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Franks, C.E.S.

Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1987. 305pp, paper. ISBN 0-8020-5735-7 (cloth) $32.50. 0-8020-6651-8 (paper) $15.00. CIP

Grades 12 and up
Reviewed by Thomas F. Chambers

Volume 16 Number 4
1988 July

Although this book is really more suitable for university students, it could be read and enjoyed by seniors in high school. It is clearly written and full of information that those interested in our parliamentary heritage will find most useful. Students will find it a handy reference to the Canadian Parliament. Others will find that it makes their knowledge of Parliament more meaningful. Unlike many books on Canadian politics and government, Franks' book is not in the least stuffy. It is refreshing because it provides an explanation of the often confusing and boring world of Parliament.

One of the strong points of The Parliament of Canada is that it provides a historical background to present practice. This background information allows the reader to learn how Parliament has evolved. Franks also discusses the recent attempts to reform or change Parliament and the rationale for these changes. The book is current, it even deals with Senate reform, a topic that dominated the press much of last fall.

Franks also compares Canadian parliamentary procedure with that of the British Parliament. Quotations by important Parliamentarians such as Winston Churchill are an added bonus.

Thomas F. Chambers, Canadore College, North Bay, Ont.
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