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Q: I’ve noticed a number of Synchronization Log messages in my Unread Folder. What are they and how can I get rid of them?
These messages are normal for clients connecting to @umanitoba.ca in cached mode. These messages are a log of any issues that occurred when Outlook  reconciles with @umanitoba.ca, most are informational in nature and don’t require someone’s intervention to fix them.The sync issue folder is local to the computer, and can be found by going in Outlook’s folder view. ‘Ctrl-6’ or you can click on the little folder icon at the bottom of the folder pane.
If you don’t want these log messages appearing in your unread messages folder, you could can change the settings of the folder to prevent this from happening. In Outlook 2010 you can do this by right-clicking the Unread Messages folder and clicking Customize This Search Folder. You can then click browse and pick which folders you want the unread messages to show up from. Set it to only show unread messages from my Inbox and you won’t see these messages in your Unread Folder.

Q: How can I get back my autocomplete list?
A: Recovering a user’s auto-complete list can be done at the same time as their Exchange migration or even if they were previously migrated.  Click here for Outlook 2010 and click here for Outlook 2011 (Mac) 

Q: Can I have a public group created for my department/faculty/etc.?
A: The public groups that are currently displayed in @umanitoba.ca are test groups. We are currently exploring the functionality and learning all of the impacts, groups have on the Exchange Environment. We expect to be finished with testing towards the end of the migration and will make groups more widely available at that time. Thanks for your patience as we grow into the new Exchange Environment. 


How do I set up a room resource in @umanitoba.ca Calendar
If you need to set up room resources or other resources within the Exchange calendar.  To add a room resource to @umanitoba.ca that is not part of the Ad Astra room scheduling system, or non-room resources, please go to: http://umanitoba.ca/computing/ist/email/exchange/index.html  and complete the @umanitoba.ca Resource Request Form


I have a new employee. Will they be automatically set up with an exchange account?
New employees will still need to claim their new email account through signUM before they can be migrated to @umanitoba.ca. Ask them to visit signUM and follow the instructions as new employees normally would, to claim their UMnetID. One this is done, consult with your Computer Representative as to when the exchange migration for your new employee can take place. This process will remain in-place until the migration of existing staff is completed, and Exchange has been connected to signUM.

Why is my mobile device automatically locking after 15 minutes, and why am I not able to change the setting?
The University decided at the April 25th 2012 Rose Steering Committee meeting, to set the automatic lock out option for all smart phones and mobile devices to 15 minutes.  This includes Black Berries, iPhones, Android and other Active Sync devices. 

This means that, after 15 minutes of inactivity, your device will lock and you will be required to enter a 4 digit code to unlock it.  This is an important security feature we have now standardized across all mobile devices.  It will help to prevent the loss of confidential or private data due to the loss or theft of these devices.  This is critical in today’s IT environment where smart phones and tablet devices are widely used and can contain large amounts of data.  It is an important measure to protect the University’s data and reputation. 

<Why do my new emails not show up right away?
As part of the system design settings, the typical tcp/ip access to exchange is not allowed. Therefore a wait period of around 45 seconds is needed for this process to “time-out” before the folder can synchronize and you can receive new email.

The fix for this is to follow these instructions. Click here.   

What are the benefits of moving to @umanitoba.ca?

  a. Single Source Calendar.
  b. Standardized Clients to support.
  c. Larger user mail quotas.
  d. AD is widely supported and integrates with many software packages.
  e. Ability to federate with external institutions (Gov of MB, WRHA, MPI, Etc. )" (Note: A Federation Trust allows for the sharing of calendars or contacts, accessing free/busy information across Exchange organizations, securing cross-premises email delivery by using federated delivery, and securing other shared information with external Exchange organizations. This will not be setup initially but will be looked at once we have been running Exchange in production for a while and all users have migrated."

How will we deal with users that have large local folders and are being asked to migrate their mail to be stored on the server?
Quotas will be 2/5/10 Gig - everyone starts at 2, moves to 5 upon request, 10 with approval.

(Note: If there are users you know about know that you think will exceed 10GB, please contact us in advance so that we can work out a plan for those users.)
Additionally, there are programs that strip attachments, and save them locally. This was a great suggestion from the community and we will take a look into it! It may assist with the migration of users, and could have potential long term benefits.


