Dr. Sean Byrne

Professor, Peace and Conflict Studies

Areas of interest/specialization
Ethnic conflicts; Northern Ireland conflict; conflict and economic development; children and war; peace education; international peacebuilding and conflict resolution; culture, conflict and conflict resolution; women and peacebuilding; violence; human rights; creativity in peacebuilding; critique of peace and conflict studies.

Dr. Sean Byrne’s publications include more than eighty articles and book chapters as well as eight books. He is a former vice-president of the International Sector of the Society for Professionals in Dispute Resolution (SPIDR). He was also co-chair and board member of the Network in Community Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution (NCPCR), Chair of the Peace Studies section of the International Studies Association (ISA)  (2004-2006, member-at-large 2000-2002), and member-at-large of ISA’s Ethnicity and Nationalism and Migration Section (2007-2009). He served as Editor-in-Chief of the journal Peace and Conflict Studies. Dr. Byrne is a native of Ireland.

Dr. Byrne has conducted USIP and SSHRC funded research in Northern Ireland, South Afica, Middle East, and the former Yugoslavia.

Ph.D., International Relations, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York
M.A., International Relations, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York
M.S.Sc., Irish Political Studies, Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland
B.A., European Studies, The University of Limerick, Limerick, Republic of Ireland

Recent books

  • Tom Maytok, Jessica Senehi & Sean Byrne (Eds.) (2011) Critical issues in peace and conflict studies: Implications for theory, practice, and pedagogy. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.
  • Sean Byrne and Jessica Senehi. (2012) Violence: Analysis, Intervention and Prevention. Athens, OH: Ohio University Press.
  • Sean Byrne. (2011)  Economic Assistance and Conflict Transformation: Building Peace in Northern Ireland. London: Routledge.

Recent articles and chapters

  • Patlee Creary & Sean Byrne (2014) Youth Violence as Accidental Spoiling?: Civil Society Perceptions of the Role of Sectarian Youth Violence and the Effect of the Peace Dividend in Northern Ireland. Nationalism and Ethic Politics, 20 (2): 221-243.
  • Peter Karari, Sean Byrne, Olga Skarlato, Ahmed Kawser, & Julie Hyde. (2013) Perceptions of the role of external economic assistance in nurturing cross community contact and reconciliation in Northern Ireland and the Border Counties. Community Development Journal, 48(4): 587-604.
  • Eyob Fissuh, Olga Skarlota, Sean Byrne, Peter Karari & Ahmed Kawser (2012) Building future coexistence or keeping people apart: The role of economic assistance in Northern Ireland. International Journal of Conflict Management, 23(3): 248-265.
  • Sean Byrne, Eyob Fissuh, Chuck Thiessen, Cynthia Irvin, & Pauline Tennent (2010) The Role of the IFI and EU Peace II fund in reducing violence and sectarianism in Northern Ireland. International Politics, 47(2): 229-250.

Dr. Sean Byrne

Dr. Sean Byrne
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