SJCSA Council

The SJCSA council are elected members of the student body. The executive council is made up of the Senior Stick, the Vice-Stick and the Treasurer. The general council is made up of the executive council and all other members of council.

SJCSA Council Members

Senior Stick – Daniel Lee
Vice-Stick – Elsa Kaka
Treasurer – Gloria Lambeta
Chairperson – Patricia Navarro
UMSU Rep – Stuart Maddocks
Co-Programmer – Makenzie Taylor
Co-Programmer – David Kim
Co-Student Services Director – Alisha Lee
Co-Student Services Director – Kyle Castrojeres
Co-Literary Director –  David Song
Co-Literary Director – Jungsoo Moon
Communications Director – Eunah Lee
Community Outreach Rep – Piper Larsen
Webmaster – Emmanuel Mommoh
Sports Rep – Mark Livingston
Assembly Rep – Ronke Akinloye
Yearbook Director – Lisa Onwuekwe

Contact Info:
Office: 138 St. John's College

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