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Pasnak, William.

Toronto, James Lorimer, 1988. 117pp. paper. ISBN 1-55028-107-0 (doth) $14.95. 1-55028-105-4 (paper) $5.95. (A Lorimer Blue Kite Adventure), CIP.

Grades 2 to 4/Ages 7 to 9
Reviewed by Kathryn Hanson

Volume 17 Number 3
1989 May

Pasnak's Mimi and the Ginger Princess is part of Lorimer's "Blue Kite Adventure" series intended for new readers about to embark on their first novel reading experience. Like most easy readers, this book falls to be anything but bland.

The plot revolves around a Japanese girl named Mimi who has the ability to "make friends with any cat that was ever born." Mind falls in love with a homeless but beautiful ginger cat. But just as Mimi is about to persuade the cat to venture closer, she comes up against evil in the form of the physically unappealing Ricky Rutledge. Ricky's cruel nature lives up to the promise of his appearance.

Ricky's intent is to capture the cat and use her as a guinea pig for his science experiment. Mimi finds out something of what is to be done to the cat and plots to stop the experiment.

The characters are thin and fail to come off the page. One interesting element of the book is the weaving of Japanese folklore into the text as a sort of mini-plot, which sets the tone for the main plot. The main plot, however, is never more than pedestrian.

The print is large and very readable, and the length of the story is well suited to its intended audience.

Kathryn Hanson, Toronto, Ont.
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