Send a Tribute Card

The Tribute Card Program commemorates special life moments for friends, family, and colleagues.  Both you and the recipient of these beautiful cards will share a warm feeling knowing that members of St. Paul’s College are benefiting from your generosity.
With a gift of $25 or more a personalized card acknowledging your donation will be sent on your behalf.

You can choose from either a:

Peace Card

Peace Card – a multi-coloured card displays the Mauro Centre’s symbolic peace dove.




Faith Card

Faith Card – a contemporary card displays messages of faith and inspiration embedded within a deep  maroon finish.




Memorial Card

A special feature of the Program is the Memorial Card; a rose design that expresses a simple message of grief and sympathy. The card may be sent on your behalf, or is available for families who wish to encourage others to celebrate their loved one’s memory by supporting St. Paul’s College