to look up a person's contact info.

The server settings detailed below will apply to all clients. These screenshots and the procedure used were performed on OS X 10.6.1 Snow Leopard, although the procedure will be similar for OS X 10.5 as well.

Preferences Menu Open the Address Book from the OS X Applications folder. Then, from the menu at the top, click on Address Book, and then Preferences.
From the Preferences window, click on Accounts, and then on the "Plus" icon in the lower left corner of the window (see inset diagram).

Choose "LDAP" from the drop-down box for "Account type", and then enter the "Server Address" as "direct.cc.umanitoba.ca" (please omit the quotation marks).

Click on the Continue button to proceed.

For "Description", enter "U of M", or "University"... this is purely for display purposes, so you can enter whatever you like.

For "Search base", enter "o=University of Manitoba,c=CA". Please note this must be typed exactly as it appears here, including the spaces in between the words in University of Manitoba, but excluding the quotation marks.

Leave the options for "Scope" as "Subtree", and "Authentication" as "None" (these are the default values).

Click on the Create button to finish the procedure and finish creating the LDAP account.

You will then be taken back to the Accounts window, where you can see the detailed LDAP settings. By default, it selects the correct port (389). The values for each field should be:

  • Name: U of M or University of Manitoba (this is for display purposes only, so call it whatever you like)
  • Server: direct.cc.umanitoba.ca
  • Port: 389 (do not check the box for 'Use SSL')
  • Search Base: 'o=University of Manitoba,c=CA' (this must be entered exactly as it appears here, including capitalization and spaces, but without quotations)
  • Scope: Subtree
  • Authentication: None
  • User Name and Password should remain blank

You can then close the Accounts/Preferences window and return to the main Address Book screen.

From the column on the left, click on the arrow next to "All Directories" to show the configured directory servers, then click on the newly-created U of M directory.

You can then use the search box in the upper right to search for contacts. Enjoy using your newly-configured Address Book!






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