Residence Rates

Summer 2019

Monthly Rate: $1,357.50 - Includes 19 meals per week. Due on the first of each month.

Regular Session 2019 - 2020

Room Rate

Meal Plan

Council Fee






Payment Schedule For Regular Session


 Due Date

 Amount Due

Deposit  (non-refundable)

10 days after acceptance 

1st term fees

September 5, 2019

2nd term fees (less $1,000 deposit)      

January 7, 2020


Regular Session for International College of Manitoba (ICM) students 2019 - 2020

Room Rate

Meal Plan

Council Fee

SJC Associate Membership Fee







Payment schedule International College of Manitoba (ICM) students 2019 - 2020:

Due Date

Amount Due  

Deposit  10 days after acceptance    $1,000
Regular session fees September 5, 2019 $9,492

*Because ICM students are not registered students of the University of Manitoba, both first and second term fees are due in September


St John's Food Plan

  • 19 Buffet meals per week
  • Choose your own portions of food
  • Includes complimentary snack of Sunday evenings and every evening during exam periods (Regular Session) 

Important Information

  • If you miss a payment, or are late in making the payment, you will be charged a late fee.
  • Cheques are payable to St. Johns College, not the University of Manitoba
  • Unpaid accounts will result in your University of Manitoba student account being placed on hold. This will prevent you from accessing your marks, using the library, registering for classes, etc.
  • To avoid line ups, please pay your fees in advance.

Methods of Payment

Cheques & Money Orders:

  • Please ensure your name and student number is on the cheque.
  • Cheques are to made payable to St. Johns College.
  • Our Mailing address is
                    St. Johns College
                    92 Dysart Road
                    Winnipeg, Manitoba
                    R3T 2M5
Payment must be made in Canadian currency. All cheques must be payable to St. Johns College and drawn from a Canadian Institution.

Credit Cards:

  • Visa and MasterCard are the only credit cards that are accepted. Credit card payments can be processed in person, by phone, or fax/email by using this form.


  • We only accept Canadian currency

Debit Cards

  • Contact your bank to ensure your daily withdrawal limit is high enough to cover the cost of your fees.


  • E-Interac payments are available but they need to be sent to Please see your bank for instructions.

Wire Transfers

Applied to Residence, but not accepted by the University of Manitoba: If you make the $1,000 residence non refundable deposit and are not accepted to attend the University of Manitoba, you may be eligible for a refund. In order to be considered for a refund, you must supply a copy of the email or letter you received from the university to us immediately upon receiving it. Once we receive a copy of the letter, you will be notified as to the amount you are eligible to receive.

It is your responsibility to cancel your residence application or you will be responsible for the full room and meal plan fees.

Residence rates are set by St. Johns Council each year.

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