Volunteer & Job Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunity


St John’s College is looking for volunteers to work with the Development Office as part of a team! When you give up your time, whether it’s an hour or the whole day, you will be making a difference. You will meet new people, put your skills to good use and develop new ones. Volunteering will enhance your application for Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards.


What will I be doing?

Ø  Some data base entries

Ø  Assist with mailings

Ø  Various communications with Alumni and Donors

Ø  Assist with event preparations

What do I need to do?

Ø  Be a St John’s College member

Ø  Contact Jackie Markstrom, Development Officer at: Jackie.Markstrom@umanitoba.ca or Jill Stafford, Development Coordinator at: Jill.Stafford@umanitoba.ca for information on available times


WARNING: Giving your time has been known to cause feelings of extreme satisfaction, appreciation and enjoyment.