Mailing Lists at the University of Manitoba

Through IST, the University of Manitoba offers a mailing list hosting service called Mailman by which owners can manage their own lists.

A mailing list can be a useful tool to communicate with colleagues, classmates, club members or any group of people who share a common interest and who may or may not be at the University of Manitoba.

A mailing list can be created at the request of any current U of M student, staff or faculty member. More than one person can be an owner, also referred to as an administrator, of a mailing list. However, at least one of these owners must be currently affiliated with the University and assumes responsibility for the list.

If you choose to have a mailing list set up, the following information is required:

  • The list name (must contain a hyphen).
  • Email addresses of the list owners. A list can have more than one owner.
  • An administrative password for the list. This password can be anything. The password system for mailman is separate from the Unix password system. The admin password shouldn't be your login password though.
  • Do you want to approve new subscribers?
  • Do you want a moderated list? You would approve each message sent to the list.
  • Do you want your list to appear in Mailman's listing of available mailing lists?
  • A one-line comment describing the list. No more than 4 or 5 words.

You can submit your mailing list request by:


See the following pages for more information about mailing lists:


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