Connect to Wired Network - Instructions
How to Connect a Laptop
(General instructions for any operating system)

Outlined below is the general process to connect a laptop, regardless of operating system, to a Network Login Port for accessing the Internet and Network. Network Login is only guaranteed to work with Windows-based laptops. Other operating systems may work but are currently unsupported.

  1. Connect your laptop to a Network Login port and then power it on.
  2. If you're using DHCP then you can go to the next step, otherwise you need to configure your machine to use DHCP.
  3. Release and renew your IP address.
  4. Start a modern web browser with pop-ups enabled (Internet Explorer is recommended for compatibility).
  5. Login using your UMnet userid and password.
  6. You'll have access to the campus network after Network Login has authenticated you.
  7. To disconnect you will need to unplug the cable from the outlet, disable and then re-enable your network adapter or reboot your machine.

How to Connect a Windows Laptop

  1. Plug-in your laptop to the Network Login port using the network cable and start it up. You may also wish to plug the laptop's power converter into a wall socket to save its battery life.
  2. If you know that your laptop is already set for DHCP then you can skip to the next step.
    • Look for an icon on your desktop called My Network Places. Right click on it and select Properties.
    • Within the Network and Dial-up Connections window, right click on the Local Area Connection icon and select Properties.
    • Select the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) component within the General tab and click Properties.
    • Ensure that "Obtain an IP address automatically" is set. Click OK to close the TCP/IP Properties window, then OK again to close the Local Area Connection Properties window.

    If you're missing the TCP/IP component, or you don't have a Network icon on your desktop then please contact the Support Desk for assistance, at 474-8600,, located in E3-635 EITC.

  3. Release and renew your IP address.
    • Go to the Start menu and click on the Run button.
    • Type CMD in the "Open:" field and press the Enter key.
    • A Command Prompt window will appear. Type in the command IPCONFIG /RELEASE and press Enter. You'll be informed of a successful release.
    • Type in IPCONFIG /RENEW and press Enter. Your new IP address will be shown along with other information.

    Your new IP address should be in the range of to If it isn't then repeat this process.

  4. Launch a modern web browser that has pop-ups enabled. Internet Explorer is recommended for compatibility. If you don't enable pop-ups your session will be prematurely disconnected. If you don't have a default home page defined then enter www in the address bar and press Enter. Click on the Login link that appears.
  5. You'll be prompted for your username and password. Enter your UMnetID and password. If you have an E-mail address that is similar to then only enter the umnetid portion in the username field. Click OK.

    If you're unsure of what your UMnet userid is, or if you have one, contact the Accounts office at 474-9788, If Network Login is rejecting your userid or password then you may need to personally visit an Open Area advisor in the lab or the Accounts office in 010B Dafoe Tunnel.

  6. The Network Login switch will check your username and password. If both are valid then you'll be connected to the network. Your web browser will be automatically redirected to the University homepage. A logout window will appear for you to use when you wish to disconnect. You now have full access to all the campus network functions available to University members.

If you're disconnected and wish to reconnect then it's recommended that you reboot your laptop and login again with your webbrowser. If you want to reconnect without rebooting your laptop then you can follow the IP release and renewal steps to initiate a new connection. Close and then restart your browser to try and reestablish the link.

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