College Leaders

Men and women from the College’s community are invited to serve as directors of St. Paul’s College Foundation Inc. They bring to St. Paul’s College a keen interest in Catholic higher education and are prominent members of the community with a record of achievement in charitable work. They are experts in one or both of the two major tasks of the Foundation, fundraising activities and stewardship of investments, and enjoy working with others in the accomplishments of these important tasks.

The Foundation calls for the appointment of 16 members, four of whom will be ex-officio – the Archbishop of Winnipeg, Rector of the College, Chair of the Board of Governors, and one member of the Alumni and Friends Association of the College.

St. Paul’s College Foundation Inc.
Board of Directors 2018-2019
Dr. Christopher J. Adams (SPC ’83, ’86)
Mr. David Ashcroft (Secretary) (SPC ’83)
Ms. Cathie Cronin (Chair) (SPC ’81)
Archbishop Richard Gagnon (Chancellor)
Mr. David Martin
Ms. Mary McGunigal (Vice-Chair)
Mr. Michael Silicz (SPC ’05, ’07)
Ms. Michelle Soenen (Treasurer)
Mr. Johnston Smith (SPC ’71)
Sr. Susan Wikeem, snjm (SPC ’74)
Mr. Rennie Zegalski (SPC ’95)
Mr. Michael Zywina (SPC ’81)
Mr. Conrad Wyrzykowski, Sr., Board Member Emeritus (SPC ’50)
Christopher J. Adams, Rector
Lisa McCausland, Director of Community Development
Kevin McDougald, Administration and Database Coordinator
Michelle Soenen, Accountant

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