Supported Clients

Exchange’s rich feature set is best accessed by using a MAPI client.
The supported list of email clients is as follows:

Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7)
Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2010

Macintosh (OS X 10.6 or better)
Mac Mail or Outlook 2011

Outlook Web Access (for access from a Web Browser)

  PC: Internet Explorer 6 and later versions.
Firefox 3.0.1 and later versions.
Chrome and later versions.
  Mac: Safari 3.1 and later versions.
Firefox 3.0.1 and later versions.
  Linux: Firefox 3.0.1 and later versions.
Web Browsers that don't support the full feature set will open in the light version.

*Microsoft Outlook 2003 was previously listed as a valid Mail client for Windows. Microsoft has stopped supporting Outlook 2003, and it will not connect to our installation of Exchange.

*Macintosh users with Entourage 2008 (Web Services Edition) do not receive the optimal user experience with Exchange. IST recommends upgrading to Outlook 2011.

The University of Manitoba has licensing agreements that makes upgrading your Outlook or Entourage easy. Please speak to your Compurep or to the Help and Solutions Center (474-8600) / Shared Services (474-8400) for more information.


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