Email Restore

If email is deleted accidentally, there is a chance that it could be restored back to where it was. There are some limitations to consider before sending a request to have deleted email restored.


  1. Emails that have been deleted for more than one year cannot be restored.
  2. Email that was received and deleted after the morning backup (between 12am and 6am) cannot be restored.
  3. If your email client is configured to remove messages from the email server (ex. POP accounts), there is a large possiblity that the email message did not get a chance to be backed-up and therefore might not be restorable.

Note: The 3 limitation listed above does not account for the possibility that your email may have been backed-up by another system. If you save your downloaded email in your Unix home directory or on your network drive see the document on Recovering files in UNIX for more information about possibly restoring deleted items.

Send a request to The IST Help & Solutions Centre and include as much information as possible about the email you would like to have restored. Below is a list of recommended items to include in your request. Copy, paste and complete the subjects into your request.

Subject of the email:
Sender's name and email address:
Date email was received:
Date email was deleted:
Was the email stored in an IMAP folder? Which folder?:


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