Mauro Centre Board of Directors

The Mauro Centre Board is an important link between the Centre and the community. The Board is comprised of prominent citizens from the Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Aboriginal, academic, and civic communities.

Board of Directors
Dr. Christopher J. Adams, Chair
Mr. Ab Freig, Vice-Chair
Mr. Thomas Dooley, Secretary
Mr. Murray S. Palay, Treasurer
Mr. Richard Balasko
Mr. Jonathan B. Kroft
Dr. Karine Levasseur
Mr. Charles Loewen
Dr. Glen McCabe
Dr. Janice Ristock

Members Emeritus
Dr. Marjorie Blankstein, C.M.
Mr. James Carr
Mr. Thomas Dooley
Dr. Janice Filmon
Dr. Arthur V. Mauro, O.C., Q.C., K.S.G.

Dr. Sean Byrne

Arthur V. Mauro Centre for Peace and Justice

Ab Freig and Johnston McMaster

Mauro Centre Board Member, Mr. Ab Freig (L), with the 2011 St. Paul's College University Affiliation Lecturer, Rev. Dr. Johnston McMaster (R)