Thrive at St John's College


Over $100,000 given out in Scholarships, Bursaries, and Awards each year. To see a full list of Scholarships and Bursaries offered, visit our website at:


Writing Tutor

Meet with our resident Writing Tutor, in the St John’s College Library. Tutoring is available for two hours a week to give you helpful feedback on your writing assignments. Go to and select “Book an Appointment.”


Cram Night

Snacks in the St John’s College Library during exam periods to provide nourishment as you study.


Career Talk

Lunch-time information sessions with Admissions Officers, current students, and alumni from the Professional Degrees. Be prepared to apply, find out what to expect as a student in the program, learn about the realities of the profession.


Academic Coaching

Sherry Peters, the College Registrar, is a trained Academic Coach, ready to help you customize your study habits, access resources, and achieve your academic goals. Make an appointment to see her today!


Leadership Opportunities and Co-Curricular Credits

Participate in the St John’s College Students Association and represent the student body on College Council, Assembly, and other College Committees.