Joint M.A. Program—Comprehensive Exam Option



Comprehensive Exam.  The purpose of the Comprehensive Examination is to assess the student’s preparedness in the major program area. All students in the comprehensive examination route must successfully complete a comprehensive examination of the required coursework has been completed. Successful completion of the comprehensive examination   will normally be within two years following admission to the JMP-PACS. The comprehensive examination is typically written within six months of the completion of completion of coursework. If a student is unsuccessful in the first attempt, a second attempt shall be allowed within six months of the first attempt. Only two attempts will be allowed.

The comprehensive examination is set by the student’s Comprehensive Examining Committee and is approved by the PACS Joint Discipline Committee. Other members of the Faculty of Graduate Studies may be additional examiners   at the discretion of the JMP-PACS. The final evaluation of the Comprehensive Examination, however, rests exclusively with the Comprehensive Examination Committee.

Comprehensive Examining Committee.  The Advisor will normally serve as the Chair of the Comprehensive Examining Committee that is normally composed of three of the student’s course instructors, plus a Chair, typically the student’s Advisor, designated by the JDC. However, each examining committee shall include at least one instructor from each of the University of Winnipeg and the University of Manitoba.

Evaluation of the Comprehensive Examination.   Within two weeks of the completion of these examinations, a meeting of the Comprehensive Examination Committee must be held for the purpose of assessing the comprehensive examination performance. The report of the Comprehensive Examining Committee members will be in terms of “approved” or “not approved” or “approved with distinction” and should be unanimous. The Advisor will inform the Chair of the JDC and the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies as the results of the examination. The Faculty of Graduate Studies will inform the student of the result. To be successful, the student must achieve a passing grade in the written component of the examination. If the examiners are unable to reach a unanimous decision, this fact must be reported to the Joint Senate Committee in the form of signed majority and minority statements. No student may take the comprehensive examination more than twice. Any student who fails the comprehensive examination twice will be required to withdraw from the Faculty of Graduate Studies.