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Ottawa, Sophia Publications Inc., 1987. For 2-6 players. $27.00. Distributed by Sophia Publications Inc., P.O. Box 3788. Station C. Ottawa, Ont. K1Y 4J8.

Grades 3 and up/Ages 8 and up
Reviewed by F. Nokes

Volume 17 Number 3
1989 May

The Game of Wisdom fulfills its promise of offering fun while expanding your mind. Aimed at an audience of ages eight to ninety-eight, it makes a fine activity centre for developing strength of mind and articulation while at the same time encouraging the courtesies of conversation. I am very happy with this particular application of different thinking skills.

The Game of Wisdom or Le jeu de sagesse (it is all laid out bilingually) features an attractive playing board with four categories of questionsódiscovery, logic, thinking and imaginingódepicted in four colours. Players must offer not just an answer but a reason as well, which the judge will accept or reject not according to personal inclination but giving reasons. The others offer answers in turn, winning laurels only if they offer original. i.e. non-repetitive, answers.

The questions are interesting and feature a wide variety of thinking skills. There is potential for either editing the questions or creating new ones. It is suggested that with younger students an adult play the role of judge. However, a group of grade 5 students can become acquainted with the judge role at their own level, and so I would suggest introducing this game at the middle level rather than earlier.

An excellent tool in the form of a parlour game for developing disciplined thought while at the same time learning from one's peers in a friendly, sociable manner. Satisfying for the stimulation and the chance to appreciate each individual's unique way of seeing things.

F. Nokes, Winnipeg, Man.
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