Blackberry SyncJE Setup


The SyncJE for Blackberry product from Nexthaus makes it possible to sync your UofM Oracle Calendar and your Blackberry over-the-air. Over-the-air basically means you won't need to plug your Blackberry into a computer as it will sync to the university through the cellular network. While this may sound great there are some downfalls with the Nexthaus product that need to be mentioned, such as:

  • You can't invite attendees to meetings
  • You shouldn't edit or delete meetings as it can corrupt your Calendar
  • You may only be able to view up to 30 upcoming days
  • Oracle Calendar Contacts and Tasks can't be seen on the Blackberry
  • Calendar Sync is a manual process
  • Calendar corruption can be caused by SyncJE if used with a weak cellular signal
  • The product has a cost of $39.95 USD

Now that the downfalls have been mentioned lets mention the positive side:

  • SyncJE can be easily ran and configured
  • Great method for receiving a copy of your Oracle Calendar
  • You may be able to receive up to 60 upcoming days if you have less meetings
  • Works on MTS and Rogers


SyncJE for the Blackberry can be installed by using the Blackberry mobile browser and opening

Once the download is completed you will need to complete the install process. After this is completed the SyncJE Client orange icon should appear on your main Blackberry screen or for some models in the Downloads folder.


  1. Open up SyncJE
  2. Press the Blackberry button (Blackberry button is also called the menu button)
  3. Select and click on Settings
  4. Type in the Server URL:
  5. Type in your Oracle Calendar User Name and Password
  6. Press the Blackberry button (Blackberry button is also called the menu button)
  7. Select and click on Get Folders
  8. You will be prompted if successful, click on OK. If you weren't successful click on OK and verify your User Name, Password and the Server URL then try again.
  9. Uncheck the check mark for Contacts
  10. Edit the Calendar Folder Name to:  ./Calendar/Events
  11. Uncheck the check mark for Tasks
  12. Do not enable multisession
  13. Do not enable Auto Sync (more on this later)
  14. Check off the Sync events between check box
  15. Set days before to 7 and days after to 30
  16. Select BIS instead of WAP2
  17. Important: Scroll down and check off the Skip saving attendees check box - more on this later
  18. Press the Blackberry button and click on Save
  19. Close SyncJE by pressing the Blackberrry button and click on Close


Nexthaus provides you with a two week trial period. After this trial you're required to purchase a license to continue using the product. How to purchase SyncJE:

  1. In a web browser visit
  2. Click on SyncJE for Blackberry
  3. Select Buy Now for the $39.95 full version
  4. A popup window will ask you to create a username
  5. Enter your UMnetID followed by umanitoba, example: dvorskiumanitoba or bgoodumanitoba
  6. Click proceed
  7. Complete the purchasing form
  8. Review the order and continue
  9. You will receive an email containing the license information to the address you entered


The email account you entered during the purchase will receive an automated registration email containing your registration email. There may be times that it can take a few hours to receive this email. However if you don't receive the email you call Nexthaus Sales at 1-866-948-1230. How to enter your registration information:

  1. Open SyncJE on the Blackberry
  2. Press the Blackberry button (menu button)
  3. Select and click on Settings
  4. Scroll up to the top of the settings window
  5. Enter your License Name and License Key
  6. Click on Register
  7. SyncJE is now registered


Why 7 days ahead and 30 upcoming days?

  • Our Oracle Calendar server is configured for syncing up to 7 prior days so specifying anymore is pointless and may cause problems. As for 30 upcoming days this really depends on how many events the user has in their calendar. Since syncing is done over the cellular network many variables come into play. Variables such as incoming emails, phone calls, loss of connectivity, weak signal etc. A user with a large calendar will have more data to synchronize and may run into issues on completing a successful sync due to these variables.

What kind of issues can result of a failed sync?

  • Event duplication.
  • Garbled text such as  #$#$?%" added to meeting information.
  • Meetings previously that were deleted being added back to the Calendar.

I am suffering from a failed sync. How can I fix this?

  • You may require your Container Administration to assist you
  • You can try clearing the Blackberry Calendar using SyncJE. (Instructions for this coming soon) Should that not help you'll need to plug the Blackberry into a Windows computer that has Blackberry Desktop Manager installed. Once the phone completes the handshake go to Update Software.  (Work in progress)

How can I prevent a failed sync?

  • Only perform a sync when you have a strong signal such as 4 or 5 bars.
  • Never sync when a potential loss of signal may happen such as an elevator, basement, speeding on a highway, airplane about to take off, etc.
  • Less may actually be more. Syncing fewer days ahead may be less of a headache. For example if you have 150 meetings over 60 days that's most likely fine but 150 meetings over the next 30 days is a quite a bit of data.
  • Sync often if not daily. The less time the Blackberry falls behind the less chance of an error occurring.
  • Never edit or delete a meeting on the Blackberry. Always do this using the Oracle Calendar application or the web interface
  • Try to use the Blackberry as a copy of your calendar where you just view your calendar and not make changes







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