Move your Home (H) Drive to OneDrive

To move your folders and files from your current Home (H) drive to OneDrive, you need to:

1. Download your folders and files from your current H: drive,
2. Upload your folders and files to OneDrive.

Download your folders and files from your current H: Drive:

1. Open your Internet browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer).
2. Go to If any alerts appear, click Allow.
3. Login with your Umnetid and password.

4. Once logged in, click "Home@UMB_TREE” (on the left). You will see all your folders and files on the right side.
5. Click Edit then click Select All. This will select all your folders and files.
6. Click File then click Download.
7. Click Open or if you see the following box, click OK.
opening home

Your folders and files will be downloaded to the computer.
8. At the top left side click Extract all files.

9. Click Extract.

Upload your folders and files to OneDrive

1. Go to  If you do not have a myumanitoba or OneDrive account, get one here.
2. Login with your email account and password.  Once logged in, click on the App Launcher at the top left hand side and select OneDrive.
move 365

3. Once OneDrive loads, you can copy all your  folders and files from the Home@UMB_TREE folder on the computer to OneDrive. Simply drag your files to the OneDrive screen. You can also click the Upload button and select your files that way.

NOTE: You can’t copy folders, so if you want to copy files in a folder, you would have to create a new folder on OneDrive and then upload the files to that new folder.
Depending on the amount of files and size this could take a several minutes. Please wait for all the files to upload before closing your browser.


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