How will AD/Exchange affect personal folders? (.PSTs in outlook)
Our intention is for users to store all their mail on the server, and have it backed up centrally by IST. This will not be a change for users that currently use our IMAP server.

In @umanitoba.ca, will objects be created for resources (like projectors)?
Exchange can handle resources, this is a policy decision. Resources for classrooms will be handled through AdAstra (the student classroom booking software) and/or webcheckout (the classroom A/V resource booking software). Webcheckout does not integrate with AD/Exchange.

What Mail Protocols are supported by the new rollout?
MAPI & SMTP will be the only mail protocols supported.

How are you going to deal with IMAP? Or is everyone going to be forced to use Outlook?

@umanitoba.ca’s rich feature set is best accessed by using a MAPI client. We will not be enabling the IMAP protocol on Exchange as it introduces complexity and stability issues. As for clients, there are several to choose from. One of the opportunities we saw with this project was the chance to standardize on a smaller number of e-mail/calendar clients. The supported list is as follows:

Thick clients
PC - Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010
MAC – Native MAC mail client from 10.6 forward, Entourage 2008 (Web Services Edition) or Outlook 2011

Outlook Web Access
Internet Explorer 6 and later versions.
Firefox 3.0.1 and later versions.
Chrome and later versions.

On a computer running Mac OS X 10.5 and later versions, you can use:
Safari 3.1 and later versions.
Firefox 3.0.1 and later versions.

On a computer running Linux, you can use:
Firefox 3.0.1 and later versions.

If you use a Web browser that doesn't support the full feature set, Outlook Web App will open in the light version.

What mobile devices will be supported?
Devices that support Active Sync natively such as Windows Phone 7 or iOS devices (version 4.3 and better) such as the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad and iPad 2. Blackberry devices will be supported via a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES).


Will IST remotely wipe my mobile device if it is lost?
The only mobile policy we have discussed enabling is “Enforce password on device”. This measure is being taken to protect against unauthorized access of University data.

Will data (e-mail and calendar) be migrated?
We recognize the importance of making this switch as smooth as possible. While we have not finalized our plans for migration, we are planning to migrate mail from our current IMAP server to @umanitoba.ca. There are still some logistical details to resolve and we will need further input from the community as we develop our plans. There is no firm plan for calendar data migration at this time. We are examining the pros and cons of the various scenarios with the understanding that we cannot create confusion in people’s schedules. If there is a migration of calendar data it will only be from the Oracle/Corporate Time calendar.


What can I do to prepare for migration?
At this point in time there is one item that everyone can do to prepare for the migration. Ensure that email best practices are maintained. What does that mean? The simplest and easiest one to follow is managing attachments.

Sort your email by size, find the largest emails. Do you need to keep them? Are there duplicate attachments? Are there earlier draft versions of a document that no longer needs to be kept? Delete those. Typically by delete a half dozen of their largest unneeded emails, a user can free up valuable space in the mail storage.

Deleting a single email with a 6 meg attachment is the equivalent of deleting more then 300 average sized emails with no attachments.

Are users email addresses going to be affected?
There will be no impact to existing email addresses.
After someone is migrated, people will still be able to email them at their existing email addresses. In addition to their email addresses they have today, users will gain two new email addresses:

To Illustrate, fictional user John Doe has the following email addresses Today: John_Doe@umanitoba.ca

After he's migrated, John will have the following email addresses:

Can we get tutorials and videos in addition to training?
We will look into making tutorials available.

What happens when someone with a CC account is migrated?
Their CC address will forward to their @umanitoba.ca mailbox.

What features does Exchange provide? Will forwarding be available on the new service?

At this time it has not been determined how forwarding will be handled. We will work to provide a more comprehensive features and benefits list.

Are there plans to migrate mailing lists off mailman? How will it be supported? Will the additional AD addresses need to be added to the mailman lists to be managed effectively?
A: Mailman will continue to be the University's list manager as we migrate to exchange.

If I have scripted jobs that send automatic emails, how will that be handled under exchange?
We would need more details on the scripted job (what server/workstation it runs on, where it sends mail, etc.) in order to properly answer the question. Please contact Lonnie Smetana with the details.

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